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  1. Thanks for the advice so far......I think I have a spec worked up. I am more keen on the naturally aspirated car. Does anyone have any experience of the base 1.6 car? Budget isn't really the issue, I sometimes think the base car is the sweet spot and I have on occasion regretted going for something a bit "extra". Thoughts on Base Car in either Sport or Sprint trim? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am considering a factory order 1.6 Sport or Sprint. I have had some decent offers made by Lotus dealers and I am just finalising spec over the next day or so. My question's are: 1. Anything I must spec / avoid? 2. Is the Sprint worth the extra cash? 3. Will I regret not going for the 220? - (I am thinking that the 1.6 in Sprint form will be a very pure driving experience) Just as a bit of background I am not looking for a straight line monster, I have a few fast cars in my collection and I am looking for something which is fun, revs and yet is sensible
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