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  1. Good grief, someone gets it...A very positive review! "if superlative ride and handling are the number one priority, the Evora is still the class of the field"
  2. Review from Autocar of the 2020 GT variant. Predictable conclusion.
  3. The styling of this North American Evora GT is growing on me. Fascinating, even if forced by pragmatism. 400 front, 430 GT louvres over the wheel arch, cut out 430 panel behind the front wheels, 430 Sport rear, black carbon panel between the rear lights...with all the carbon bits it just may be the best looking Evora yet?
  4. The photographs posted on this page by andyj007, with the darkened upper area which "vanishes" the canopy...looks for all the World like a roadster to me. Looks much more coherent to these eyes as a coupe. Interesting.
  5. The Tesla Roadster performance claims are remarkable. top speed beyond 250 mph, 1/4 mile under 9 seconds (similar to the Evija), a 600 mile range...and the one that floored me, 7,400 lb/ft of torque! Musk says this performance "is already being achieved by the prototype..." If Tesla can pull this off with a base price from $200,000 all bets are off. Incredibly, Musk has also said that higher performing models of the Roadster will be available later, as this only references the base model.
  6. Concerning my earlier posting about battery life...the Evija is able to be driven flat out for 7 minutes (before the batteries begin to lose performance). Clearly more than enough for a Nurburgring effort...
  7. Gorgeous looking car. There will have to be some changes to the styling/aero for the inclusion of number plate mounting. Not sure about the utility of those motorised cameras. Neat mind. Most exciting to me though...hopefully we are looking at a close basis for the new Esprit. Standard doors and mirrors, but otherwise, if it is EV only as i expect, much of the aero emphasis can be retained. Twice the price i was expecting, but also twice the power. In track mode i wonder how quickly the batteries will discharge. 30 minutes? Less? I am going to cobble together a speculative (very) He
  8. Very good vid from Harry. It is amusing to see his opinion evolving as he drives. Initially he has some qualms about the price/value and feels that the cabin is under par..."at that price Lotus are playing with the big boys..." After a few moments driving Harry is increasingly impressed. Interesting that for comparison he is using an Alpine A110 initially. Summary *exceptional sound, as good as a
  9. Hardly at all?... the carbon, brakes, suspension and especially the aero are significant. Too much full-on GT4 would completely compromise the Evora on the road. The GT 430 occupies a completely different niche to the 400. But, yes, i have exaggerated, i hold my hand up.
  10. Anthony, you have a fantastic car. A legendary Lotus. Drive it, enjoy it. Occasionally wash it! Jealous, me?...not one bit!
  11. Oh dear...irony, sarcasm, the blog was not meant to be taken at face value! Neither was i intending to provoke. I have not driven a GT3, but i find it hard to believe it has out-Lotused an optimised GT4 based Evora. Galling. The Evora is a wonderful car, steers beautifully. And, of course, NOBODY buys a Porsche without those expensive optiions. Having read the review 5 times i was also serious when i suggested EVO played fairly this time. Which only makes it more surprising. The outcome is no surprise...but the manner of it very much is.
  12. Read the ink of my friends copy( a 40 mile round trip)...and the Porsche won by being...a better Lotus. Lotus really should have tweaked that clunky Evora steering, a well known and long standing weakness...the icing on the cake is the Porsche costing less. Not obvious Porsche propaganda though. Feels like EVO have called it as they found it for once.
  13. Online today Autocar reviewed their top 10 best sports cars....911 won out of course, with the Evora third behind the F-type. A quite remarkable summary...the Evora is so compromised that it can only ever be a second or weekend car, and is then just too expensive, except for the handling obsessed purist. Evo have a gt3 "picture of the week" online, and invite you to once again read their review of the supreme modern sports car. Both of these English publications seem to have collapsed into nothing more than Porsche propaganda. Wonder how that upcoming test on Evo will go? The case for th
  14. This was inevitable, logical, and sensible. A fine looking Evora. A fully loaded 400 replacement with this styling will surely arrive soon and then it is all eyes on the soft top/targa. The "old" Exige Sport 350 stands out as an absolute bargain now.
  15. George has used 2 of Norwich's greatest buildings as a backdrop for his photographs. The last photo shows the Exige in profile with the City Hall behind. The City Hall is Art Deco and was completed in 1938, one of the best inter war municipal buildings, with a 280ft frontage including a huge 200ft balcony and famous clock tower. The 2 prior photo's of the Exige are in front of the west end of Norwich Anglican Cathedral which dates from 1096. The interior is hugely impressive, with the best proportions of any English Cathedral. Especially interesting to hear the views of a 460 Exige owner.
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