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  1. Steve, your setup looks very similar to the one on my '86 Turbo so I'd expect the procedure is much the same. I will say that in later years Lotus got much more generous with the silicone sealant as the joints and seems around my box were slathered with the stuff - and it all looked to be original!
  2. I just completed the heater matrix replacement chore for the same reason, antifreeze smell and windscreen fogging. Thank you to Luc as well as his photos were really helpful in getting this nasty job done. I can't say it was hard exactly, just long, frustrating and at times maddening. Thanks Luc and good luck to those who do this in the future. With enough time and patience it is do-able!
  3. The gaskets are easy to come by. All the usual Lotus suppliers should have them. The Jag V12 version will fit too.
  4. It's likely the sending unit as I had a similar issue. If you're removing the unit it's a good idea to have a new gasket handy as the old one will likely leak if you don't replace it after opening. Also, if you need to replace the sending unit I found the units are technically NLA but sending units for V12 E-types will fit with just minor bending of the float wire (match it to the one you remove), and you'll need to attach the ground wire to one of the mounting screws as the Jag unit doesn't have a grounding tab welded on it.
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    2many cars

  6. I think aluminum tank corrosion is more common in areas where ethanol is added to fuel (like in most of North America).
  7. All the above info is correct. The air injection system just pumps in extra air immediately downstream from the exhaust valve to assist in getting complete combustion. The reason cars with AI seem to get lower MPG is because you're sapping power to run an air pump and AI works best if the mixture is set a tad rich. If AI is not required in your area you can remove it, just plug the ports in the exhaust manifold - then everything can be removed. Jim's right, don't throw it away as it may limit a future sale if you don't have the parts.
  8. I suspect you may have sorted this by now but I just fixed a similar problem on my car. It turned out to be a leaking float on the sensor. The float was slowing filling up and sinking so it would register progressively lower fuel levels even after fill ups. It was a very slow leak over a period of weeks so wasn't an obvious fault. You'll obviously need to remove the sending unit and check the float to see if there's some gas in it. It doesn't take much of a leak to cause it to start to sink (mine was only about 1/4 full) so be sure to actually remove the sending unit from the tank and take a close look. The good news is a new float is cheap and easy to come by - worth having one on hand if/when you check to see if that's the problem.
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