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  1. Not seen, let alone driven the Vertige yet. Only pictures/video so far, just like Emira... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My wife says the Wells Vertige is potentially the most beautiful car she has ever seen. I love the spec of the Wells on paper. Very light, more than sufficient power. Small. Perfect for English backroads. The announcement of the max torque, full fat 415hp AMG version of Emira would seal the deal...
  2. The badge is awkward. The use of the Lotus roundel is way better. Astonished those very ugly wheels were not even mentioned. Very supportive overall. Expects the Emira to be a popular hit, and clearly impressed when he saw Emira in the flesh..."Goosebumps".
  3. My wife is smitten with the Wells Vertige. She is not for turning. I am keen on Emira...
  4. This is of interest. Serious potential in that AMG M139 lump.
  5. Crickey. If that is correct V6 sales will be massive. Evora prices would collapse. Welcome to the Forum.
  6. Enjoyable vid. Jenson has just massively promoted V6 sales! Jenson said the Evija only weighs "200kg more than this". That would put the V6 at 1480kg. Cat out of the bag? Is that really nimbus grey? Looks much lighter than that on the configurator.
  7. You are right. Those wheels are so ugly they dominate, and you cannot see the form of the Emira. Like a foghorn in a library. Interesting what is said and done here, including those wheels...he says visually the car is not grounded because of the wheel design, and likens it to the car having "broken feet".
  8. cobwatch

    Lotus Emira

    My neighbour enjoyed his first ever GFOS on Thursday, and I of course pinned him down for a thorough debrief. He loved Emira up close and personal. Evija though, he said, was something else. In that gold-flecked yellow he says it was incredible. All the silly colours and stripes that have been rolled out do it a major disservice. He was planning to wait for a later Emira model, with 450hp+, all the carbon, £100k or so. But plans have now possibly changed. Another car caught his eye. A Wells Vertige. 210hp. 815kg kerb. £45k. Small, narrow. Amazing dihedral doors. Everything is UK made and supplied. Old school styling. So now he is giving serious consideration to a base Emira plus a Vertige. I knew nothing of this Wells car, but the website had me drooling too...I seconded his new plan as soon as I knew more about it. His wife loved the Wells Vertige and is pressuring him to get both, but he says he thinks he will miss the go-faster Emira.
  9. cobwatch

    Lotus Emira

    I would have asked Gavan "Why did we see 480hp displayed on the Emira dash?"
  10. cobwatch

    Lotus Emira

    Well done Lotus. Like it a lot. Been playing with the configurator and surprised myself. First thing that had to go was those hideous bi-colour wheels. Basic silver alloys. Wow, so much better. Nimbus Grey. Didn't think I would go for that. Nothing else. No black pack. AMG. A beauty for £60k.
  11. Good morning to you too, C8RKH. Wrong side of the bed is it? "If you don't know for sure, don't post..." A 007 missile-firing special could be fun. Unlike you...
  12. Geely are majority shareholders of Lotus. Just. Everyone is forgetting about Etika Automotive who own 49%. EA is really just a cover-name for the same Malaysian billionaire who continues to have a majority holding in DRB-Hicom, Interesting holdings when you dive into that side of things. Fundamentally this is an insurance led business with an automotive distribution component that is a very big player in Malaysia. Proton remains linked, but a deep dive does indeed reveal other automotive component and manufacturing businesses. A famous engine manufacturer? That is a proper tease, but who pops up? Yamaha. Who design and/or manufacture engines for Volvo, Toyota, Lexus. A proper and current motorsport heritage. Lotus would naturally emphasise that link. If it is a continuation of the Toyota V6 type, with a different/upgraded gearbox you could expect horsepower to begin at 430 and stretch out to 460 with later editions.
  13. Predictions can make you look silly...Performance will be a step up as no longer torque limited. V6 Turbo 400 hp 370 lb/ft £80k (+ £10k for convertible) 1350kg Or you can spec up... 460 hp 420 lb/ft 1295 kg £105k Hybrid to follow
  14. Even if it is late to market, a Type 131 V6 that can hang with the cars you mention would be a stunning surprise. There must absolutely be no more delay if that is the case. Lotus seem to be aiming for a different price point from what they have said which luckily provides the leeway needed. Just. A 1300kg hybrid with up to 400 bhp? Yes please. Priced right it could revolutionise Lotus. Exciting times.
  15. Yes, unfortunate. McLaren are literally on their knees, but they managed to keep momentum. The warranty on the Artura is impressive, even if it is an admission of past failings, and very necessary to bolster customer confidence. I think the 131 models are going to bring it. Word is best developed Lotus Type ever....
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