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  1. Yes, I did that on my old Movit installed on my Audi, but it is a very tedious and dirty work. Plus, if you do a track day you can't do until brakes are hot, and it is very impractical to do during the track day.
  2. Sorry if I post in the wrong place, but I could not find any discussion about the KT-490? Is there a thread? Did anyone in the forum tried it?
  3. Regarding toe, I have now 2.0 mm out (total) on the front, and 4.0 mm in (total) on the rear. This is similar to what Komotec also reccomend, as far as I know.
  4. Shims were all out, camber was maxed both on the front and the rear. I think it was -1.6 degree front, -2.1 degrees rear. Now my garage have milled the front and I have -2.4 there, but I have not tested the car since the modification. Regarding sway bars, I have it on soft at the front and on medium at the rear. What do you use?
  5. Indeed, this has been confirmed by Daniel Schwerfeld, who is a great coach and amazing driver (really!!!). I am not 100% sure, but in my opinion it is about the lightness of the car (particularly on the front) combined with the too small tires at the front (standard 215, now I have 225). In practice, the width of the tire is appropriate for the weight distribution, however when you brake hard you have too much pressure on them and they can't turn anymore. You can see this very well in the Nordschleife video when Daniel brake hard and turn at Hocheichen - the car understeer like crazy and he ha
  6. Wow - this topic is still alive. I posted that message in January 2018.. more than two years later I have tried the car in race mode (actually I use mostly this mode now) and even without ESP (just once!). I can confirm that the car is very stable in RACE mode, and (in my opinion) the mechanical LSD is really not needed. I know that people who added LSD say it improves the drives, but (again in my opinion) this is very questionable, particularly if your engine is stock. Lotus has done a very good job on my CUP 380 and I do not feel the need of that. Clearly, if you start to add engine tun
  7. Just fitted 225/45R17 & 295/30R18 TrofeoR on my Exige. Both fits!!! The front touches only when the steering wheel is turned fully to the left (really fully). But that was happening also with the Yokohama 215. Also, when fully turned, between the top of the wheel and the arch there is almost a finger - it seems not so different than the 215 to be honest. I will post some photos later.. so far happy! Just comparing the 295 Yokohama with the 295 TrofeoR I can tell you that the TrofeoR is 5-6 mm wider.
  8. Just fine. No spacer needed - consider that I have the 380 CUP model, so my rear wheels include a spacer by factory.
  9. I guess that 380 cup was mine.. at Tazio Nuvolari I saw another Exige (a 350, yellow) at Hockenheim with 225 & 295 Trofeo R mounted. It was using standard rims, so that size would fit.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Can perhaps anybody else confirm that those 4 sensors would work? Otherwise I am also considering to not fit them but in such case I would prefer to disable the light on the dashboard. Can this be done with OBD2, do you know the procedure? Thank you and Merry Christmas! PS: I also found these one that looks similar and in the note it says Lotus Exige
  11. Hi all, I am ordering a spare set of wheels from Seriously Lotus. On those I would like to fit the same TPMS sensors that I have on the stock one (I have a 380 Cup), but Dave told me he does not have them. Where can I order them on ebay/amazon/others? Is there any specific type of TPMS sensor compatible with Lotus dashboard - or are all the same? Or do you have any different suggestion? About wheel bolts: of course I can reuse the same I have already - however since I use the car only for Track day, do you think it make sense to replace bolts regularly? Many thanks for any help
  12. This helps a lot: thank you! I am quite oriented on the Komo-tec one at the moment, since I saw so many lotus with it. I will ask a few more information before getting it. Point 3) is actually fundamental! Another advantage of the KT kit would be that front and rear disks and pads will be fully identical, and it will be easier to manage replacements later. I measured: the front is 30 mm (so lost 2mm and should be replaced also because of that). The rear is at 25 mm (lost 1 mm, however probably will replace also it).
  13. I just bought a trailer to tow my Cup 380 to the race track instead of driving it. I was surprised that although I locked the car with the remote key, the car didn't made any noise / alarm while towed... no anti lifting alarm??
  14. On my Cup 380 I recently fitted 295/30R18 Yokohama on the rear withoit modifications/issues. Now the question is: would 225/45R17 fit on the front? Any experience? I have standard forged rims.
  15. Thanks to all for the suggestion. Next question is: do you recommend to replace them with a set of original disks from AP Racing or perhaps switch to Komo-tec kit? From what I see on Komotec website, a complete set would cost around 3700 Euro (including pads). Given that the pads are around 500-600 Euro, the 4 disks are at 3100 Euro. Do you know how much the original disks cost for comparison? And foremost, which one is better/last longer? I am happy with the original AP Racing disks, they lasted long and always delivered good braking, but I don't mind to switch to Komo-tec if they
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