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  1. All sorted. Seems like it was loose connection to the starter motor. Got the connection tightened up, and some other connections checked. No problems since 😀
  2. Hello all, I collected my car from car service on Thursday morning, and since then (writing this on Saturday morning), I've had 3 incidents of things not working as they should. 1) When I started the car on Thursday morning at the garage, the engine didn't turn over straightaway, like a 2 second paused then it turned over and sprang into life. I didn't think much of it. 2) Coming back home from work on Thursday night, I was driving along and all the lights (external and dashboard) completely switched off. This happened 3 or 4 times. It seemed like it happened when I put on the m
  3. Just to update, no problems at all at Castle Combe 😀 Was mostly using race mode. To be honest, was being fairly conservative on the RPM. And I was probably about the slowest person there (I'm no race driver) but had a great time.
  4. Thanks guys. Some posts are saying the Motorsport exhaust is quieter, which would be a surprise as it certainly sounded fantastic when I went for the test drive. I previously had an Exige V6 S Coupe but never removed the roof, so can't really compare. The date is set for Tuesday 14th, I'll update the post with how I get on.
  5. Just in the process of changing my insurance from a - '2014 Lotus Evora Sports Racer NA' - to - '2015 Lotus Exige V6 S Roadster' - and I was certain I'd be paying more insurance, but when the quote to change came to me, I get a refund of £50 😀. I'm a bit surprised. This was changing mid-term. My Evora premium had been at £650 or so for 10'000 miles per annum (including business use), so I'd guess that puts the Exige at £550 for a whole year. This is with Direct Line. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this?
  6. Hello all, I'm due to collect a 2015 Exige V6 S Roadster on Saturday, and one very cool option on this car (also comes with a hardtop too which is a nice bonus), is that it has the Lotus OE Motorsport Exhaust (from ). Originally I was a bit confused and thought the exhaust was aftermarket as not the usual pig snout, but the dealer assured me it was factory standard, and it looks remarkably similar to the exhaust on the Evora Sports Racer. It sounded absolutely brilliant (especially with the roof off.) I'm curious how
  7. I know this is a bit of an old thread, but just want to say that internets and TonyKL's recommendations are spot on. I'm changing my Elise for an Exige V6 S, and wanted insurance that includes track days. The Elise 220 is currently with Admiral who do a great price but no track days are included (I have 16 years no claims, and was paying less than £600 for 12'000 miles a year including business mileage.) For the Exige, I rang up REIS and got quoted nearly £1000 for 3000 miles a year (I said yes to pretty much all the extras, so it would have been great highly featured insurance), which in
  8. Just an update. I did actually get this repaired for free* by The Shine Technician did a very good job and looking at it now you can't see anything. Will update if it doesn't fare well over time. *Not technically free since I paid for 3 years Smart Insurance when I bought my Audi S1 in March 2017. It didn't take long for me to get bored of the Audi S1. When I bought the Lotus I was able to transfer the Smart Insurance across.
  9. Thanks for the replies all. I took my car in for the 1000 mile pre-sales service yesterday, and got the garage to look at it, and they said it would cost about £200 to fix and the car would need to be in for two days. I think £200 is okay (they have to re-paint the door and bit in front of the side engine vents.) I'm so clumsy though, that odds are I might bang the door on something again, so I'll just patch it with some PPF for now (to stop the paint flaking off) and schedule it to be done on my next service (there's also a detailing shop walking distance from my house - much close
  10. Hello all, I was washing my car on Sunday and noticed the small bit of paintwork damage in the picture. I was wondering how best to repair this/prevent it getting worse? Many thanks in advance, David Image: Paintwork damage on driver side door (I guess I banged something but don't remember what I banged)
  11. Hello all, Hope you are well. I bought my first Lotus on 17th August - a Lotus Elise Sport 220. I've always loved Lotuses and decided that now's the time. The Lotus Elise is my only car (not sure I can call it a daily driver since I don't drive daily), and it's insured for 12'000 miles a year and business use too, so it's going to get a lot of use. I started a blog to record my drives and experiences in the Lotus (mostly fairly uninteresting stuff to be honest.) Blog: Cheers, David
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