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  1. Gents, I have not gone over my vehicle since I parked it. I too think the waste gate is stuck open. Issue occurred right after a WOT blast... Will check it and all air hoses this coming weekend and post what I find out. Thank you for your support.
  2. Driving my 89 Esprit non-SE today for the first time this year. After some warm up stumble I was again impressed with how much fun this beautiful 20,000 mile vehicle is! I have owned this vehicle for 3 years and it has always run near perfectly. Today after a couple 10 mile rides, I lost all boost on the way home. Zero on the gauge and the vehicle is a turd without boost. What should I look for to root cause this issue? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Thanks for your insight Vulcan. This car runs extremely well! I'm just curious how to step it up to SE performance...I guess just save up and buy an SE! My car is a beautiful color combo low mileage in pristine shape, so I won't race to change it out, and realistically it is pretty damn fast as is... Smart money would invest in bigger brakes!
  4. I am a new owner of a 1989 Esprit Turbo without a charge cooler (228 HP). Is anyone aware of a performance chip for this model and what performance increase can I gain from the chip without adding a charge cooler, etc.?
  5. That's what I suspected. Are synchros/parts available for these gearboxes?
  6. My 1989 Esprit USA version has plastic wire ties installed on both S shaped rubber crossover hoses, slightly crimping the hose closed, apparently to restrict flow or sloshing of fuel from side to side? I have no idea why someone would have installed these. Anyone seen this or have suggestions?
  7. With the SJ steel braided clutch line installed my grinding gears/can't get into reverse or first when hot issue has gone away! Thank you for all of your replies and support, it is appreciated. I had to buy some fittings to adapt the SJ braided clutch hose to my slave cylinder that is threaded M12x1.0. Not sure if my slave is factory but car only has 19,850 miles. I do have some grind into second gear if shifting fast at high RPM, perhaps due to synchro wear from driving 19,850 miles with the dreaded red hose syndrome or perhaps the nature of these Renault gearboxes. Attached are some pictures for the chap looking to do this upgrade. My clutch worked perfectly when the car was cold. I did not bleed the red hose before replacing it with the steel braided hose, so the myth of the red hose syndrome may continue for some. If we reference PV=nRT, as temperature increases so must the volume and or pressure. If pressure increased with temperature in the clutch system I would think we would have complete travel/clutch engagement, but that was not the case. My vote is the red hose increases in volume with temperature reducing pressure and losing complete travel/clutch engagement. How do you not drive these cars fast?:)
  8. Gents, I am a new Esprit owner, wow what a vehicle! I experienced the grinding gears, can't get into reverse or first when the vehicle is hot, on my maiden voyage. I purchased a braided hose from SJ Sportscars. You really get intimate with your Esprit routing this line! Anyhow the SJ fitting does not thread into my slave cylinder, seems the slave is threaded M12 x 1.0 and SJ's fitting is 3/8 unf. Has anyone run into this issue? I have a shop sourcing the required adapter/fitting but what a pain. Car is non functional and I'm chasing fittings for another week...
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