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  1. Evening all, Just looking for this for each model engine set up. 350-380-410-430 Charger Model: 350 and 380 the same? 410 and 430 the same? Pulley size: Same across all models? Injector size: Same across all models? Clutch size: 350/380 same? 410/430 same? Exhaust manifolds: Are they all the same? I hope someone can answer these. Thanks in advance.
  2. I never got to follow this up. I got a long way down with a certain dealer to buy a 380 CUP they had managed to source me by selling their babies first smile to the devil. It was getting pushier and pushier until I said 'sod this' if its so in demand sell it to someone else. I went home that night from work, sat on eBay, bought myself another toy, this time a race car, and have had some good old times at the back end of the year on track days. Fast forward to the 15th and I get a call from somebody at Lotus saying ''we've made a CUP430 want to buy one?''. I turned them dow
  3. Jokke is allowed to have all the expectations he wants. He's compared the 380 Sport data with the data from his V6S pre KT430 and has found that the the 380 Sport is left wanting. The performance timings from the mags using both press cars and customer cars are off too (0-200kph being a long way from where lotus places the car). Along with people's anecdotal experience from road performance too esp when side by side with competitor products of similar power with much more mass. At the minute you are one of the few people saying oh it's fine against the growing consensus that ther
  4. Good to see Janspeed still can't make an exhaust. Also look at the size of the bypass line, that must be 1.75"? Thats bloody small. No wonder you can't run them in quite mode all the time!
  5. Can someone test one and take into account slew rate? I bet the difference in recorded vs what Lotus say is down to something called “slew rate”. I am indebted to Paul Cronin (sometime PPC contributor) for the info on slew rates and how the Industry tests their engines. If the engine is accelerating, some of the engine power goes into driving the flywheel, crankshaft, dyno shaft, etc. This reduces the power available at the load cell on the dyno. Once the engine stops accelerating the power goes up because the losses from accelerating the engine are no longer there. In the motor industry th
  6. Like Dave said, manufacturers will use an engine dyno in a lovely dyno cell. A world away from strapping a physical car to a dyno. Hub dyno's are the next best, as they take the interaction of the tyre and the rollers out of it. These are rare though, A) becuase they are a faff, B) they are harder to manipulate. Loads of makes have issues when the transition from engine cell to roller dyno is made. Jag being one of them. The F Type V6 and V6S should put out 340bhp and 380bhp respectively, put them both on a dyno and they'll both put out 350ish bhp. Leaving a lot of V6S owners pissed off.
  7. Insert other media He had some solid points though. Just ignoring him because he's upset people on the internet isn't really a valid reason! I think everyone just assumed the GT4 would be compared to the 380 Sport/360 Cup cars. The 350/V6S would be more aimed against the Cayman/Boxster S as far as relative performance go. Well until you look at the newer 718 Turbo S' they've moved the performance game on a fair bit, albeit losing all joyus sound in the process. I've not seen an 380 on a dyno, but there are plenty of V6S', Evora 400's and Evora 410's not making the numbers, so when
  8. I wasn't knocking your point, I was just giving the reason behind it. I'm much rather a track engine last.
  9. @C8RKH The Toyota unit is reliable. It should be! It only just pushes past the specific output of 100bhp/litre with a supercharger fitted! Its hardly stressed. The 2.0 diesel in my work car has a specific out put of 105bhp/litre and its from the last decade! As a side note, the first iteration of a 2GR V6 in the Camary had an issue of spinning crank barings. I guess this was put to bed before Lotus used the engine.
  10. Interesting thread. For a good comparison we sadly have to live in a different parallel universe. One where GT products from Porsche aren't used as an investment vehicle because of the daft fact we have no capital gains tax on cars... In that world a GT4 with the obligatory £10k of options would be £76400. It'd be against at 380 sport with its obligatory (don't tell me these don't count...) £3k in options, making it around £72600. In that world where both cars were readily available you'd see lots of GT4's on track every weekend at all the great circuits being enjoyed and you'd se
  11. Hi Dave, I dropped you an E mail a few days back I think. I'd be good to come have a look.
  12. Waitey


  13. Ha I had a T350T don't you know..... I only paid £18200 for it when it had 6000 miles on it. Car market was less mental back then..... I'll keep looking. I managed to pop into Oakmere yesterday and I really liked the dark blue 380 sport they had, it almost looked dare I say it, classy....
  14. Hi Mick, Hielsa was my English version of the sound of the Kanji the garage used. I was working down in Kagoshima for an agricultural company so sadly my translator wasn't much use when it came to engines. The garage were putting these engines into spaceframes for a certain race series on the south island. Some of the specs were pretty interesting, including one using bike carbs so I could be fitted into a classic Corolla! From what I could glean the spec of the 390bhp unit were: Forged con rods which were slightly longer 48mm throttle bodies Solid lifter conversion using the sta
  15. Bloody hell Will, How are you? I'm still on CS, not owned one for 9 years now though.... As for the 360 CUP's they are on my radar too. Not many appear though.
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