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  1. I just finished getting my ABS system on a 1996 S4S working with no flashing warning lights .... for now🤞 I used the above part and it was a direct replacement with no modifications to the unit. I hope this helps someone who is still trying to keep this frustrating system working....
  2. Oh jeez....don’t say that your experience? i have changed the pressure switch and accumulator, cleaned all the sensors etc it all seems good now........I don’t think I could handle it again! i am sure it was the switch as that was the final repair before it worked with no flashing ABS light. I could do the easy fix like the previous owner did and place a square of black insulation tape over the light before selling the car to me 🤬
  3. Yep. I think it must have been a bit of air that worked it’s way out.
  4. hello I just had the pleasure of fitting an Alunox 3 inch stainless cat-less exhaust to my S4S. It is a lovely unit that was very easy to instal and took about 1 hour to do so. All the hardware is supplied and it comes with very nicely finished exhaust tips. It seems to flow very freely and I now get some nice burbling when coming off the throttle. It sounds fantastic without droning or being too annoying in the cabin. Being a dual exhaust it I was very happy to find the flow was equal between the two tips even at idle - something that I have not easily achieved with previous twin outlets. The only problem was they forgot to put in the oxygen sensor boss - but this was easily fixed and I got to put it where I wanted. All in all I am very pleased with it.
  5. Update..... I decided to go for a bit of a hoon to remind myself why I am throwing all this time and money into this car and the ABS light stopped coming on!!! Amazing what an Italian tune up can do !!
  6. This has been solved See below It was the pressure switch as replacement eventually sorted it out Hello 1996 S4S ABS driving me nuts.... i have an ABS flashing light - on espritmon it’s the pressure code..... i have changed the switch ( lotus marques) I have changed the accumulator.....still does it..... the pump comes on pretty much every time I press the brakes....occasionally on second push. Interestingly if I press the brakes slowly the ABS light never comes on but as soon as I do a quicker press on them it comes when the pump goes on..... what to do next?!? Al
  7. Hi Ian......I am from NZ and recently was in the UK looking for an Esprit......missed your lovely looking gt3 but ended up with an S4s after looking at about 8 others!! I don’t know if you have organised shipping but I went with Anglo pacific who were excellent. i know someone with some black GT3 seats for sale ( yellow piping I am pretty sure) i will PM his details. Al
  8. Thanks steve i would like to purchase a set please - could you kindly send me an email so we can organise this? [email protected] its an azure blue S4S with the cream interior. Thanks again!
  9. Hello how do you get the gaiter out to replace it Mine looks terrible! is it stiched into the carpet ? Will I need to replace the carpets to do it right? Does anyone sell a cream set of gear and hand break gaiters? thank you for help! al
  10. Yes!! Problem of the sensor wires was sketchy. I found when I was unscrewing the sensor it started fluctuating in freescan. Traced it back to one dodgy wire!! all solved ....thanks again!! al
  11. Hi i suspect I have an O2 sensor issue and want to make sure the one I have ordered from SJ is ok? I recently removed my cat and installed an alunox 3inch dual exit exhaust ( very very nice and easy install) and the stainless manifold. I couldn’t no matter how I tried could get out my old O2 sensor so bought the Bosch sensor equivalent...13030? If I idle for longer than 1 minute it suddenly increases revs by about 500 and the CEL comes on . If the sensor is disconnected it does not happen Free scan shows a O2 sensor voltage of about 0.4 with engine off and a rock steady 0.004(!!!) with engine running - no fluctuations at all I suspect this sensor is not usable....I have ordered a new one from SJ is this one known to be OK?
  12. Hello again here is the MAP from freescan....I almost get to 2.0 so I guess thats about right? Interestingly my gauge still reads negative until the boost gets to about 0.5 on freescan.... Thanks again Al
  13. Hi thanks for input i replaced it as the old one was broken. No movement at all. I will ask SJs what they reckon. I will try to put up a video. It’s as if the needle has been put on the shaft 30 degrees out!! I am tempted to pry off the front and push it a bit to the right....but I think that will make it look aweful when I crimp it back on Al
  14. Hello i have just replaced a boost gauge (original lotus part from SJ) with engine idling it reads well below 0 and only ever gets to 0.5 at boost..... the car seems to drive well and the boost kicks in pretty hard but not having anything to compare it to I don’t know if everything is working as it should. I will plug in freescan and go for a blat and see what MAP I get..... long question short : are the boost gauges unreliable? Is my gauge needle possibly not set correctly ? ( reads -ve when boost off) al.
  15. Solved!! it was a faulty transistor in the cable -changed it and all working!! so I believe it was receiving and not sending al.
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