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  1. sorry for being thick - how do you get to see the reveal?
  2. I had an involuntary de-cat a while back. Car ran fine whilst I was waiting for Lotus to decide what the problem was. They examined the engine data and without any fuss replaced them FOC. If it eventually happens again I will go for 200 cell cat.
  3. In no sense did it 'work'. You support my point in your last sentence. No PROFESSIONAL manufacturing organisation is less interested in waiting lists for its products than the media.
  4. In fairness to JHJ and watching the programme at the time and reading the book (no T shirt unfortunately), I'd say the Morgan family completely misunderstood how to profitably make low volume sports cars. JHJ was very conservative in his advice: re-purpose the function of the existing (scattered) buildings to create more of a process flow, let the craftsmen use power tools where that would be helpful, increase the price of the car to reduce the 5 year wait list and reduce build slot gazumping. Morgan were blind to common sense...
  5. A bit lighter / more matt on the configurator?
  6. You just have to have both... As Bibs said, the Exige is a scalpel. I took a guy with a 911 GT3 round Silverstone on a track day (we were in the same garage) he was quite talkative until Stowe corner...
  7. Funny thing is, in Nimbus Grey - it could be a baby McLaren. In the Magma red a baby Ferrari In Hethel yellow there's a tiny bit of Cayman?????🤫
  8. PhilT

    Lotus Emira

    I can't find the source just now but I read the AMG engine is 50Kg lighter. At the same time it will also be more compact. This could create an even better weight distribution? It seems the Emira V6 is located in the same Exige / Evora orientation ie tilted to the rear. When I first heard that the Emira was the same wheelbase as the Evora but only two seats, I thought 'Yesss!' they've tilted the mass to the front (as in the racing cars). But no, that will be luggage space and if a significant number of customers are coming from other brands, they are going to be blown away by the dynamics anyway - the wider track may be enough? Now, I hope the 4 pot is tilted towards the front, even if not, 50kg less in a more compact volume could make a discernible despite the lack of manual I am currently leaning to this choice. A spiritual successor to the Esprit Turbo? Next, when Lotus say 1405kg 'in its lightest form', the question is; the form with 4 cylinders or the form with 6? The 6 cyl might be 1405 + 50 = 1455kg 'in its lightest form'. Tick all the options boxes and then, who knows... Its going to be a great drive and I've put my deposit down, I am super excited to drive it on the road and on track and get everything my limited ability can get out of it...absolutely no holds barred 🙃. Just need to choose which power train 😁
  9. From the configurator I have got as far as: Verdent yellow calipers Diamond Cut wheels Alcantara with yellow stitch Engine? I always wondered what the V6 Exige platform would be like with a silly power 4 pot - so I'm leaning slightly that way. Question is the loss of manual shift 🤔
  10. Completely agree. Really enjoyed it. The Type 72 on slicks - in torrential downpour!!!! - well done that man/woman/person!!! - what other car company in the world... Can bring out such a collection of game changers. The Emira is another...because it opens up ownership to a wider audience. The more extreme and focussed variants will come, I am sure - be patient 🙂
  11. That is one stunning piece of kit. Congratulations to everyone involved. It's always quoted, but I rarely agree, but on this occasion I think '...Colin Chapman would be proud...' Yes. I am going to buy one.
  12. Boring but essential if you want to widen the appeal beyond those of us able/willing to squeeze into the Exige. The Exige makes the Europa TC seem like a 4x4. A slight upward angle for door opening would be nice and give a more special feel?
  13. As part of this live launch, would be great if after pulling the covers off, Gavan Kershaw takes it round the circuit and puts in a time quicker than those we currently know about - what's the weather forecast for Hethel this evening?😀
  14. Is that a deliberate reveal? If I were Lotus I'd be pretty peed off if not.
  15. I've never heard of a Special on an electric fuel pump from the factory, if all else fails, try putting it back to a mechanical fuel pump. At least then you can trouble shoot according to factory standard. I have something somewhere describing how to set up the Dellorto's, will dig it out when I get a minute...
  16. PhilT

    Europa project

    Hi Dave are you looking to put 155s as original spec or... If you want to go wider to, for example 175 all round, then try Avon CR6ZZ. These are the HSCC wet weather control tyre for Europas. They are 70 profile, 13 inch. Contact Longstone Tyres, Bawtry. I have been on these for the last 18 years. Really progressive in the wet, like s**t to a blanket in the dry. Not cheap, but a phenomenal tyre.
  17. Sam FWIW: its a huge undertaking and I would say that actually very few people have the 'mentality' never mind the means, to make a success of this kind of project. Its almost guaranteed that some parts if not missing, you'll want to replace and some of those could be very difficult to find. I hoard parts and my Europa is completely functional. I know people who are not really interested in DRIVING classics. They are 'serial' restorers, they do a fantastic job and then its up for sale to fund the next project and so on and so on - they've done it time and time again. They never get the money back for the hours and other costs. They do it because they love it. If you're such a person then its for you - but if you have the slightest doubt, I wouldn't attempt it. Europa prices in the US seem to me to be less than UK (RHD is also required in Japan). So my advice is get something ready to go - believe me you'll be fully occupied keeping it spick and span! Sorry that this might sound negative just trying to be realistic.
  18. looks like a fairly straight forward restoration - all the important bits are there. Is the lizard on the rear drum extra or included?🧐
  19. Its a difficult job madmax. I was trying to help someone do this and even with two of us we failed but were glad not to have broken the window in the process. I think with some glass suction pads and two people it can be done safely. Make sure the 'window frame' is of the right 'thickness' all the way round and to the right 'depth', if that makes sense? In the end we bottled it and whipped it up to Banks and let Richard do it. Photo is how its done on my car - not the car we were trying to install it on but just to show you the arrangement of the joints. The very best of luck! Love to see a video of a successful install!
  20. The boot to me is the part with the carpet, the other part I would describe as the engine bay.
  21. 360 CUP is completely different - you access them from the boot, they are positioned at the extremity of either side.
  22. Hmm, now how can I be polite about this 😳?
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