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  1. I know exactly what you meant - and I loved the post - I was just trying to find one thing on rails with out train like performance
  2. Couldn't agree more - great post! - these will subtlety change the geometry but I have to be honest - It might make me a massive poser but I fell in love with the esprit for its looks - the handling / performance is a massive plus. I can't kid myself that I can ever get enough out of this car to justify its performance- I just don't do enough track work.I also think this car shouldn't be abused to the point that I will notice the difference that 315s vs 285s make - I have other later vehicles that can fulfill that duty. The big problem I had in every day driving was rear wheel spin - the 315s help with that so maybe just what I am looking for. The front 3/4 view lets you appreciate the stance with these wheels and I am surprised I don't have pictures from that angle - I will address soon!! Yep ..... Can you believe they got this much power out of just a 4 cylinder!?! He said rails ..... nothing about a train!
  3. Hi I made one up myself - you just need to get the 10 pin plug ( GM ) interface plug an RS232 socket ( assuming you are using a serial ported lap top) and a few resistors and transistors - See pictures - sorry about the state of that plug - it's seen a lot of work and re-soldering make sure it's a 10 pin and not a 12 pin GM cable you get
  4. It's fixed - was a hose clamp stopping throttle movement ! Still surprised how well it went before the fix. now it goes like it should - and it goes well. The acceleration is different from the S4S it's the torque down low you get and it's fantastic. There is not as a pronounced turbo kick (massive boot in the back side you get with the S4S) with the V8 it just pulls from the start They are different and I feel the V8 is more refined in power delivery but the S4S is more "thrilling" ? I don't know which I like better as I haven't had a chance to really test the V8.
  5. It came with a spare engine so I just have them on rotation .......
  6. Solved - very simple too..... Mike was correct as it was a mechanical hook up - I took the boot out to get a good look before I committed to pulling off plenum and there it was - The hose clip screw body on a big rubber connector hose was fowling the throttle very effectively! A slight reposition and am getting 100 on TPS! Took it for a spin - This is what I expected - very, very happy here.
  7. After finally getting the scan tool to work I have found the reason for the underwhelming acceleration on the V8 - there is something stopping the throttle going past 31% open.....!!!! Will update once fixed - I can't wait to see what it will be like with 2/3 more throttle......
  8. I think your hat is safe - it has to be something physical as you say as it's a definite physical " stop " at the end of movement - I will look over it all and report back. I am pretty happy though as this definitely is something that is consistent with my underwhelming performance . A car that goes this well at 31% throttle is going to be fun when getting 100%!!!
  9. here is a short video of what is happening
  10. Sorry - I obviously have not explained it well enough - what I meant was the throttle at the engine APPEARED to be going all the way - as it comes to a "hard" stop that appears to be physical WOT. But when I compared it to the other engine throttle which comes to a hard stop with about 60 degrees more travel ...... I will link a video soon.....
  11. hi I changed the TPS and still 31% Also with both TPS out of the throttle body i can get to 100% with about 90 degrees travel of the TPS. Interestingly - and this I am sure is the problem - my throttle will only go to about 30 degrees of movement at the TPS shaft! It has nothing to do with the pedal / cable movement as when I test this I have this disconnected. Have checked against a spare 918 engine in the garage ( luxury I know ) and this shaft moves 90 degrees - I can't see how i can adjust the amount of movement at the body as it comes to a small aluminium block stop. Am I missing an obvious way to adjust the throttle travel here?
  12. 2000 V8-GT The performance is not as I would expect - Have replaced a leaking waste gate actuator ( ripped diaphragm ) and still not that impressive. Finally got Peter's excellent scan tool to work ( I had a dodgy ELM-327 USB interface for a start ) and it is showing only 31% TPS maximum. The throttle is physically opening all the way so I suspect something to do with the TPS setting. I am going to reset the ECU and reset the TPS with pressing the pedal etc. etc. when I got the car the battery was fairly flat ( but able to start engine with the light pods doing the up/down dip suggesting a lowish battery ) maybe its never been properly reset since at some stage being disconnected for some time? Am I onto the right track here ? I suspect a incorrectly set TPS after a prolonged battery disconnect could lead to lack lustre performance?
  13. Sorted ! I bought another ELM-327 unit and it's working - so hopefully that helps someone else - if it doesn't work it might be a dodgy ELM-327 unit as others have suggested ! Thanks again for all the help - Now it works i see my TPS only goes to 31% - could this be why it feels a bit "underwhelming"
  14. Hi yes - both the same for plugging into front or rear obd2 Detects ELM 327, I get live voltage and a count down in the lower left box - starting at about 220
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