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  1. I tried to contact them several times by mail but without reply from their side. Even by phone is impossible to reach them. Very strange...
  2. Hi guys, When looking for tires 215 and 285 as per original sizes for 410 and 430 i saw that the choice is limited at the moment in respect of the smaller sizes of the V6 ( 205 and 265 ). Anyone fitted 225 at front and 295 at the back? Thanks in advance.
  3. You are welcome @Martrack and soon that I have news and feedback I will comment here.
  4. I have the same dilemma and problem in looking at very high performance semi-slicks tires for the 410 Sport. I have to say as well that I don't care to much about the road performance but I like to obtain the best on track. First of all I hope they will develop the Trofeo r in 215 and 285 to fit exactly our sizes as per your info. I found the Dunlop 03G available that they told me should be close to the Trofeo r in terms of performances. They informed me the best tires you can have are the Hankook z221 but I tried a lot and I couldn't find them available. All the other options like Toyo, Avon, Yokohama should stay between the ones listed above and the CUP2 in terms of performances. This is what I found out up to now. For sure I will try the Dunlop 03G and give my feedback. I hope someone else have done a research and can share his experience.
  5. But really there is people complaining if an high performance car revs when you start it up? Is better to buy a Tesla at this point
  6. Following the theory that this Exige range will be the last as a pure track beast i traded in as well my V6 S for a new Exige 410 Sport. The car will arrive in December/January. I am very excited to test the new car. Will be 2 very long months....
  7. Any news on the Exige 410 Sport lap time?
  8. Correct. The original ones on my V6s at the time of purchase where color body painted and in fiberglass. Later I purchased this ones in carbon fiber from the dealer. They fit exactly like the standard ones and they allow you to reuse the original plastic grills.
  9. I got mine few years ago from the Official Dealer. Very happy with this parts.
  10. Different stickers
  11. 3 Eleven 430 arrived here in Doha!!!!!
  12. I will. Thanks a lot @alias23. Really appreciated.
  13. So summarizing everything where I can order 6 spark plugs iridium and better than OEM? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. As OBD2 port I bought this one and is working fine. I bought also this to have a reliable GPS signal The only item I need to solve is a phone mount option that is safe when used on track..... Any suggestion??
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