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  1. That's interesting.. Thanks for the detailed information!
  2. Hi, I have noticed the coolant level looks very low, but I don't remember if it was the same before. My car is around 1000 km, lotus elise 250. Is the level of coolant normal? If not how much should I add? And what's the spec of the coolant? Anything red/orange is acceptable? Thanks.
  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend
  4. Empire green with silver wheels looks stunning. But that big rear wing looks a bit out of place. Also needs the side skirts.
  5. 16-18 kilos? Oh my god I regret it beacuase I won't use it either. I bought it by mistake. I only need the standard fan heater that you have. I mean, I thought the "aircon" option adds those 3 controllers you have. You still have the fan, which I only needed
  6. Congrats @duncx , it looks epic. The spec is perfect as everyone stated. You really make me regret speccing the aircon. Do you know how much weight does it add? And what do you mean by "saves dragging around dead weight " ? (sorry for my poor english)
  7. I have uploaded some exhaust note of 250 cup. It's only up to 3000 rpm (maybe even 2800) because the engine was semi-cold.
  8. Metallic black.. It has tons of white sparkles in it.
  9. Ok, ok, I'm not so new I have been here for a few months. Sorry for the late introduction. I'm from Turkey and I have recently bought an elise 250 cup. I'm totally new to the Lotus world. I have LOTS of things to learn about Lotus. That's why I'm here. My other cars are 2016 BMW M2, and 2006 Cayman S. I like to attend trackdays with my cars. I can't wait for the new season so that I can try my 250 cup on track. Cheers!
  10. The only thing I like is the gold details on the front access panel. Other than that... not much. Oh, the shiny side mirror caps are nice too.
  11. Yes, I have tried the sport mode, but didn't notice much difference. Btw, I'm comparing this against BMW M2 and 987 cayman S. Maybe I'm expecting too much...I don't know.
  12. @Neal H IMHO you have the best looking elise on earth! I was waiting for your first impressions as you have a lot of previous Lotus experience. I have also done a few hundred kilometers and I couldn't agree more for the overall experience. As for the sound, it sounds much louder (especailly around 2500-3000 rpm) until the engine is warmed up. But still good when it's warm. Maybe the only thing I don't like much is the response of gas pedal. This is my first time using a supercharged engine. I like the linear power of supercharger, however the first response is almost like a turbo engine. Do you feel the same? Other than that, it's the perfect car for me.
  13. It looks cool with a racing number on it. So, the user supposed to put a number sticker, right? Or do people use it empty just like that?
  14. Sorry for my ignorance but what's that big white circle for?
  15. Even if I have that, not many people here in Turkey will understand that lol . I think I need to put a sticker somethink like this Here is a better photo of my car btw
  16. Looks much better with yellow calipers! Do the "no step" sticker were options? I don't have them.
  17. Hmm, thanks. But I don't have the engine cover. So they are useless at this point Anyway, I have another question: Does the engine cover protect the engine from water and snow? Should I get one?
  18. Hi, My dealer sent me 4 plastic caps and told me to put them on engine. They are supposed to protect the engine from water. I couldn't find the place where to put them. Any ideas? Thanks (the car is elise 250 cup facelift)
  19. Congrats! What is the proper way of closing the trunk? Release from a decent distance? Or just push it with hand?
  20. Ohh, I didn't know aluminium floor got scratched that easy Then I will add it as soon as possible. Thx for the tip
  21. My 250 cup is finally arrived. Sorry for the dirty pic, it will stay dirty until proper detailing and PPF. Here is the spec: - metallic black - air conditioning - carbon aero pack - carbon fibre front access panel - carbon fibre sill covers - carbon fibre HVAC surronds (these are not fitted yet, my dealer said it will be sent seperately by Lotus. Yep, weird.) - 2-piece brake discs - no stereo, no floor mats, no carpet
  22. Does anyone know the exact specs (width / offset / weight) of the wheels on 250 cup? thanks.
  23. Am I the only one who doesn't like the new red decals of the front bumper?
  24. Exact same reason why I never go for Alfa's. They really need to fix their number plate location. As for the Lotus, I prefer the new Evora and the old Exige look. Current elise has the best place for the number plate.
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