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  1. Where to start. Sorry no photos yet. So I went to start the car one day after swapping in a geraric 02 sensor. I thought I was going to eat my own words of it working because the car idled horribly again and I was back to throwing multiple codes. I did some digging and found no bolts in the manifold... That would cause a rich condition for sure. Well I couldnt get the bolts in as I had no fast source for studs and I noticed a big oil slick on the frame and all over the motor. So I started to pull the engine. Everything stated out ok. Wires unclipped nothing too bad but some corrosion that migh
  2. Well... Everything is a hassle.... I think this might lead to an engine out inspection...... How do you strip all three studs... How.... I think I see bits of helicoil in there... I dont have a speare 3 grand to spend.... Time to rob a liquor store... So I crawl under the car to pop the bolts in.... Both main seals are now puking oil. I thought I screwed up putting the pan on but half of it was dry. Everything is leaking around the trans.... I scooted up and sure enough theres bits of melted seal around the nose of the crank.... And these guys are the lotus experts.... Im taking em to court...
  3. Andy we dont have a local ford chevrolet volvo or lotus dealer.... I can only get the toyota bits easily.... Let me impart on you how bad this area is. I was going to make a set of hinges for some forum members... Not a hard task... I got the measurments and even bent up some guides.... I never found a local supplier for bearings or the metal... The end... Well hopefully not as I do want to make them but this area has no machines... I have more tooling than my local car shop... :'( Sparky your a prince!!! Daka thanks for the link. I will probably source some n
  4. TO SKIP anything not related to the topic of this post SKIP TO GREEN! I lost some bolts and had a loose rod among other things.... I got the rod fixed but while I was down there I found out why the car has been erratic. 3 studs are missing. I have reported the builder to other classic car guys as this is one of many many issues I found with this build..... I have since taken my torque wrench to the whole motor and I need to check the valve clearances this weekend.... I am at a loss how the bearing survived with almost no damage..... Either way let that horror show serve as a war
  5. I have boosted brakes. I was saying I dont really have much issue with their power. But it could be my driving style. I have never outmatched brakes on anything newer than 70s stuff even on the track. My annoyance is with the Vacuum unit. It all becomes relative when you add to the fact that I am converting a lot of stuff to electronic creating a huge load for the altrenator. So I dont want to add a seperate electronic device just for the brake servo. the only Vac item I will have when I am done with the rest of the car is the turbo control circuits Which then if I really need a pump at
  6. After reading this I am realizing that I posted in the wrong thread before. I have to say that I think the factory system on my 90 SE would do just fine as long as it has a good vacuum source. Ive never driven anything 80s or newer that I couldnt lock up if I wanted. The reason I am saying this. ( Dont shoot me I is a just asking.) What is the problem with the master and servo in the cars??? I also looked around the gargler for 30 minutes before posting this and I would just rip that SOB ABS unit out and all the wires and any ABS lighting wiring and the bulb with it. Shove a T fittin
  7. I just saw it pinned lol. EDIT: Eh Ramjet.... I read that and not quite where I am heading unless I missed a few important posts... Theres gotta be people on here racing these that use full blown race setups. I wanna know what they think about the pedal feel. The squaking is driving me insane and I would like to replace the pump with a much much smaller one or no pump at all. The reason for that is electrical load because I full well plan on a big stereo electronic charge cooler pump and possibly electronic coolant pump. I laready upgraded the alt once but I am looking at pu
  8. HE he..... It should already be installed at this point..... Also should Glyn should have hinges.... I spent my savings on a cooking show I been doing and then I had to get summers... Best part is I saved the money again... Guess what Japan has a yearly tax and since shes a legal gal it means I have to pay 500$ or about 300 Pounds sterling. Now Back to the topic. You boys did a wonderful job of supplying information. I think in the end I am going to go with the sensor on the crand until I get a wad of cash and can machine that flywheel I want. The only reason being I dont like sha
  9. I havent wanted to snap many photos. Because its all looked pretty ratty. I did a 2 din install and was going to make a nice aircon panel but it didnt turn out quite how I wanted so I wasnt wanting to snap a photo till now. Also I did a leather repaint which started out great until I bought the wrong clear and the stuff bubbled up. I just got it stripped off. The door is coming but that will probably be a you tube video. Theres photos of my sucesses and failures on lotus talk but I dont go there anymore due to a facebook login issue that bibs fixed for me but they never did at lotus talk.
  10. I will open with a question I have had for weeks. Anyone say F*** the powee booster and vacuum system all together and run a manual cylinder? If so what diamiter piston and throw ratio. This is also one reason I was thinking about a pedal box. I would still run a small temporary vacuum pump and plastic resivour for the flaps. Later to be replaced by steppers. This would all lead up to a big alternator and belt routing mod. Possibly an electronic water pump in the mix. So my absence cant be summed up two short. Its a mixed bag. I cant communicate two well my intentions. This l
  11. Keep me up on this. Heck I don't get on much since the cold set in. So a PM is welcome.
  12. I am imagining theres something up with the rim. Not that I think its bent noticeably because I checked that but they do get dinged ect and thats usually when 2oz get put on. I think ill keep the weights. just one month to go and I can put the summer tires on and maybe change the brakes.
  13. I have a bad feeling its the discs. I dont have a indicator anymore gotta buy that too. It really seems the only headaches in this car have been stuff that wasnt serviced when it should have. The P/o babied it but that dont mean he didnt ride a set of pads off and neglected to do the discs. I can live with it until the temp warms up. It keeps me off the pedal. In other words I think your right and I am just wishfully thinking its wheel weights. Another question to anyone who sees this. Should I scrape the weights off? Remember I couldnt balance the tires due to a lack of a machine.
  14. For a while now I been running snows on the car and l mostly baby it because of the tranny and fear of slamming into a guardrail or oncoming traffic. I should start with the bad of running a car like this in the winter. She scrapes here in japan because of poor plowing. I checked my ride height compared to most other cars I am a bit higher! 2 Deep soft powdery stuff is out of the question. studless tires will burn through the snowpack to the icy road so going up hill on soft stuff wont work out. I had to back up a half a mile last night and park it ( OUTSIDE!!) The front takes a lot of abuse a
  15. I had to gun it in fourth from a stop because of a gearchange problem me being in the middle of the road and an approaching dump truck. Hasnt been quite the same since. I do plan on pulling it apart. I had it let go during a third gear pull on the freeway. The car is a mess right now. I need to properly go through it again but its just so damn cold. If it was summer I would have pulled the gearbox just to have a look with the mic. So hopefully thats this summer getting all that straight with a hopefully whole new box. Also my life took a major turn. I am launching a youtube cookin
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