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  1. so the time has come for me to put my beloved esprit out to pasture. I'm just not sure where/how to sell it or how much I should ask for it. For those who don't know my car here it is: It has a NY rebuilt title, about 40k miles and a new timing belt at 33k miles. Other upgrades: -Saturn wheels with new toyo T1S tires -Rebuilt Super60 turbo -Blittz DSBC boost controller -Refinished interior The motor ran perfect the last time i drove the car, about 8 months ago. The gas tanks both leak and the car runs off a 10 gallon racing cell mounted behind the
  2. if you have a clean record give geico a call. I originally have allstate $1900 / 6 months and they wouldnt give me collision on the esprit since it was an older car. I switched to geico $1150 / 6 months for comprehensive coverage which no other insurer would even give me. So in other words.. I switched to geico and saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!
  3. I second this option.. dont forget the yellow brakes! God its great to see lambo making sexy cars again
  4. what do you guys think of this car? click on events -> essen 2007 and check out the R8 Razor. This is my best friends company and he makes QUALITY products. The entire body kit was wind tunnel tested and retails for just under $20k. I'm just looking for some unbiased opinions before i put a deposit on an R8 and have him build me one of his razors.
  5. one mans trash is another mans treasure.. i see a handful of fantastic restoration projects there. Wonder how much that dilapidated miura would sell for???
  6. I did this as my winter project last year. I used SEM sure-coat mixed to a "camel" color to match some ultrasuede i was putting in the car. One thing to remember.. these products are not dyes.. they are an "elastomeric coating" which is fancy talk for elastic paint. This works out ok if you are touching up some faded seats but to be honest the color change that i did kinda looks like ass once you get up close. It takes many many coats to get a solid color you will be left with leather that looks and feels like its been painted. I did this more as a learning project then anything else and
  7. thats exactly right.. the solenoid could be broken which is why it was disconnected in the first place.
  8. have mine hanging in the garage for the past couple of years. Only put it on when i wash the car or if i think it might rain. Besides the increased noise I haven't noted any differences in performance or operating temps. Seems like a good bit of weight reduction as well. I also run without a trunk floor again with no ill effects noted.
  9. overpriced for an aluminum and leater seat with a fixed back. you can buy a pair of nice adjustable seats on ebay and have a leather place upholster them to your linking for a far cheaper price.
  10. You can fit a really big K&N cone filter into the factory airbox. That plus the "ram air" mod should be the optimum setup. This is on my list of projects for next week.
  11. This is why owning a welder and some stainless tube doesn't make anyone an exhaust builder. Thats part of the reason you have so much popping in the exhaust and all that extra O2 is helping light off the overrun. I dont know your setup tp know where the O2 sensor is mounted but if its far enough down the exhaust that its being effected by what the muffler is doing then thats a whole other problem.
  12. My car came with ebc greens but I changed over to porterfield R4S compund pads and they are absolutely amazing in comparison. My car is an S4 with brembo setup I highly recommend these pads. Do some research on the internet, there are very few people that are happy with ebc pads and many that love the R4S pads.
  13. So a while back my passenger side (usa) tank rusted through and started dripping fuel. Once i diagnosed the problem I made a quicky workaround by mounting a small racing cell in the rear of my car just so I can avoid this nightmare job until I had the time. Well now it seems I have the time as well as a refinished set of tanks waiting to go in! I just have a few reservations.. 1. The lotus tanks are monstrously heavy. I fail to see the logic in using heavy gauge steel which is prone to rust and complete overkill given the location of the tanks and the high number of joints/seems. I
  14. the coils are plain old GM dis coils.. i bought mine from summit but I've seen them at pepboys and autobarn. Made a noticeable difference in low rpm smoothness so you might as well just replace them.
  15. docf

    New Ears

    sorry no dice.. there are nicer racing mirrors out there.. if i were you I'd swap em for some door mounted APR racing mirrors.
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