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  1. I used superflex poly bushes every where on my Excel SE 88 found them to be excellent made in UK also and not expensive . the suspension works freely and not like a jamed up clock spring, adjusting the Gaz shocks a real pain as geometry dose not like double action I may go back to single action. Spent about $900 au on the lot inc freight so uk about 400 quid.
  2. 150mm or 6 inches FROM where the bottom of chassis kinks its at this kink that it is measured so from bottom of chassis it is around 144 mm. and that is straight out of the official manual. cheers .
  3. HELP can anyone furnish details on the Excel se 88 prop shaft universal joint ? Need toyota part or ford or diameter of bearing and width etc so I can match it up over here in oz. Rebuilding rear end and prop uni and w58 rear seal next week and not sure I have the right uni joint. Cheers in advance.
  4. Great pleased to hear that. What was the cost of the motor? Just to see if I paid the right price.
  5. Wow fantastic how about as much info as possible ie when,where,who etc public or private . Many thanks very interesting. Jean no offense taken just wanted to know your reasons. Your car looks great! Yes Richard, too right I put the key in before I crawl/slip/fold myself in lol. A question dose anyone know of a parts list that cross references lotus Eclat/Excel with Toyota? I have found a lot myself but if there is one it would save a lot of trouble and expense as against the parts sold by retail trade as they inflate prices beyond the joke. eg I purchased the clutch slave
  6. Oh you break my heart!! Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this design Type was very common among Italian greats, of or about the time, and these do have an Italian input Guigiaro. Now NOT wishing to cast aspersion on any other model have you ever tried to work on an mid engine car? Having said that, the Esprit is a great looker and agree its an icon, however the Eclat/ Excel as stated correctly [Chris] has that little extra to make it one of the best GTs ever. The boot,room generally, better mechanical arrangement {work wise] and the same 50/50 balance and attitude,acce
  7. I recently saw figures reportedly from the UK MOT stating that 240 excels were registered and of that figure 140 were on the road the rest were SORN. NB to my knowledge there are two se in Oz one of which is mine and the only one not stuffed around with. Considering there is no break up of models in these figures ie 160bhp -183bhp SE. it may be that 50% are SE giving a total of well lets say 130 [ allowing for south paws in Europe ] . AS we all know this model has the HC 912 arguably the pinnacle of 900 series engines tho add ons achieve more neddies. The body likewise,and
  8. Hey anyone know where I can purchase new standard springs for my se?
  9. Hi Bibs, no not on face, book gave it a try once became so invasive and time consuming that I give it the flick! Would thank you in advance if you would pass on my details to Angus. [email protected]
  10. Seen some other post on this subject, however it did not seem to be resolved, that is I cannot register on it just keeps telling me I can't use my email address tried changing to hotmail no good tried using crome browser also nothing. Most perplexing! anyone know how to contact an administrator? of site.
  11. Ok have sourced exact 12v motors for the purge pump . if anyone wants one I have 4 at this time say $10au each + post. contact me if interested.
  12. Thanks guys however tapping,knocking, ringing lol!!! Don't work. it was working in a flickering way but now on start up straight up to full. I swear it would go right through the window if it could. Some pics on this site show sender with two wipers mine has one wn white brown. Seems to have another sensor at back of head two wire purple and black,earth? Thought sender was stuck? Will have to remove and clear? Dose it just unscrew?
  13. OK seen plenty about low oil pressure. My problem is the gauge showing maximum from start up and not changing .Have heard transducer and VDO gauge give problems but which one how do I check them out? very nice engine clean as a whistle suspect done up not long ago plenty oil up around cams and have driven some Ks and no adverse occurrence! Must be electric {hope}
  14. Great stuff I'm presently refurbishing the purge motor I will publish details when proven. Motors are less than 3 dollars au.
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