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  1. here is a short video of what is happening
  2. Sorry - I obviously have not explained it well enough - what I meant was the throttle at the engine APPEARED to be going all the way - as it comes to a "hard" stop that appears to be physical WOT. But when I compared it to the other engine throttle which comes to a hard stop with about 60 degrees more travel ...... I will link a video soon.....
  3. hi I changed the TPS and still 31% Also with both TPS out of the throttle body i can get to 100% with about 90 degrees travel of the TPS. Interestingly - and this I am sure is the problem - my throttle will only go to about 30 degrees of movement at the TPS shaft! It has nothing to do with the pedal / cable movement as when I test this I have this disconnected. Have checked against a spare 918 engine in the garage ( luxury I know ) and this shaft moves 90 degrees - I can't see how i can adjust the amount of movement at the body as it comes to a small aluminium block stop. Am I missing an obvious way to adjust the throttle travel here?
  4. 2000 V8-GT The performance is not as I would expect - Have replaced a leaking waste gate actuator ( ripped diaphragm ) and still not that impressive. Finally got Peter's excellent scan tool to work ( I had a dodgy ELM-327 USB interface for a start ) and it is showing only 31% TPS maximum. The throttle is physically opening all the way so I suspect something to do with the TPS setting. I am going to reset the ECU and reset the TPS with pressing the pedal etc. etc. when I got the car the battery was fairly flat ( but able to start engine with the light pods doing the up/down dip suggesting a lowish battery ) maybe its never been properly reset since at some stage being disconnected for some time? Am I onto the right track here ? I suspect a incorrectly set TPS after a prolonged battery disconnect could lead to lack lustre performance?
  5. Sorted ! I bought another ELM-327 unit and it's working - so hopefully that helps someone else - if it doesn't work it might be a dodgy ELM-327 unit as others have suggested ! Thanks again for all the help - Now it works i see my TPS only goes to 31% - could this be why it feels a bit "underwhelming"
  6. Hi yes - both the same for plugging into front or rear obd2 Detects ELM 327, I get live voltage and a count down in the lower left box - starting at about 220
  7. Hi again still no luck - I plugged it into my 2017 Hilux Ute and it works fine - get all sorts of info ......... but on the esprit all I get is live volts ?!? i have used other OBD2 interfaces with the Esprit port I am using and they work fine so it's not the port Frustrating
  8. Still can't get it to work - tried windows 10, 8, 7 and XP on windows 10 I get closest - but still a long way off! It recognises the ELM327 unit but all I get is a live voltage readings and the green light on the ELM module flashes. There is a counter that counts down from about 250 in the bottom left box. All the other operating systems I only get the counter going down and nothing else. Any suggestions? Any other scan tools I can use with the 2000 V8 ? i suspect my drivers might be the problem - anyone suggest a USB driver for the ELM327 and XP?
  9. If disconnecting battery regularly does that not mean you are resetting the ECU each time? My S4S runs badly for about 15 km after a reset until it relearns - are others not having this ?
  10. Haha great advice ..... I will wait for the actuators If I need to be scared by boost (safely) the S4S will suffice! But my question is - would a leaking diaphragm lead to low boost rather than the over boost that many have suggested? - sure the wastegates won't open but will the pressure generated just leak out!? is this a big enough leak to stop overboost?
  11. I know that's the better idea Will replace but I think I have found the boost problem which is nice !
  12. Hello muddling through the V8...... it's acceleration was nothing close to the S4S so I suspect a problem with CEL showing..... hooked up a boost gauge and went for a spin and not getting over 5 psi - gets to 5 psi quickly but goes no further. Hooked up a mityvac to the wastegate actuators and the left one is not moving at all..... took it out and rust fell out of capsule and obvious leak from the diaphragm i will order 2 new ones but the question is - why no overboost ? If all the pressure is venting out of the left capsule then i suppose it's an open system and all the boost is just leaking out from there and not into the plenum? Would this be correct ? Might plug the bad wastegate hose and go for a gentle spin - I would expect overboost in that case? Your thoughts welcomed!
  13. Hi Thanks Peter for this tool. I can't get it to read anything but volts? i have tried windows 10 and 8 it detects the ELM unit and green data light is flickering away..... all I get is a live reading of voltage ? What am I doing wrong? thanks as always......
  14. Hello i am ordering the updated GTO kit with LSD. I was wondering is it worth going with the Ford spline option and have different clutch options? Has anyone done this ? What are the pros and cons with the change? Thanks Al
  15. Not wanting to derail the sale - hope it's gone through to the new owner .... but I have to agree . I found it very amateurish and often inaccurate. It was a bit of a ramble through the models and focused on fairly strange stuff. Very telling when it claims to list the entire Esprit range and completely misses out the GT3?
  16. I know what Barry will say .... unless he recently sold the 4 and bought an 8 ? I can't find a couch hiding emoji but Barry will stick one in soon for me to copy/paste ....tee hee!!
  17. Best colour ......stunning car!! I don't know what's has been done to it .... probably everything but put in a high torque chip you will love it and not stress the engine too much! Enjoy the apex of car design ( visually that is....)
