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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replied to my post. Reading all the responses has helped me tremendously in my decision to buy a Lotus Evora 400. There’s no car out there that’s perfect. What I’m looking for is a car that is more like an experience when driving it, a car that’s fun and one that no one else has in my town.
  2. So could anyone tell me if Lotus is working out some of their problems that they have with the Evora 400? I’m seriously looking to buying one in 2018 but with some of the problems I’ve been hearing about I don’t know? I’ve been looking at some YouTube videos and Lotus blogs about problems people have had with the Evora 400. Nothing major just small things like seats squeaking, heating and A/C problems, stereo and window problems. Does Lotus actually listen to the problems that people are having and are trying to fix the issues in there manufacturing proses (Assembly Line)? I know there’s no perfect car, they all have some kind of problems! But the closes Lotus dealership to me is 82 miles round trip so less time having to go there the better! I would think Lotus being a small auto manufacturing company I would hope it would be easy to change assembly proses on their line more so than a larger auto company. With any small company you have to rely on a good product, good customer service more so that a larger company. With the cars being all hand built all the technicians on the line should be paying close attention to details. A lot of the problems that I’ve been hearing about should have never have left the Lotus building. So in closing I would like to say “I love everything I’ve read and heard about the Evora 400”. Everyone seems to love the car. I just want to know if “YES” Lotus is listening to the owners and their problems and that there doing something about them. I want to be part of the Lotus family and show off my new Evora 400 and be a salesmen to people that comes up to me and asks about my new car.
  3. Does anyone know if or when Lotus is going to manufacturer the New Elan? I'm looking for a new car to buy and the Evora 400 could be the one. But I really like the looks of the Elan concept car. If Lotus was coming out with the Elan for 2018 my mind will be made up, if not its going to be a hard decision to make, either wait for the new Elan or buy the Evora 400? I've seen all the You Tube videos on the Evora 400 and everyone loves the car and with no bad things to say about it. I'll be going down to Los Angeles for the LA car show in December hoping that Lotus will be there to show off there new 2018 cars. So the bottom line is what should i do wait or buy? and if i wait, how long do i have to wait for? I am hoping that someone there in the UK will have more information about this.
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