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  1. This is not a for sale banner!

    I have an unmolested fresh 1000 miles ago turbo and I dont know if I am looking to sell it per se. But hypothetically if someones esprit SH** a brick which they sometimes do. What could I charge for the CHRA along with the induction snail. I wouldnt want to part with the exhaust housing as that is an esprit only component. But you think I could get say 500$ or way less a bit more???

    The reason I am saying this is I really want to go with a full ball bearing GTX3071R or a 3076R but They aint cheap.

  2. Ehm if you wait.... possibly a long time I might have something for everyone considering the double din.... How about a whole audio processor and an Ipad, tablet or smart phone with a dvd or blu ray player. I really wish I saw Amplified... ITs a youtube show. Before I cut into my dash. My mods are reversable but I want to point out. With some fabbing you could just pull out the stereo completely and dock your phone instead. The only equipment that would be showing would be the controller for the processor which is much smaller than a stereo. The processor its self can fit under the Stevens dash behind a seat or on the back wall.

    Here is why I am promoting it a 2 din is between 3 and 7 hundred avrage. The Audison bit 1 is 700 and down. I got mine used for 380 bucks shipped. That gives you HIFI with timing and EQ. This only needs to be paired with an optical or coaxial link for HIFI. I am looking into a solution for charging and outputting HIFI. If I can find one you bet its going to sound sweet. I should get my BIT 1 this week. OP may I post up in your thread about this??

  3. Well thanks.... But still I opened mine trap so I gotta move mine hand. I had a really unexpected series of events... One of them is a recently completed carbonfiber dash mask. I am still trying to find a good supplier for decent stainless and I have to get the time to weld up a mini brake. I might end up making a jig and just hand bending them I can see making more than 50 and if I did it would self fund for a proper brake.


    But still having trouble sourcing what to use for a pivot. If any suggestions... Ahem low tech... please suggest them. :D

  4. Man I just dont understand you guys at all. Dude I am just telling a story. Who here has driven one? I have I think at leas I know my esprit is the only one ive even seen in the real world... That the Masarati is a much more common car. And why would he be making all that noise and revving up at the light if he wasn't bothering. Also yeah diesels can be tuned for big numbers. but... Expensive cars see tuning less frequently especially new stuff thats under warranty. My old audi v6 soch got big mods because it cost so little. My A8 got a verry nice exhaust and a respray not much more. Why? It had good power and had luxury. That didnt stop me from going to the drags and probably was this guys situation. I am pretty sure after reading the brochure that any intercooled esprit maybe even non intercooled that is well kept is going to beat the mazerati because of the H.P. per LB..... Thats a guess because I dont know the weight of the car or the ratio also the transmission is mostly for luxury.

  5. Anyone got a mazerati and want to explain what the heck happened?
    I usually dont but I was cranky.

    Also That box is gonna go and I dont really care which way it does one piece or 5.

    I was fully expecting that terrible horrid sound of exhaust to echo in my ear as he bolted away.

    FOUND OUT WHY: Ok nevermind... Wow they aint even building them to the same polished turd they had been. 530 h.p. paired to the ZF. I found this as I was writing. That would do it. I bet the car locked into economy mode. Or he had the v6. Those cars arent light and handle like a lowered truk. Uncomfortable steering radius and god aweful noisy for how fast your going. This wasnt intended to slam the mazerati I just never liked them and couldnt believe I got him. The esprit is light and I am guessing the gear ratios played a huge role as well. What a shame because their brochure is a bit insipiring for my interior stuff. Not taht I would copy the look but the materials are quite good.

    Answered my own question.

  6. So I was in the city today grumbeling through traffic when finally I got up front. As I tried to call a friend back I was interrupted by a large "vwoom!" I looked. What the hell is that!? Oh someone stuck mazarati vents on a 350z I thought he had vossens on street strip pirellis. F#ck it. I blipped it and made sure I was in first. I was sweatting bullets because my clutch slipped the day before just driving. I relaxed just before the green and he lurched a bit before I gave it full pedal. Smoked him. He was still coming so I let off and hammered him again. The next light is where I could see his full front end.It was the real thing. I thought ok. Hell switch modes and beat me bad. No this time I gave it all I dared. I could hear him behind me roaring away. I just let off after the first 1/8th mile because he was so slow.

    This dont seem right. My car is real close to stock and 27 to boot. 1990 SE.

    I think bad driver or an ecm limit or a bad transmssion. I love my Esprit but... No way dude. Maybe I was huffing carbonmonoxide and dreamed it all. Ive drivven mazdarotboxes before while being slow for what they are they arent THAT slow.... Your thoughts?

  7. So I looked at lots of wiring diagrams including the esprits  and I came up with this conclusion

    Sorry for double spacing...





    A single switched Hot branching to 4 injectors then 4 color coded grounds. Now this isnt for the OEM ECM this is for Aftermarked sequential. If anyone answered my question already sorry. But I doubt this diagram exists as I have been goggling it for three days.

    Also this here hot is coming from my ecm?

  8. I just talked to the Ceo well I didn't know there are two of em through an email didn't mention a thing trying to get no discount. Around 600 for everything shipped to my door which is far off from his. It would be much cheaper for any stateside users. I think it was 550 for a set of 4. So the ID1050s are the way to go hands down for two reasons. The spray pattern and minimum pulse with is way way wayy better than the old injectors even out of the box. Reason two is duty cycles. I will be hitting 80% on the ID 1050 not running ethanol and I do plan on some ethanol use for track days. The thing of it is  the 850's or smaller are not only discontinued but if I ever want to raise the rev range which I planned on for the future I cant. The injector was near max and my usage needs for the 20lbs of boost I want to throw at the car as soon as the electronics and induction are right. The haltech has a very cool feature that it will strive for the best Ve's at all times. The big seller is that and anti knock.