  18. Hello today I collected a 2000 V8-GT and already own a S4S. I Have driven the V8 for about 120km and can (almost - it's still early!) compare the two, but have a few questions too that members could answer..... they are VERY different cars and some aspects one is much better than the other and in others the opposite is true!! Of course this is all subjective ( mostly!) S4S - allinox headers / 3 inch twin tip. Electric charge cooler pump, ITG filter , green cams, RC injectors x 6, chip # 3 ( high torque) 315 rears. V8 - straight exhaust / decat. Bilstien shocks. Handling - the S4S feels more nimble and balanced. It's not that much lighter than V8 but feels it. The V8 has the Bilstien package and feels less harsh on the road. They are both similar but the S4S feels a bit more "focused" at the expense of comfort. Both handle beautifuly but the S4S maybe a bit better here....not as much in as I expected though. The V8 is way easier to drive. Looks - very similar of course. I prefer the S4S wheels but the V8 are actually nicer in the flesh than pictures. Wing on the V8 is probably better with regards to practicality and possibly looks - it's pretty impressive. The azure blue S4S is nicer than the Black....but that's irrelevant. The front bumper in front of the oil coolers is nicer on the V8. I love twin fuel flaps on the 4 which the V8 lost. This round is a tie. Interior: the S4S is cream and of course old binnacle. It has a much higher "wow" factor and other people love it. The extra gauges are missed on the V8 and the V8 is all black inside and a bit more "run of the mill" The vision from the gauges ( I am 6'4") are WAY better on the V8 than the S4S - I cant see much of the speedo which is very annoying on the 4. Functionally the V8 wins here....apart from one thing....Its strange but I my left knee gets a bit more "hooked up" on the steering wheel clutching in the V8 compared to the S4S? So visually the S4S wins ( probably just the cream) but functionally it's the V8. Gear changes - The V8 wins. The S4S is not as bad as I expected but the V8 is easy to go through the gears and back down.....the S4S is a bit hard down from 2 to 1 - and might need adjustment - but from 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 they are very similar but a tad easier and nicer on the V8. Clutch - I surprisingly quite like the clutch in the S4S especially starting off.....maybe I need more V8 practice....the S4S is noticeably heavier though - but I have never found it an issue. V8 wins. Brakes - no brainer the V8 brakes are streets ahead - I love them - I have Ian Lords brake kit for the S4S and today I realised why people change out the S4S brakes.....and I will do this soon....V8 wins and this is the round that it won easy. Acceleration: this surprised me. The S4S is feels so much quicker - at least it feels like it? The 4 cylinder boost comes on hard at 2500 revs and scares me regularly. Maybe this V8 is just smoother in its delivery but it just doesn't give the same feel of mad thrust. Could this V8 need adjustment on the turbos / actuators? I can put my foot to the floor on the V8 without it going too crazy which I can't do on the 4. I suspect low boost or maybe even a poorly adjusted throttle not getting to 100% WOT .... will figure this out. I do note that 100km/h arrives WAY WAY quicker than I expect though ..... could this difference all be an illusion due to power delivery? the V8 starts easy cold but takes 3 - 4 seconds to crank when hot. S4S 2 seconds cold <1/2 second when hot. Exhaust note : probably the V8 although the allunox set up is pretty damned good. Other sounds : the Turbo noises are better on the S4S! But there are some nice muted wooshes from the V8..... can't hear any spooling though? Driving ease - V8 wins here. It's just easy to mooch about and then go! S4S you have to really drive it - which is in lots of way better but not easier. V8 makes you lazy. Street cred : This is a pointless round but I bought an Esprit because I love the look and because it's rare and without judgement you get from other exotics. Both V8 and S4S get equal amounts of comments, heads turning, points and shouts .....but I must say people seem disappointed by a 4 cylinder. If you are narcissistic then nothing beats the V8 twin turbo to those without much knowledge ( i.e. 99.9% of the population)But Julia Roberts understood...... Upkeep and running costs - dunno yet but I suspect the 4 is going to win here..... Any aspects I missed - let me know and feel free to comment, disagree etc. By the way I own an Elise too has NOTHING on an Esprit except weight and $$$. Sell your two Elise's buy a Esprit - it's 3 times the car - there I saved you money!
  19. Update - I got the wabco accumulator ( Land Rover part) working without any leak by using a slightly thicker o ring
  20. I have sorted it - have used a thicker o ring than the purple one supplied. Wish I had tried this first! Anyway I have a brand new accumulator for sale if anyone needs one - comes with upgraded o ring!!!
  21. Hello having mostly sorted my ABS brakes the last problem was a slow leak at the threaded join on the accumulator bulb. I had purchased a £90 unit that was for a land rover I read would work....and although it screws in ok the threaded neck bit is different and I wonder if that is why there is a slow leak? Thinking I would kick for touch I ordered the unit from SJ ( at £300 including postage 😳) and I was disappointed to find the same wabco unit turned up - damn. Anyway can't do much about my stupidity- should have asked before purchase. Has anyone got these to work with out leakage? The rover one had an o-ring the "lotus" one does not have one - should I use an o-ring or not? thanks for any help
  22. I have an alunox set up - 3 inch from turbo and twin tips - I love it. It has even flow to both tips ( a major problem with other units and it looks silly with just one pipe steaming) and a great sound - not overwhelming or annoying.
  23. Old topic I know - but I replaced all 6 injectors with the RC units - they are a direct swap.
  24. Hi - my S4S did this after work on it - battery disconnected etc. It was just the ECU relearning and self remedied after about 20km or so......don't disconnect battery and keep driving.....I hope your problem is the same as mine
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