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  1. Ummm I am 12 years too late here but I have exactly the same problem.....did you ever solve this?
  2. Hi all. Thanks for (most!) replies Yes funnily enough it is an EPROM as I found it in the usual habitat of one of those yep I was wondering the specs but as I should have freescan running today I will see whet I can find.....
  3. Hello i just received my S4S....wondering what chip this is? Thank you all!
  4. Hello I have just (about) imported a 1996 S4S into NZ...I think it’s the first here - correct me if wrong? I was in the UK earlier in the year and wanting a later 4 pot I looked around a few S4, GT3 and S4S and although the one I bought was not perfect it was the closest thing I could find....others were fairly diabolical and were still asking a lot more than I was happy with I think I missed the cheap boat by a few years.... I pulled the trigger and off it went in a individual shipping container from Liverpool to Felixstowe....then through the Suez Canal to Singapore then a new boat onto me in NZ Crazy coincidence was when I was visiting Sydney, Australia I actually watched the ship it was on pulling into Sydney harbour up to the opera house and then promptly doing a u turn before the bridge and chugged back off to the main container port of Sydney quite a way away - is it possible they went into wrong harbour?? Seems bizarre. Any way boat tracking apps are a therapuetic way to wait for updates on such an important package. Once bought and in the way a nightmare arose. This was due to the exact age of the car and a euro compliance number was not ever generated or required for this car. As it was post 1990 but pre 1997 it needed a certificate it just did not have. After many sleepless nights and a lot of inspectors/certifiers saying it could not be done I concluded I could try to get a special interest vehicle certificate ( which as in NZ only limited certs are given out each year and.these had run out for 2018 meaning I would have to wait until 2019 to get it )....or I might have to repatriate it to UK and try to get a bit of money back. I finally found a company that could generate a certificate but it was the most expensive bit of paper I have ever owned -but it has a lovely hologram on it and many fancy looking stamps and German signatures! I showed this to my compliance officer who referred to it as my golden ticket!!!! Once in NZ it got the usual NZ biosecurity comb over and quite a few good old British leaves ( probably the Larch ) were found in the front trunk ....!! After a clean up it passed and then required a structural inspection too. Each inspection ended up with a big flouro tag being applied to the windscreen wiper. Once I had the full set of flouro tags (pinks and greens) it was released. The lads from the compliance company were eager to see a car they had never heard of and rushed around to collect As is ownership of an exotic unforeseen circumstances arise....the shipping company guys admitted they had taken a very very long time looking for the trunk release and had been groping around in the pedal box etc for while with no luck until checking the net and finding the good old coat hanger....but what do you know despite the car being fine before the inspection the throttle cable was now in two bits and the car could not be driven.....thank goodness Esprits have a good tow hook and my compliance guys are so helpful it was soon safely in a really nice compliance work shop its now going through compliance which is pretty full on in NZ ( gotta love the galvanised chassis or it would be impossible) It’s going to need a bit of sand blasting if the front suspension and sealing but thankfully the rear is very good and the dreaded chassis strut near the turbo is pristine. The carpets have to be ripped out to check mounting of seatbelts etc and many more things need checked and disassembled but it should get there..... I must say it is beautiful and as it sits in the workshop next to a new supercharged white Elise and I would not swap it..... It has been described as being in great mechanical condition especially considered its age and after digging through the recent receipts from the UK I can see’s had more spent on it than what I paid for it in the last 5 years! Many more things will need to be done but this car is almost mine.....would I do it again?....probably not It was just way too expensive for all the sundries after the purchase.....shipping, insurance. handling, inspections, certification etc etc....and then the stress of possibly ending up with a track only car...Once is enough!!
  5. Thanks for all input. Yep have read up and I am pretty sure I will go with the chip 3. Thanks again
  6. Hello S4S - has 3 inch cat-less exhaust, alunox manifold, BOV, larger 2ndry injectors (RC).... I was going to run Chip 3 - high torque as I won't track it much.... Is there a better chip for my set up? Or should I play it safe and stick with the stock map? Thanks for any input!
  7. Hello i have purchased one of these : to try to take the guess work out of the belt tension... could someone please advise on the correct tension for a OEM belt ( I think it’s 100 ftlbs?) also I might fit a “Blue belt” has anyone got a sweet spot tension for that in ft lbs? Thanks for all help
  8. Hello i see sjsportscars do a centre exhaust system for the 4 cylinder. is anyone running one? How does it sound? Are they restrictive at all? I would be running without a cat thanks!
  9. Wow Chris...thanks for the amazing write up....exactly what I needed. Brilliant.
  10. thanks....that sounds very appealing. Do you have any tips on doing this? what system did you use to convert to injection? Al.
  11. Hello i have an 88 turbo (carbs and Renault box). Everything is working well at present but I would like Injection and the increased HP the chargecooled engine offers and being in NZ just buying an SE is not a viable option. If I get an engine with ancillaries is it a matter of a fairly simple swap or will this be an involved time consuming ordeal? Thanks in advance
  12. Two won’t fit on one tab on the sender but I will check continuity between the two. I suspect it is a redundant double up on wires.
  13. Hi when I ground it out it acts just like the other wire and swings the needle all the way to the right. It’s like a redundant extra wire to the gauge.
  14. Hello having initially a wobbly temp needle on throttle on an 88 turbo and then a complete gauge failure I went looking for the sender and yes it was wasn’t too clear on the Internet forums so here is a picture to help others its up front below the timing belt on the water pump. But can anyone answer why there are two wires going to the gauge (one of mine remains disconnected - is this ok?) cheers
  15. Hello. Wanting to update my 88 turbo esprit. Does anyone have or know anyone thinking of selling an SE S4 or V8? Please let me know on 0210519518 Thanks! Al
  16. Hello First post.... Great forum! I need a 88 turbo mirror switch as I lost a few of those little copper dumbbells/rods that make up the switch mechanism... Can't find a complete switch or any of the rods. Can any one supply or suggest where I can get a switch or the rods to fix my switch. Thanks! Al
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