    Also Chris: Is silver coated tpfe jacketed wire any good? I have the audi loom now with miles of wire but I might try to sell the whole lot cheap so I can buy new mil spec connectors. I have used em loads of times but never built em my self. I looked into a whole article about building a quality no fail loom.

  9. Thanks BTW. Dont hold your breath guys. I still need to buy a brake and its holiday. I will make them. Again if anyone else wants to jump in be my guest. I have an intake doors and soon an ECM job that need to be done in my Esprit. It's all about money and time. I really need help sourcing a pivot point. I still have not found one that is to what I would like to use. I am trying to over engineer them. Also I don't have the drill press. It would all be hand cut that drives up the price and turnaround time. Ill ask my buddy if hes got one. I am pretty sure this batch of orders is just going to cover the cost of the parts and the brake. I hope. Ill be silent for a while. I almost got this damn Audi off my property and that will free up a bunch of time. The intake I am doing is just when I have time and when I get a brake and steel in hand I wont be working on it anymore. Again I stress about the pivots and the holes. I can make a jig and that might be the way to go but I ain't a machine shop. Like I said from the getgo I am going to do this if no one else is going to do it. I decided to poke the dragon on this but I really need the s*** to do it up nice. If it was three or four guys I was going to hand bend em use a wooden jig as it would have held up and chucked em to ya after I tested a set. But from what I count as around ten or so interested people I cant afford not to do it real nice not that the others wouldn't have worked and looked good but I have to make sure they are all the same. Also I said I didn't need em but I forgot how much I forget in a given day and could use photos of the bottom bracket and the pivot. 


    Edit : I just wanted you to know I feel real bad I ain't got em started yet as one of you guys NEEDS a new set and I want to get it to you. You'll get em I hope you aren't in a hurry!

  10. Thanks man but I hope I dont need any of that I just pulled my audis harness out and that should have all the wire pins and connectors I need to make a like new harness. The wire is super long and in real good shape. However I am considering buying tpfe nickle coated wire for the injection and ignition as well as using mil spec connectors on injection and ignition as I really dont ever want to go lean because of a wire. That being said easy answer is I am making new looms as I dont trust the OEM stuff and I know for a fact the wire quality isnt so good either because of the supplier or because of are or both.

    I looked at the page maybe Ill mail them too but It seems like the ID850 is literally a shorter 1050 so there isnt much of a difference. Ill email them for clarification. I met the owner once because I was on a race team repping them. Hey maybe hell remember me and give me a discount... Not... lol.

    Also I bet even a 2000cc set on an AEM or haltech is going to have much better fuel use and control than the stock batch fired set.

    I think I am just going to hold off for the ID's quite a bit of dough but its worth it for a newer injector.

  11. Sorry man I forgot. Also I was double checking. I read your stuff long ago. I'll re read.

    But none the less Thank you. Your fast answer will help lighten the load and reminds me to read your write up again. Really if you dont mind maybe next year or so I could bind all this info together along with other high power esprits for an Esprit high performance PDF.

  12. Yeah I did. Are they different on oler models.

    Btw so heres how I am going to play this. I dont have any machines so its all hand done. I really want to give the best pivot point available. I think a small break and some map gas will be all I need to fab them up. I been looking at fabbing up titanium parts for a long time but I will get my licks in on stainless hinges as a mistake is cheaper also stainless requires no torch. I'll have you guys do paypal through my wife AFTER SOMEONE TESTS THEM FOR A MONTH. That set will be FREE barring shipping. After Ill see how long it takes me to do a set. If it does not take long they will be cheaper than stock. If it takes hours per set itll be a few euro over but not much. 60-120 Euro. Then shipping is of course extra but honestly shouldnt be over 20$ with insurance. Ill proabably youtube the first set of brackets so you guys will be able to see it. I am a teacher by day so I have no interest in this as a business but! I would like to see titanium and stainless avaliable as thats what a supercar should have come with. I think I will be using moly stainless. If you have a premature failure aka within 3 years I will warranty it. It would piss me off if one of my hinges broke and I would go straight for the steel maker because they should be lifetime. The only reason I say three years is because you never know what can happen on the consumer end. If that sounds good let me know. I also no longer need the hinges as I saw what I needed and can match up with mine. Also the price is for THIS FORUM. This is not a world wide price. Ill charge  minimum 100 Euro a set to non members. Forgot to mention that yes upfront after they are made. Aka I don't want your money until I can send the set out.


    As soon as I get a hinge figured a brake made and the steel I will make a set.

    Also I will cold work stainless parts for stregnth.

    BTW: Miguel thanks man! I said earlier but cant remember where. I am shooting to use 2 mil thick.


    P.S. I am sorry for sitting on my hands so long. I been busy strippigng the audi for the yard along with I really thought only three people were gonna want a set my self included.

  13. Well its 3:10 AM and I finally stumbled across a closed Ebay listing for the hinges which had the pictures I needed. I just need to figure out the pivots. I said I was going to order metal earlier but I got set back so on my payday at the end of the week you can bet your A** I'll be ordering metal.

    Again if anyone knows a reputable supplier that isnt asking for insane ammounts for metal let me know.

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