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  1. One question: during a service, a part from the above do they do something else? Since I use the car on track I actually follow shorter intervals for oil change (3000-4000 km), and brake oil every year. What about the rest.. should I also do more frequent? And what?
  2. Hi again, I am considering to buy 2 very cheap rims just to perform the left-right tyre swap operation. I found these two on Amazon at 50 Euro total: Momo MOMWK2S75730065 – 7.5x17 ET30 5x110 Momo wk2b80845514 – 8x18 ET45 5x114,3 Do you think they will work? Any detail I am not considering? The rear one might be too small to fit brake caliper, however if I use some 20mm spacer plus longer bolts, it should solve the issue. Just to clarify: I will not drive on these rims! I will only use as temporary rims to sustain the car weight statically while performing the swap, as I do not have a winter tires. Thank you!
  3. Fortunately this is covered by the glass insurance, HOWEVER, I kind of feel bad for them. This work costed more than what I pay to cover two cars with full casco for a year... Switzerland...
  4. Total work in Switzerland 4300 CHF, around 3300 GBP. I am wondering how it can cost that much.. the glass of my Audi was 450 CHF, around 1000 with the work.
  5. Hi, Could you please tell me what is on average the replacement cost (part + installation) of a front windshield for a Lotus Exige 380 CUP (I guess is the same for any S3 Lotus Exige - right?). I got a stone chip, covered by my insurance - however I believe they really asked too much money for that work - way too much... I am curious what is the actual cost in UK or other countries (outside Switzerland). Thank you!
  6. Looks good. I did around 2000km on track and I still have 40% of the pad. So if PF08 past similar I will be very happy!
  7. Interesting, I had the same feeling: my Pagid RS14 at the beginning were very good - then at some point (say with 60-70% pad left) they started to provide less stopping power, and in some condition even uneven stopping power (car was going towards the right). Now I am at (40-50% pad left) and they got better again... The good thing about the RS14 is that they last very very long! How the PF08 compare in term of durability? Thanks!
  8. And you refer to the latest model, right? Because I know on the S2 there was a tool (a sort of horizontal bar) to do that, but on the S3 that is not working any more.
  9. I have a spare wheel from my Audi, but I am not sure it fits on the Lotus. I think it is 5x112, while lotus is 5x120? Thank you. I will have a look but doesn't look very safe.. risk of braking something is high.
  10. They measure dynamic noise all the laps. The limit was 103, which is quite high. Depending on microphone position, you can consider between 15 and 10 db less, when measuring dynamic noise w.r.t static one. Therefore, if the dynamic noise limit is at 95 you are MORE than OK with a 380 cup. Consider I did 2 track days (around 120 laps) in Hockenheim with db limit to 98 without issues.
  11. I was in Spa on 4th of September without any DB silencer and had no issue with noise! 380 Cup.
  12. On my cup 380 I recently tried 5-7 compression and 9-6 rebound (front-rear). Works very well! Next time I will try to reduce rebound by 1-2 clicks.
  13. Today I tried to swap rear tyres of my Exige 380 Cup. To do that I need to be able to remove both tyres at same time, at least for a couple of minutes. I managed to lift a side of the car, however I noted that both the front and rear tyres were lifted together. This is a problem , because I cannot lift both sides together (my plan was to use two Jacks to lift rear tyres and keep front tyres on the ground). I am sure there should be an easy way, without removing the rear pannel on the bottom to get access to the other jacking points. Could you please help? Unfortunately I do not have another set of tyres to use as temporary replacement for the swap I also have a couple of standing jacks.. but not sure how to use them. Thanks!
  14. I am considering to add an Auto-Blip for race track. How complicate is the installation procedure? Is it something I can do? Where you put it, and do you need to cut some cables? I saw a manual with electric diagram but is not clear where those cables are and how it is attached. More over it seems that uses OBD-II port. Then I dear I cannot use the Auto-Blip and the OBD reader at same time, or can I?
  15. I will try that. Anyway, not practical as quick adjustment.. you need to cool down a bit the caliper and disks before putting hands there!
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