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    Lotus Esprit s4s
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    stainless steel exhaust, new springs & adjustable dampers
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  1. my oil pressure gauge suddenly stopped working and froze just above the red low pressure mark. Has anyone experienced this and any advice on how to fix before I start spending money ? James
  2. thanks

    1. Barrykearley


      No worries - hope you get it fixed. If you have any questions once you have a pc connected I'm sure someone will be able to help.

      ffm is well worth paying for chap

  3. when I switch on the ignition the ABS light comes on then goes off once the engine is running. However a few miles down the road especially if it has been over rough surfaces, potholes etc the ABS light starts flashing. Recently I have had the ABS switch and the nitron accumulator renewed. Can anyone tell me please why the ABS light keeps coming on again ?
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