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  1. Hey Guys. Since there is a lot of interest yall dont mind waiting till after christmass do you? Ill buy a proper brake. I was going to hand bend them which is fine for a small batch but repeatability is an issue. but with so many people wanting them I can shell out for a brake. Stainless if I dont do anything special for the hinge most likely I can meat or beat OEM. Especially since the JPY is much lower then the euro and pound at the moment. I will be attempting a hand bent set on my 1990 as a prototype but I wont be shipping anything hand made since there is so much interest. I would rather
  2. After a lot of reading I am choosing ID1050's as they are just upgraded ID 1000s and the 850's are just shorter ID1050's... And AND... A Haltech along with a plenum that does not support secondairy injection along with a walbro 400 and a rising rate FPR. But I need something better than the factory that can be bought second hand as a bandaid. FOR THE HALTECH. Its just a lot of money alll at once. the total bill on upgrading the fuel system will be..... 1800$ That does not include a custom rail wires or any of the new plenum charge cooler ect ect. Just need some bandaids that will
  3. Cool deal bro. Yeah I dont wish doing custom molded skins on anyone. Its not the time nor is it expensive its all the times you make a mistake and know that you are going to have to repeat the process on the other side. BTW thanks for learing up that it was the " Rears" that were moved to the doors and not the dash. I got some of the wrong clay on the template today. Glass tomorrow.
  4. Glyn! Thats what I did lol. I refuse to use polyester after using vinylrster. The stuff is chem resistant and marginally stronger but not as hard as a true epoxy. Also ramjet. Dude this is my first set of totally custom door skins. This is actually a great project and the best part is having the door skin off the esprit does not make it un operational. My car is a DD and budget is tight.... Hence why I am about to have a bunch of guys chasing me with pitchforks if I dont order some material soon... Let me tell you what guys putting a higher door handle and arm rest makes a big deal a
  5. I really want to know the list on the originals I dont want to ask to much but I dont want to get hosed either. I am going to try to go with 2 mil grade 1 titanium. I have to buy all the stuff to do the titanium stuff so probably not until all the christmass crap is over. The sheets are looking like 100USD a pop... thats just the metal. I am looking for ball bearings skinny enough or a decent enough bushing. The idea is it being a forever part not something that gets wallowed out. I know the deal with heating the titanium. Also a bit of news I am fabbing some door skins for mine ect ect s
  6. So this looks a lot different right now..... The only reason I do not have it mounted right now is its pouring rain and I have to disassemble the audi door to get the cable for the door pull. I ended up using the audi center as it has a nice burl piece and red lighting... IE I wish I didnt have to cut up the door so much to fit it because I would have used the whole top section including the speaker grille for the mid as its the only sensible location for it. Whats done: Got a glass template made up. Got the audi parts bolted to the template. got the top bar to clear the binnacle. Also fi
  7. So I got these audi parts. Dunno if this a repost sorry if it is delete this and PM me. I am working a lot so I dunno... Anyway. The audi had some sick mids that are 14 years newer than the Esprit along with nice silk tweeters good enclosures and some 5 inch woofers with huge coils. The woofer pods didnt fit in the door so I am not going to do that. But as you can see in the photo I have handles that have mounts for the tweeters. with the door closed the driver side is pointed at the wheel but could be finessed to hit off the space between the driver and passenger. I am thinking about el
  8. Well I am going to try o get them made well but as cheap as possible. I still have not ordered stainless. I will order a sheet of titanium after I get paid. But supplier is chinese... Takes a month to get to japan.... Why? I thi k the guy rides a pedal bike to the nearest Japanese shore over the ocean.... Currently elbow deep in a new door pannel.
  9. Ok thats certainley enough people LEts get a set made for Barry. Please PM me if you have a loaner set of hinges. I will get a sheet of stainless and a sheet of titanium to play with ordered tonight. God help my poor wife. I havent been on in a while due to a massive HVAC project that is eating up our bedroom ....
  10. Hey you! I got the answer: check this out man. I sound out what it is sort of. Tried this stuff and got a good match. It will fill if you work slowly and carefully unlike i did. The gloss cote is removable with alchahol and then you can apply a new one.
