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  1. Found the right steel brackets here:
  2. If I had a 2GR-FE engine, I would check to see if anyone offers a system that T's off the oil switch port for oil pressure and temp and to retain the oil switch. I have such a system on a 2ZZ. The benefit is that you are seeing the actual temp of the oil going into the engine. Issues to consider are: The T is long enough to accommodate the outside diameter of the new pressure sender, allows for a 30mm or so deep temperature probe and most importantly has BSPT male thread to properly thread into the engine block, and a BSPT female thread at the opposite end to take the original switch (as you still want the low pressure warning light to appear on the cluster). The new gauge temp and pressure senders are likely need NPT fine female threads. I have seen such an installation on another car type with a 2GR-FE which looked neat and secure, but dont know whether the Lotus application allows enough space near the drive belt, etc. The thread of a brass T unit into the block must be BSPT and the pressure sender needs to be digital to avoid issues with this approach.
  3. Thread into block is 1/8" BSPT.
  4. Targa Tasmania 2019: 29 Apr - 04 May 8 Lotus Exiges competing across the various divisions. Day 1 - The Lotus Exige of Glenney now has taken a 15 second lead and Exige's now fill 3 of the top 4 spots outright. Exige's also fill 3 of the top 4 spots in the Sports Trophy division. Day 1 highlights: View on YouTube website But 4 more days to go.
  5. Dont see anyone in the UK selling similar, so may be of interest if you need to replace V6 Exige Gearshift and / or Crossgate cables. SSC Australia have developed uprated cables for these cars. Stronger, with less lost motion with rod ends (rose joints) and splined inner cables. More info here:
  6. Sorry, did not receive your email. Seems that full sets of 3,4,5,6 may not available at present. Have just received 4/5 set but am waiting on others. Suggest you send an email to Lotus to advise on the availability as per part nos above. [email protected]
  7. Part nos are correct and all gears should be available from Lotus - have just received some of them. Note that 4/5 single drive gear (A132F0160F) now incorporates the previously separate spacer (collar) and this section also has internal splines.
  8. SSC do a harness bar that fixes to the factory harness bar points behind the roll hoop. Cannot rotate. Enables seat to go all the way back, bar clears the speaker covers and only small openings need to be cut in rear trim. Easy to fit - without removing the rear trim panel. Fits S2 Elise / Exige and V6 Exige. SSC also has a longer bar for the latest V6 Exige which has a different roll hoop. I think the roll hoop ( frame seatbelt anchorage ) change starts with the Exige 380, but not in the Lotus literature yet - that I have been able to find. Harness bar needs to be about 100mm longer. In this case the slot in the trim for the bracket in the pic below becomes a circular cut out the size of the SSC bar clevis.
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