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  1. I also have a Cayman R, it's one of Porsche best cars imo ;-) I have had 2 Cayman R's in fact, great cars. I have had 85 odd cars inc 2 lotus if you have looked at the thread :-) I also don't care what people call them as I can point out the bad bits to any one who asks and have done on this very thread with my GT4. I love cars and have a big passion for things on 4 wheels, but I am not going to say black is white because I love Porkers or because I love Lotus lol
  2. how come, I now own 2 manual cars with electric parking brakes which I hate BTW, but there is never a issue on a hill, if anything you never roll so it's easier
  3. I don't have the answers do I ? I read about Lotus cars NOT making BHP, you say they do, then the very next day yet another "my lotus don't make the BHP quoted" thread pops up. I am NOT posting these thread am I lol ? why so many threads over 3 to 5 years on the Evora and Exige not making the claimed power ? It don't add up. esp as Hanger 111 was involved if I remember early on. If the your car car does and so does Daves then the 360 map is worth looking at over a 350 map, as the 360 is a Motorsport built car it is not ? (guessing here that they were still going then)
  4. Don't post lies about me then ! . best NOT TO assume anything than post lies !, I am not having a pop about the cars it's a GT4 vs Exige thread and I was honest about my GT4 short comings ! Now you have "Tim Hodgson " stating "don't feed the troll" more personal abuse which I take it will be over looked ! I doubt I'll post much more, it's seems too bias and some people have already show their colours :-( It seems one cannot have a real GT4 VS Exige debate after all which is a shame.
  5. I am not banned from any forums, please don't post rumors, that's not nice, I can post on the s.e.l.o.c if I wish and still have a few friends on there, what I did not like on there was the Mods and the hassle I got, I left, I WAS NOT banned. Don't make me out to be something I am not just because I have strong views on cars :-(, I don't break rules on forums as I DON'T make posts personal, but some of you lot are already making my posts personal, it's not very fair is it ? why has this already got to this stage ? I am open about all the cars I own, this upsets many people on one make forums, I don't care about makes, cars are just metal, I only care about driving nice cars and like meeting like mined car nutters. Porsche have gone too VW, owners have gone soft and forums are about values :-( and the Mods on PH don't care about personal abuse. I hope I can post my views here and any one who makes personal comments will be talked to by the mods, I am serious about getting back into a Lotus because I hate EPS and no new car really floats my boat atm. What I will do is give you guys an honest GT4 review and say it how it is, like I did with my GT3 and my ex Lotus cars.
  6. yet another Lotus don't make the BHP posts ! why are these so common ? Serious question as it was not answered on other threads, Hanger 111 stated this from what I remember when they started testing cars. But I have been away from the Lotus forums for a few years, but it seems the posts are the same !
  7. I thought the PB was dire, but just never touch it, if you do, you get that 4 times circle of pressing it 4 times till it comes off, the wrong way, then the right way, then the wrong way with brake pedal, then the 4th time the right way with brake pedal lol every time it takes me 4 goes, BUT if you never press it, it seems to do every thing on it's own very well, I always leave my cars in gear so never touch the dredded button. just got a Golf Clubsport and that also now has electric Hand brake FFS. the car does respond well to lift off and it tucks in nice, but we own midengine cars not 911's so you will need toe links and a proper geo once you start to drive over 80% and then you can play to the mid engine layout better. A road fix and this worked for me from 80% to 90% driving road only was rear ARB full stiff, that was quite nice on the road, but again above 90% it's too stiff and not stable under hard brakes. I find most people add too much rear neg camber, don't imo, it's a mistake, as I said I run about -2.3 ish front and only -1.8 rear with middle , middle on the ARB, it's a nice drive at that and ok on track. I can pull 1.5g on the road with this set up on cup 2's and still have corner grip available, (I hope you have cups, dunlops are rank , I binned a new set) I hate understeer esp in mid engine cars on turn in, 911's are a bugger for it and most people who have 911's try and drive the GT4 like a 911's again that will work trail braking every where lol but if one sets the car up there is really no need to trail quite as much every where. 911 drivers are slow in GT4's and say it's to easy to drive lol I find they are just not going fast enough yet :-) one has to drive it like a mid engine car not a 911. looking forward to your views on the GT4 as I am itching to buy something else for a laugh. atm been loving the Golf CS it's a hoot. do the rear toe links before the car pisses you off though, I am shocked 95% GT4 are stock and every one loves the car out the box !!! people just drive too slow to notice imo. esp Porsche owners.
  8. nice, Looks great in that colour.
  9. don't read GT4 threads then ;-) it's a simple solution
  10. I have no idea what that has to do with how they drive lol
  11. I am just open Tim, yes a quite person with strangers , but I would say every thing I have said on forums to people face's I try and keep personal comments out of it. I just say things how they are and not scared to say stuff about my own cars, it helps people overall in the end , on here though it seems a bit "Lotus or nothing" I cannot see how people can be anti Porsche.
  12. because he has not posted anything worth talking about but has posted a lot, I have no idea why he kicks up such a fuss about nothing.
  13. never touch the parking brake button, that seems to work for me.
  14. I knock Porsche just as much, you just don't go to the Porker sites :-) as I say I give an honest review, some thing you seem to have lost how to do :-( I get knocked more than any car brand on PH, just not afraid to say it how it is. I still await the 5 things you dislike about your car, I doubt it will ever happen mind you.
  15. I cannot see in real terms what the 220 CUP would offer me for another £9k ! I love the CUP look but is it £9k better ! most look basic spec So no nice disc etc on the 2nd hand ones. 9k buys some nice upgrades for a CR. the 250BHP upgrade, some shocks and 2 piece disc with change.
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