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  1. I had a Cayman before my Exige and certainly had more confidence to carry speed into a corner in the Cayman. Clearly the different weight distribution and wider front tyres help the Cayman in this regard and seemed to enable a better 'flow'. I also imagine that the PS2 had a lower performance differential between hot summer and cold winter days. I have Corsas on the car and today it felt like it had quite a lot of front end grip, which gave me a lot of confidence on corner entry. You could really feel the front dig in on some corners. But it was a pretty warm day here in Wales. Six month
  2. I find 30 front and rear (cold temperature) provides a nice balance and a bit more compliance on the A and B roads I drive. On track I set them to 30 front and rear (hot). This is with Pirelli Corsas on an Exige V6 Cup.
  3. nw942

    Evora GT430

    Thinking of swapping my V6 Cup for one of these. Prices range from ~ £125k new to £104k for a 3500 mile, 67 plate at B&C. What is the depreciation curve likely to be on these after 1 year, 2 years etc.? Thanks
  4. When it comes to cleaning is there anything you should or shouldn't do with regard to not marking the paint? Also, what do you use to finish it off as we can't use polish? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the feedback on the LapTimer - I may well treat myself to a Christmas present his year I bought a Garmin Glo to work with HLT - it's about £80 IIRC on Amazon. WRT their usefulness, I am a relative newbie with track days and I'm trying to understand which are the best lines, how much speed can I carry through a corner, should I sacrifice entry for exit, what g did I pull through a corner, should I change gear before a corner. I find analysing it quite useful and enlightening ATM, but I agree that seat time (and good tuition) is what I need.
  6. You can export a VBO file from HLT and then load it into Racelogic Circuit Tools (which is a free download: You can then analyse things in a bit more detail. It won't hook up the video files for you, but I think it can be done manually. I was considering VBOX LapTimer and in particular the Delta Velocity feature that uses two LEDs to help you understand if your entry/exit to a corner is the best you have done so far. Has anyone used this feature?
  7. Very nice indeed. I would guess that they're trying to get the Exige to the £100k mark as this will be the price of the next gen model? Hopefully at that price it will be a very nice package that moves the game on for Lotus. But a jump from ~ £65k for a 2013 V6 Cup to this is certainly not for the faint of heart.
  8. I've stayed in Whiitlebury Hall a few miles up the road in the past: But weekend prices a lot more than the Premier Inn.
  9. Do you know exactly how loud it is? And on what tracks has it caused you poblems? Thanks
  10. In reply to some of your questions, I didn't put it into Sport or Race mode. It was on my plan for the day as I wanted to compare Tour v Sport, but I managed to get some unexpected tuition which ate up the time. I will certainly use it next time, especially as it will help with heel and toe. The car has two-way Nitrons and they seem to be around the mid-point on the fronts. It also has Corsa tyres on it - not Trofeo. What negative front camber do people run with? --- Anglesey is certainly a long-trek, but it only rained hard over lunch this time so we were quite lucky.
  11. Took my cup to Anglesey this week for its first track outing. Initial impressions are: 1. Long journey there and back was more comfortable that I expected. Suspension/ride wasn't too harsh, steering nicely weighted when moving, lights were bright enough. Exhaust was a bit boomy at 2k revs. Seemed fairly economical too on the road. 2. Initial laps were taken quite easy to get a feel for the car and get some heat in the tyres. Went with 30F, 32R PSI for the day as I'd rather understeer than oversteer to begin with. 3. As above, the steering was nicely weighted and dir
  12. No. Year Colour Owner / Account Name 006 2013 Monaco White Simon Robinson 011 2013 Carbon Grey Jimmy Chan / Jim Chan 013 2013 Pewter Grey Gav/TheKevlarKid 027 2013 Carbon Grey Patrick Kestemont 029 2014 Solar Yellow Simon / C1RVY 030 2013 Motorsport Green Jonny / The Pits 034 2013 Chrome Orange Nano / Nano 040 2013 Burnt Orange
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