  11. Have the originals.. Like the books.. Just.. slipped my tiny mind. BTW there is nothing but the motor behind the rain flap its accessable easily if you did the two din mod. Also the space under the passenger side of the dash for the rear. .... So procedure for lube is as followe: 1: Pull radio 2. spray the shite outta the cables. 3. Replace radio. The problem is this fixed nothing on the real trouble maker knob the selector. I am going to install a stepper possibly just man up and install climate control. I realized putting an audi unit in would be a lot more work than its worth be
  12. No kidding I didnt know they were rods! Yeah boys thanks a bunch I couldnt find the answers at all!!! Ill post up if I get it done.
  13. Posted in lotus talk with one not so helpful answer. I really want to shut the car up and possible cut some weight or break even. The OEM stuff in my car is starting to let go but isnt there yet and is savable. I only know that there is asphalt peel n seal which isnt reccomended. Dynamat and hushmat. New dynamat is supposed to be butyl. I imagine it would hold up great on floors and as an added claim it transfers heat less. I really want to know because this is a mod I would like to do now. As far as weight I will be loosing a lot in the engine bay and possibly off the fr
  14. Well audi used to be actually good until they decided to play with the oil system the stupif F****... I mean it sprays oil out of the cam adjuster solenoid because I took it off and they use some special crimp you would need to look very carefully before removal to notice. Then the whole going back to chain drive and putting it to the rear of the engine.... It kind of sealed me off from wanting anything they make that is new. Its .ike the good engineers died. Audi came from a horror show and looks like it will end that way... Now my 90's cars were freaking great. I eather put half a million mi
  15. The fact that my British made lucus wired lotus that I forgot to install the plug boot back on started and ran today with only a rough idle and sluggush go but yet it ran way way better than my OTHER... Car made in Germany by the brand I trust the most... My Audi 3.2 chain driven grandfather clock car has to be the second worst car I have ever had. Just BTW: I have put thousands and thousands of miles on many other audis its just this car!!!
  16. Hey John if you want to build a set I would bet there are like 5 buyers depending on the cost. I dont have the mill. And under MM perfect not mm perfect guys. There is no effing way you would want a mil out on your latch I bet the factory stuff is up to a mil out and that leads to why my hatch is just a bit harder to close than it should. I think the only reason to do titanium is literally to say so. you know if you wanted em and sure they would be indeed strong. I am wondering how hard it would be to incorpirate a bearing. I have been trying to find a good bush or pivot but quite frankle
  17. Allright.... Let me poke around. How much are the originals and how much is fair for an upgrade? The hinges are borderline horrible. the only reason I say they arent is mine seem to be working really nice. I think maybe just maybe I can hand bend them if I buy a few more tools or can source a brake if its a small batch. The only thing is ya would need to either A drill the holes your self of B have my buddy do them on his drill press or C another forum member could slot them on a milling machine laser or water jet. Because I am real interested in a set my self. The only reason
  18. So.... This leather sucks to work with... It's not the leather that sucks its the coating they used. I stil dunno what it is. It behaves like acrylic. If these guys are suggesting something because it worked for them I suggest it. I used a mixture of dye and shoe polish to do a similar spot. I forgot where it is it was a bit off but hey as I said I forgot where it is so good enough. I had huge pieces of top layer missing on the center council cover. That I used what I think is an acrylic dye by cova. Its too flat and I dont know what I want to use for a clear yet but yeah man it has to be the
  19. You konw... Could these be overengineered? Like all out with ball bearings for the pivot? If I had a brake I would offer but no gots yet. I also would be interested if they were nice.
  20. So this is probably my fault 100% but I think I remember it being stiff. The hot cold selector isnt by any means easy to turn either. I couldnt get the detent down when I removed the knob for the defrost/footwell selector. I had to break it in half strangely that give me enough clearance to use a bigger piece of metal to push the button and it freed up. The issue is when I made aluminum knobs with molded resin cores this side is so hard to turn it takes all my stregnth and it busted the resin up. I can turn it slightly easier with the factory knob but not much. What gives? Did I mangle it? Jus
  21. Hey Dave I want you to know I read this front to back. It's informative to say the least. This is the kind of work I can do. It takes nothing more than time and patience. Like a big model. I am not in any way downing your work. I think it is a fantastic job. Much better than 97 percent of builders who always leave sags and rusty junk on the car. But I am much more interested in your car. I hope that we can meet some day. 4 days from this post I get my Turbo SE which is the same color as this car.
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