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  1. Is it the same handbrake frame for Toyota S2/S3 and V6 Exige? Does selection of shortest shift require more lever force?
  2. Latest pic of Aust installation of the Dolomiti RHD shifter. Beautiful tig welded stainless frame. This one is going to be exposed, hence the colours and the button mount. Shift mechanism is as per oem type but with durable pivot and precise movement on roller bearings, plus quality materials, make the difference. Manuel can also supply spherical rod ends for oem cables as seen here that come standard on SSC cables shown in the pic.
  3. Developed by an Exige 260 owner in the Italian Dolomites. Saw this shifter and was impressed with the engineering. Metal ball and cup, roller bearings, infinitely adjustable lever throw - Zero shifter lost motion . Understand that he can produce such for the Evora, but will require different frame to suit the Evora handbrake. I will be installing one in my Elise soon. If interested, contact Manuel for more specs / pics. [email protected] Bred in the Italian Dolomiti -
  4. My main point is that you need to create demand from outside of the Lotus or petrolhead community for this type of car and that this requires more than car mag reviews. Broad interest generated then encourages car dealerships to respond. Identify target market segments for the particular car and select appropriate advertising / promotional media for those segments and concentrate on what makes the car different. While many in the population may not be able to identify current Lotus models, the brand does have good recall on which a targeted marketing campaign can be built. Don't think it should be about horsepower, which is where it will go for the Emira if it they don't take a different approach to the usual.
  5. The Evora is a brilliant sports tourer let down by poor marketing. 11 years on and most of my contemporaries, apart from the Lotus tragics, are still unaware of it. Gordon Murray quote - “For the F1 we benchmarked the Honda NSX because that was the best ride and handling compromise I’d ever driven at that point. Up until now, the best handling car I’d ever driven was a Lotus Evora - that’s including all the supercars - and then I bought my Alpine and it’s even better." Hope they dont just rely on Lotus lovers and car mags to market the Emira.
  6. MWR gears and shift forks are Toyota parts and Lotus CR parts. MWR offers oem Toyota forks with brass contact pads. Worthwhile changing the pads on your shift forks to the brass ones if you are rebuilding an EA60 box. SSC Aust have a brass shift fork pad kit to replace existing teflon ones on EA60 shift forks.
  7. Yes ratios are different to the close ratios that Lotus put in. There are about 6 different ratio sets/ diff pinion combinations for this box across a number of car makes using the EA6X box. Lotus ratios are in second column but they replace 3,4-5 (common drive wheel) and,6. You will see that 1 and 2 ratios and the pair of final drive ratios are as per the Lotus box ratios. Because the output gears are split over 2 output shafts (power-split), the gear wheel widths are substantial and the shafts cant flex. This is a very strong box and the only gear failures that I have heard of in out light cars (other than issues with the first batch of Lotus CR gears) is inadvertent miss-shifts from 5 down to 2 in track conditions. This can be avoided by allowing crossgate to centre momentarily before pulling into 4th. A pic showing gears -
  8. The EA60 manual 6spd transverse transmision (Aisin BG6) is good and strong with updates (around 2016). Aisin now rate it for 450 N-m torque.
  9. SSC Evora tilted brackets for carbon seats here:
  10. Another item to check it the position of the temp probe against the condenser in the climate box. Check to see if there have been any TSB's about this on early Evoras. I understand that if the condenser core ices up then the compressor doesn't cycle on/off and this would lead to compressor overheat.
  11. Good to see Komo-tec are developing SC cams for the 2GR-FE. Have followed developments of this supercharged engine in Lotus cars and is the missing piece to gaining improved performance. However hope that they are considering profiles as a drop-in performance upgrade for standard engines as well as profiles for built engines, as going too far would require changes to engine management and many would not want to go that far. I think the larger market for such would be prepared to invest in improved induction and a free flowing exhaust manifold to gain the performance benefit, but may not want to go further than that. Even mild cams designed for SC application would use a lot more the present charge that is lost out the exhaust with too much overlap on the standard n/a cams.
  12. Worth keeping this thread alive in the pursuit of SC cams for the 2GR-FE. Most off-the-shelf Forced Induction profiles that I have seen for this engine have been designed for turbocharging which requires different valve control to a supercharger. The turbo delivers ever increasing boost while the Supercharge has a window of controlled boost. I think the use of turbo cams on an SC car would result in power band up high but sacrifice mid range torque. Am not an expert, but like the OP would like to see someone develop and test SC cams for this engine as I think a lot could be gained rather than just putting bigger blowers on. By now there should be a good market for those with 1320 and 1740 blowers on the Exige and Evora that are looking for a bit more performance, at a reasonable cost. The Kelford cams seem to be for Turbo application, but hard to judge as they don't publish event angles. Toyota only designed the 2GR-FE for naturally aspirated use, so there seems to be an opportunity for cams designed for the increased Supercharged application of this engine. For reference, this second-hand info may be the oem n/a valve events, showing VVT range, for the 2GR-FE but am sure Toyota publish full info somewhere.
  13. The SSC harness bar sits 40mm higher than the factory bar - With Schroth Harnesses they supply spacers to enable retention of factory lap-sash belt.
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