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  1. Anyone got one fur sale? Will need to ship to New Zealand
  2. Kooked a 1st to 2nd Now significant grinding when changing down from 3rd to 2nd. Some grinding from 1st to 2nd. I think I have lost teeth off 2nd gear / damaged synchro ? Wil pull box - if it is as I suspect and only this how easy is it to change the second gear / synchro ? thanks !
  3. Gidday yep - the messages were going to junk ! have now PM’d lotuslover I see it has been flashed for a CC V8 - hopefully it has got IC plugs installed so I can just pop others in ?
  4. Oh - tried again and have sent a PM. Thanks again Bibs
  5. Thanks Bibs. Tried that - it’s not working comes up with “ terminal error “ which sounds exciting. posted in hope the OP will see my post and contact me. al
  6. Hi i would like to purchase but can’t seem to message you I am in NZ but have an Australian bank account that might be useful - please text / call or WhatsApp +64 210519518
  7. Yes It’s the video - it sounds a lot, lot better in real life but I can’t kid myself that it sounds better than a v8 / 10 / 12. I have run almost every set up - straight pipe , small bullet resonator, twin resonators 2 inch , 3 inch etc - in my opinion the best sound is what I run now with twin straight resonator and a 3 inch exhaust - and the car runs so much better. I found a straight system used to be too much of the unpleasant notes in the cabin I will post some more vids - (that one was the only one I had and more to show some flames!)and hopefully others will send some in too The other thing I really like about my allunox set up is the exhaust comes out even both sides
  8. Here is a video - of course sounds better in real life but still lets the car down a bit i.e. car still “looks a lot better than it sounds” S4S , 3 inch stainless , twin resonators, allunox manifold. 7A9A38D4-07A9-41BB-B1C1-B47F6B7120E9.MP4
  9. Hello I just had this kit fitted in NZ to my S4S - just one question - every single time I push the pedal or release it the pump runs - it’s very noisy and runs for a second each time - is this normal? Have I got the vacuum too high ( it’s at -10 psi which is about 20 inch mercury) It’s pretty intrusive around town. 62901942622__95535804-7DC2-4C5E-8CA1-AF8530C7F29A.MOV
  10. Hi easy to check the the gauge - find the sender ( it’s a brass sensor on the big aluminium pipe in the engine bay just under the highest point of the timing belt in the left hand side as you look into the bay ) then with ignition on but car not running unhook the wire and ground it to something ( like the pipe ) and the gauge should go to far right. if it does not your gauge is sticking. if it is not the gauge you probably have an incorrect sender - it’s impedance to temperature is too high. If this is the case order the right one.......
  11. Hi sorry - I reckon 1 and 1/2 threads - it’s on there ok. But to be honest I am very tired of this system. Going with Ian’s servo brake kit Oh and also - I just used a rubber o-ring.
  12. I put the adjustable seats as low as possible ..... still seems a bit high but maybe will settle with some mileage ....? It’s about 4cm from maximum tyre diameter to the flare.
  13. Hi just fitted protech shocks and lotac poly bushes after a full suspension overhaul - now my front sits far too high and looks pretty stupid. I loaded the car with 140kg and half a tank to torque all the bolts/ Now the stupid question - the bottom coil rest can be adjusted ( wound up or unwound down ) does this just change the pre-load or does it indeed adjust height? And if it adjusts height do I wind them up or unwind them down to lower the ride height ...... and if that does not adjust height is there anyway to do it? I apologise for my ignorance but I have going suspension is often counter intuitive!! Thanks for all help on this !
  14. @pureguava -
  15. Got the plenum off. A lead was broken at the coil end ! changed the plugs / coils / all leads at the same time now I am scared above 5000
  16. Thanks for all suggestions - I have a feeling it’s the plugs / leads / coils .... Will replace Monday and report back
  17. Hello 2000 V8-GT all seems to be fine down low and no CEL or codes ...... when I really floor it and get above 5000 revs I get what seems to be a miss fire - The engine kinda looses smooth acceleration and a bit of loss of power. It’s only above 5000 rpm I wonder if it’s coil packs / plugs / leads so I will change these....... Any other ideas ?
  18. Excellent thanks ! so this is my setup Stud: 6mm front washer 3mm rear washer top ball joint 7.5mm shims front 4.5mm shims rear As you say 12 and 9mm total. Thanks so much Sailorbob Last question - the snubber washers seem not a “mirror image” as I would expect on the layout picture. In the front it’s snubber washer against bushing .... in the rear it’s the castor washer against the bushing - is this correct ?
  19. Sailorbob - thanks for reply and forgive my late night post relying on memory! - you were correct - I went back through the pictures I took and I have made a mistake : Infront shims were 7.5mm ( 3 x 2 and a 1.5mm ) Rear shims were 4.5mm ( 3mm and a 1.5mm) Total 12mm for castor shims The castor washers will b measured - should add to 9mm correct? with the 10.5mm I was talking about the Camber plates. Sounds correct ?
  20. I was whacking away like a school boy but no joy .... had a big tool too
  21. Double post in the Stephens and V8 section as it’s applicable to both and trying to find someone who might know... I got the bumper off for a respray and the side skirts look little bit “ sand blasted “ towards the front and could do with a freshen up ......they look like they are a combination of bonded and riveted on there and look a bit tricky to remove / replace Has anyone removed them ? Any pointers ? How difficult to do this / replace thanks again!
  22. Gidday I got the bumper off for a respray and the side skirts look little bit “ sand blasted “ towards the front and could do with a freshen up ......they look like they are a combination of bonded and riveted on there and look a bit tricky to remove / replace Has anyone removed them ? Any pointers ? How difficult to do this / replace thanks again! Al
  23. I used a 3 prong gear puller - it took a bit of force.....
  24. Hi thanks for all the advice Jacques - Upper shims in front of upper ball joint was 7.5mm ( 2 x 3mm and 1 x 1.5mm) rear was 6 mm ( 2 x 3mm) the plates were both 10.5mm with the notch hard against the outboard side I hope this helps - will let you know if this changes after doing the new geometry Al
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