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  1. Looks like he goes through the crest flat out.. and just brake a while after but not as hard as me.
  2. The synch between data and video is made by hand. I have used rev-changes (during long accelerations) and sound to fine tune it. It should be ok, plus-minus 0.5 sec. True, I lift the gas just before the crest. I saw many drivers doing that. Also I do not start to brake immediately, to avoid further transfer of weights over the crest. Maybe this is already a mistake and I should keep some gas over the crest. Suggestions from more experienced drivers would help here! I observed this behavior 3 times, practically every time I reached the crest around 242km/h. At lower speeds, the car remains stable. To improve stability of car I though about the following options: - harden compression to the front -2 clicks. That should lower transfer of weight to the front. - soften rebound +2 clicks front, +4 rear, to improve adherence of tyres. However not being an expert I would appreciate suggestions. The sway bar are set on soft front, medium rear. This was suggested by my garage.
  3. There is one thing not clear to me from the article: Does Race mode always require a sharp oversteer to learn? I mean, should I maybe provoke one when and where I feel more comfortable, rather than waiting that it happens? So far I tested tour mode (first track day) and sport mode (all the others). I am very happy with that and feel safe.. now I would like to test race as well.
  4. Hi, I finally got some time to try again the car (380 Cup) on track and this time I started to play with the Nitron. Road use config is (front-rear): Compression: 12-14 Rebound: 9-6 In Hockenheim, after 2 turns, I hardened compression up to 6-8. The car was more stable both under braking and turns. At the Ring I used same setting (no change to rebound). The car moves quite a lot there, but what scared me a bit is what you see in this video at minute 2:20: after the bump on the fast part, the car oscillate (left/right) a lot under braking, with light rear. This happened every time I reached 240 there. Do you think I should change rebound to avoid this, or am I doing another mistake? My goal is not to arrive to a perfect or extreme setting, just learn a bit how to improve car handling and gradually get better experience! Thanks for helps.
  5. I have Pagid RS14 and so far I did 80 laps at Monza, 60 at Hockenheim and 16 at the Ring. I have 8-9 mm front, 1mm rear. They are doing great, and I believe I can do another 3-4 track day easily. However I am starting to look for alternatives: what about this PF08? Is it still street legal? And what about performances and durability compared to RS14?
  6. Cristiano

    430 Cup @ The Ring Today

    The first thing Lotus advertises when they make a new car is the Heathel lap. So the argument "lap times do not matter" is false by definition. I believe it would be good for Lotus and in general for the owners to see how fast these cars can go on the Nurburgring. With all respect for the beautiful videos of users (including myself) none of these cars is driver properly (including mine) and when it is (as komotech case) is heavily modified, so not a good reference.
  7. Cristiano

    Warranty Claims

    I wrote to lotus.. forget about it. I understand that they have no obligation for that, however on 60 cars they could have done, considering all 430 have it.
  8. Cristiano

    Lotus launches the new Exige Sport 410

    How ridiculous is all this...
  9. My cup 380 arrived with settings different from the manual: compression 6 everywhere, rebound 11 front 13 rear. My dealer said they didn't changed them.. for the street I found the manual one better. For the track they are too soft. But maybe for this discussion we should open a new thread..
  10. Can anyone who has the 430 post here the Nitron regulations on the manual? Just curiosity to compare with the 380 Cup ones.. I read somewhere that beside the third regulation setting, the actual suspension is the same, correct?
  11. Cristiano

    Exige Cup 430 Type 25 Collector's Piece

    I read that this car is not going to be available in many countries. I fail to follow Lotus Logic on this car: every 6 months a new version with some plus (last one more cosmetic - still different). Why simply not built one top model and allow for getting all these stuff as optional (side wings, stickers, wooden stuff, titaniun exhaust, etc). Nobody who invest 150k CHF wants to see a new version of his new car just 3 months after collection.. am I wrong? On autoscout CH I still see 3 Cup 380 unsold, and now 6-7 Cup 430 available. Not sure how many 430 they will sell but definitely they burned part of their marked with the 380 Cup. This 25th special edition is hopeless to reach 25 units.. maybe 4-5 if they are very lucky. I hope with the future models they will make a more serious plan - with long term cycles on top CUP models.
  12. Cristiano

    Exige Sport 350 in Mugello and Imola 2018

    How that van is called? The model name, I see that is a WV. I was looking for something like that but cannot find how to search for it on used market...
  13. Cristiano

    Cup 430 price in Europe

    Sad story... I don't know this Brombacher (is for tuning or original parts?) however Porsches prices in Switzerland are crazy.. for sure, if one day I will decide to buy one, then I will purchase it aborad, even with CO2 tax is much cheaper. On my Audi S3 I wanted to change original brakes (that were poor) with Movit 370x35 and 4 pot calipers. Problem is homologation in Switzerland. TUV is not valid here, you need DTC or FAKT. Both initially asked 12000 CHF, then after 1 year of emails and negotiations I managed to get it for 2500 CHF... and all that to put MUCH BETTER AND SAFER BRAKES! In Italy we have also an "association" that oblige people to buy services that they don't need, at higher prices. It is called Mafia.
  14. Cristiano

    Cup 430 price in Europe

    Fully agree.. AMAG is the first one in my black list. But I think it is important to talk about this. You know: if we don't even protest about a problem, how can we expect that it gets solved! For instance, Lotus should consider that would sell many more cars here, if the price were aligned to UK (with a small plus - understandable).
  15. Cristiano

    Cup 430 price in Europe

    True, but dealers practically do not pay it, as they average over many cars with lower CO2, so it does not justify the official price. For a private it can be expensive, but you can get on lists with other privates to get a very big reduction.