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  1. Was that you again on the A60 this afternoon? We should stop meeting like this
  2. Anyone lurking around here? First time outside of a show I've found myself parked across from another Evora. I would have done a stop-n-chat, but was preoccupied with stowing the child in the back.
  3. TBH... I kinda like them. Kinda a lot.
  4. I'm not sure there's such thing as a "most useful tool".. perhaps a screwdriver as the most used though. My favourite tool is the rattle gun (aka impact driver). Using it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I even pulled it out last time I put together Ikea furniture, where it made hilariously quick work of it (and surprisingly, didn't even tear it to bits, though needed to be careful)
  5. Sunday morning, an orange one on the A50 near Derby going towards Nottingham on the other side of the carriageway. And in the afternoon a red one on the A34 heading towards Congleton on the other side of the road, exchanged headlight flashes. Were either anyone here?
  6. Curious... I'm a Product Manager for basically this same thing, albeit in a different setting (~$20bn Silicon Valley tech firm)
  7. I thought the colour was okay in person, certainly not for shrinking violets though (zing!) 100% approval rating amongst 5 year old girls...
  8. This. You're not required to volunteer the information, however if they ask you a question, you are required to be honest if you answer (you can of course refuse to answer, they may just forget about it, or they may refuse to insure you), including whether or not you've been on a course. Admiral do ask you at renewal, and I believe will up the premium, however if you kindly advise them to insert it in their posterior they'll take it straight back off. I'm fairly sure they use a random number generator for their premiums anyway. My last renewal came in at nearly £4000 (multi-car) from £1800 the previous year, I advised them they're insane and they need to be more like £1500 to be competitive, and they said go on £1500 then.
  9. Not sure whether it was the disc or the carrier, but both were replaced.
  10. And just like that I have new front discs and no more grabbing or judder. The left was out of true by 0.15mm against a maximum tolerance of 0.06mm. The front right to compare was at 0.015mm. Both were replaced.
  11. My wife in the passenger seat hat "gold digger" shouted at her the other day. I may have wound her up about that more than a few times since
  12. Update in case anyone was wondering. Lotus wanted data off the car, I assume to check that it hadn't been an excessively abusive 3k miles, so popped to the dealer and they pulled all of that. I received a call today to say all was well and they'll swap the discs, much to my relief!
  13. Already acutely aware of that, so a bit of a WTF moment when I was informed it wasn't necessarily covered.
  14. My Evora 400 was in for it's first birthday service today and I mentioned I had been experiencing some judder under braking from speed, and a bit of grabbing at low speeds that suggested all was not well with the brakes. The front left brake disc was identified as being off centre, and should be replaced (ergo both fronts replaced)... and then I learn that this isn't necessarily covered under warranty,. They will call the Lotus warranty department up tomorrow and ask very very nicely given that it's a year old with 3000 miles from new, and never seen a track, this shouldn't be happening (and after experiencing some other Lotuses on the track recently, I realise this one has had it really easy). My last experience with at the mercy of Lotus's warranty department goodwill was when the battery went bad 3 months from new, on a conditioner the entire time... I had to shell out for that, so I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy about this. Any advice/suggestions?
  15. @hatters Any update on this? I noticed my brakes were a bit grabby at low speeds recently, and sure enough with few test-brakes from ~70mph there's quite a lot of judder there. It's been in for a scheduled service today and they noted the front left disc needed replacement due to being off centre (and therefore both fronts needed replacement) - I said great, book it in, but then they dropped the bombshell that he'd have to check whether Lotus would honour it under warranty or whether it's wear and tear. 3000 miles and a year from new, never seen a track and generally had an easy life - I'll be somewhat less than impressed if I have to shell out for new front discs already.
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