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  1. Correct. The original ones on my V6s at the time of purchase where color body painted and in fiberglass. Later I purchased this ones in carbon fiber from the dealer. They fit exactly like the standard ones and they allow you to reuse the original plastic grills.
  2. I got mine few years ago from the Official Dealer. Very happy with this parts.
  3. Different stickers
  4. 3 Eleven 430 arrived here in Doha!!!!!
  5. I will. Thanks a lot @alias23. Really appreciated.
  6. So summarizing everything where I can order 6 spark plugs iridium and better than OEM? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. As OBD2 port I bought this one and is working fine. I bought also this to have a reliable GPS signal The only item I need to solve is a phone mount option that is safe when used on track..... Any suggestion??
  8. @Gekko the great from where did you sourced the new HRT exhaust?
  9. Congratulations WayneG for the new V6. The color is fantastic and in my opinion one of the best for the Exige. I have an IPS as well and I am so happy about the gearbox. Even on track is permorfiming very well and you will not miss the manual gearbox.
  10. We need all to be honest I think. When you read an article or you see a comparison video and your car is not the fastest one you get a little bit disappointed. But you need to think about the smile the car stamp on your face every time you drive it. I found on track the cars advertised in the video but I didn't saw any of them passing me
  11. Thanks Arun_D for your feedback. Yes you are right part of the issue are the brake pads. I think with the brake upgrade kit and the brake ducts I will solve the issue. Especially here in Qatar where the temperatures of the evening track days during the season range from 20 C to 30/32 C
  12. The power of the brake is not an issue because they are sized correctly. But after some hard laps (3/4) they start to vibrate due to the heat. I am always doing 2 cooling down laps and seems to be fine but is really annoying that after few hard laps they start to vibrate. I will upgrade in the near future the brakes with the system offered by Dave of Seriously Lotus. That look fantastic and for sure they will improve the driving experience. To help to keep everything cool as much as possible I was thinking to install the brake ducts. In my opinion is a good solution to improve the life of the brakes. I am looking for a kit but seems to be there isn't available at the moment.
  13. If I will find a kit I will inform you but seems that no one developed a kit until now.
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