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  1. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    @Swiss380Cup 2:00 at Monza - you think is doable with 380 Cup? For sure I was not pushing to the limit, however I could not see how to get below 2:05 - 2:06.. maybe I am just not good enough for that! Racing equipment is definitely something happening soon: will start with gloves, then probably shoes (do you think can improve H&T feeling?) then Hans. Full suite is probably too much for what I do right now.. About future track days: I think now the car will sleep for 2 months - maybe 2 and 1/2. First date I see possible next year is again Monza on the 4th of February (there is the UK-day with 2 session only for UK and US cars). If not that, I will find something else possibly mid February. I never been in Djon, but I definitely want to go next year.. for sure I will get back to Spa, Hockenheim (that is close - 3h) and then we see! Since we are not that far, please contact me if you find good date/location maybe we can combine! @alias23 Looks like a lot of work and non reversible.. although might be good to do. First I will try seriously with standard pedals.. if I see that I cannot make it, then I will probably go for the upgrade. They look nice, but I will not do the work my-self... looks like too complicate!
  2. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Finally I drove it on the track at Monza. WOW!!! Car is fantastic, cannot say anything else! Sound is just perfect, both inside and outside. Concerning the driving: handling is very sensible (as expected). The wheel moves quite a lot and it is impossible to keep it perfectly fixed. You can see that in the Biassono turn. Also, it is very challenging to change gear on fast turns.. typically is preferable to not do that, however in Parabolica that was needed. I think I will buy gloves - up to now I considered those just a fashion stuff, but I believe on this one is a must have. Brakes are excellent and more impressive is the low pad consumption. Same for tyres. On the engine side I notes from my racechrono that it actually reaches 7000 RPMs.. it did that more than once. I need to get more comfortable with the gearbox. Ideally I should try to learn heel-toe, however I am fighting to find the right position of the foot to do that.. I think the two pedals are not so close.. Concerning lap time I think pushing more on turns a 2:07 - 2:08 is doable, maybe less.. but first time better to take it easy Anyway, most important thing is: now I know that I am happy with this car and I don't give a s**t to the Cup 430.. really those 50 hp more are not a need for me, and would not make much difference.. I hope you enjoy the video. PS: Cannot find how to embed the link properly..
  3. Winter storage?

    Didn't know about the handbrake.. is it that important to not put it? My parking space is slightly downhill. Maybe gearbox is sufficient, although I would not feel safe only with that..
  4. Mr. Gales could have avoided to say that. It sounds like a joke in front of those who have just given him 85£ or more with optionals... My dealer has been lucky: sold last Cup 380 day before they announced Cup 430. However in Switzerland I can see other 3-4 cars always on-stock at another dealer, and you can bet they will have to reduce (and not increase) the selling price! What I hate of this story is that they allowed dealers to pre order all the cup 380 without having real buyers. This has created a sort of race to get them.. while the same customer maybe would have waited a bit more and invested in the new one.. like me.
  5. Of course matter of taste.. but on a track day car, black wheels is the way to go, with all the dust, rubber, etc.. I agree that the design of the wheels is very minimalistic and could be easily improved in both versions.
  6. No LSD, that's what the guy in the Italian video says. I don't like the silver wheels. I saw a 380 cup with those (live also) and they were ugly. Looks like a cheap part on an expensive car.
  7. In the article they say this version will be available for the next two years, until the new Exige will be released.
  8. About price drop of 380 Cup: just saw this one, practically identical to mine a part from the wheels color, now at 100k CHF, instead of the original 126k. I am curious to see if he will sell it: at least he got it early August, while mine arrived only end of September. Winter time is a good period to buy a new one, if you get it in March you have all the season in front. But personally, although I am a bit pissed (430 out 1 month after mine arrived), I will not do the upgrade. 26k (maybe for me less given I did only 1500km), plus another 25-30k CHF is too much delta. Lotus should however think about the fact that most probably I would have bought a 430 not having my 380 Cup.. so at present time they lost 25k from my pockets. If November 2018 they release a Cup 460 I might consider buying it. If they do earlier no - now I decided to enjoy one full season with this car. It does not make sense to go for something "faster" without having properly driven and tested this one.
  9. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    It is not a problem to see Lotus makes a lot of new models. However a 380 Cup limited to 60 followed by a 430 Cup unlimited in only 6 months is a joke and lack of consideration to clients that wants the best of it. What would have made sense is then to have the opposite: 380 Cup unlimited and 430 limited to 60. From what I understood some 360 Cup owners went for an upgrade to a 380 Cup once available. That makes sense with a 2 year in between and also substantial difference in the two models. Of course that cannot happen with a 430 Cup.. Porsche makes a lot of models, but top GT models are not replaced every 6 months. Cayman GT4 is a good example, and also GT3 and GT3RS have their long enough cycle, not even talking about the GT2. Anyway, lesson learned, and next time I will be more careful with Lotus..
  10. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    ... is this a joke? I mean: for those like me that bought a "limited edition 380 cup" with the promise of having something "exclusive" this is basically killing the value of our cars, that was presented only 5 months ago. Would have been ok if they produced 10 of these.. but unlimited...
  11. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Have you noticed that they say "The dampers offer a range of 16 settings in compression and 20 in rebound, and Lotus recommends a ‘road and track’ setting to stop customers getting into a setup muddle." However that is not correct as in the manual only road settings are written..
  12. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Thanks for sharing your settings! You go very hard with them, but I guess that is normal for a pro! I am not sure if spring are different from Sport to Cup, given that road settings from Lotus are different. Maybe we can verify this with some pictures. I will start from road settings and progressively get harder on the bump. Rebound is 9 and 6 already. My dealer soften front sway bar for track and added a bit of camber (-1.3 from 0.8). He told me to have more a non reversible modification has to been made. But to start I hope this is OK. By the way: I saw your video - amazing sound!
  13. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Oh, that sounds interesting.. I asked to the garage where I got the car and they say the settings were made by Lotus.. I wrote to Lotus asking about a potential mistake in the manual and they say I should use the one on the manual.. what the hell!! The settings were quite different: 6 compresion all around and 11-12 rebound front and rear. Could you check what you have for rebound also? After the garage put normal setting I feel the car more comfortable and handling looks good although no experience yet on track. I suppose on track, from standard settings, I can harder a bit compression, (maybe to 10) but not sure what to do with rebound..
  14. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Cool, it looks similar to mine, I think I saw a few Instagram pictures of this beast! I will take mine to Hockenheim next weekend, I am so excited about trying it! Where do you feel the lack of slip differential? Slow sharp turns? Does it unsettle the car or what is the effect you get.. I lack experience on this side. Did you changed regulations for the Nitron for track? Looks like standard compression is quite soft while rebound is very aggressive, with 6 behind. Any feedback? Hope we see around some time. Ciao!
  15. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Metallic Grey