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  1. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I hardly see this car doing that time without modifications: slick tyres, more engine power, better gearbox ratio (6th gear useless right now): then we can get there. I reach around 250 at end of the straight, a GT3 gets to 270 or more.. in Monza top speed can make a huge difference. I believe the aerodynamic of this car is not ideal for Monza (too much downforce & drag). Of course I am not a pro and I can improve a lot. But again a GT3 is easier to drive for a Sunday track day driver.. I googled for Exige time at Monza but there are not many videos. I found videos of Elise Cup races: they do 2:05-2:06, but they brake 50 m later than me and those car are even lighter and with slick tyres. Anyway I am happy to get suggestions to improve: there is margin for sure.
  2. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I use OBDLink LX. Worked both on the Audi and on the Lotus. Have you tried your OBDs with another program? Torque? Also you can ask on RaceChrono forum as the developer is quite active there!
  3. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Usually RaceChrono. However, I got a problem with my Garmin GLO GPS that day: it was getting between 0 and 5 satellites only... Very strange because in previous video, with same car, GPS, position, and track I had 14 on average. Anyway, this time all lap times and speeds collected on RaceChrono were a bit unprecise. So I had to create a Chrono in Adobe premiere to measure and print the correct time of best laps in the video.
  4. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Ohoh, I know that guy: it's me!
  5. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I haven't asked to my dealer. I guess maybe we can also contact Lotus directly via email.. Today I asked more details, and they told me they will move it to the left (not to the front), and that this is a quick work (10-15 mins). I plan to do that next time I pass there.. until then I could not tell you more. But most probably other dealers know as well...
  6. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I resume this post since I went back to Monza last weekend, and after some more testing I think I would need to do the pedal upgrade as my foot is too slim (or maybe I am just not good enough..). Anyway, I wrote to my dealer, asking if they ever installed the DBW pedals above and they replied that without any pedal replacement it is actually possible to move the accelerator pedal 1.5-2.0 cm closer to the brake! Did you knew that? This is indeed the best solution in my opinion. Regarding Monza: I improved my lap time to 2:09 and I believe, without car/tyre modifications, a 2:05 might be doable. The car is really amazing to drive!
  7. Go to the dealer and get it fixed. I had same issue on my 380 cup... It is dangerous in my opinion, particularly you want to do everything to avoid any idiot pop in the back of your car, and then he/she might have an argument to not even pay you!!
  8. Thanks for the great explaination! I never drifted a car, and I am considering to attend a day-course to learn before doing anything "stupid"! Regarding race mode: I read that it learn the grip from the track. However it is not clear how much time it takes to learn: a few turns, or should I get a strong oversteer on a turn first? How do I know that it learned - do you feel a difference? If I turn off the car it resets?
  9. This is a very interesting picture. Can you clarify me a couple of things please? Without LSD it looks like you can still drift the car and powerslide it. Do you do it in the same way youbwoild do with an LSD? I read you (or someone else) says it is harder to do and control.. why? Another point: on my cup 380, between race and off, there are also a few "almost off" settings that allows between 1% and 12% of slip. What should happen if to drift we use one of those settings, e.g. the 12%? In theory, your interior wheel should still slip (as above) but less, and maybe you get more close to an LSD case. Am I wrong?
  10. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    When I bought my 380 Cup they told me 1 year warranty.. did they changed now? Is this retroactive and valid also on my car?
  11. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Rear speakers.. the V6 does not sound good enough for you?!
  12. Cup 380/430 Wing

    I measured the surface of mine recently. It is 135x30 cm (approx). 380 cup.
  13. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Hi all, I have a simple stupid question: do you know the color code of the front red stripes on the exige 380 cup? I am planning to add a few decals (frontwindschield decal and one on the wing) and I would like to use same red color, but of course in photo it changes with light.. Also, do you have any suggestion about how to recreate the top roof stripes of the 430 cup.aybe I can just buy something and do it myself?
  14. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    In my opinion they made a mess with gear ratios there. Car does not seems faster than mine (I compared time from end of Parabolica to straight finish line), but it arrives to end of 7th gear before end of the straight. Basically on any longer straight it would be too short, probably at Imola and Mugello as well, not even talking about Autobahn...
  15. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Sorry man... Really I don't get you here. I did not discussed anywhere about Porsche superiority (please quote me if I did). I said that Lotus should go on NS and do laps there as other car manifacturers do (including Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Alfa, etc..) to get convincing lap time and performance comparison. The Cup 380 can clearly get a better time than the one from the Auto Sport magazine. I drive a cup 380 and I am happy with that (also clearly said in past posts). I didn't like the 430 to be released in this time frame (people can agree or not - this has also been already discussed). Really I never said anything about Porsche superiority or better performances.. Please read better what I wrote before commenting...