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  1. Hi guys, I'm posting for a friend of mine (he can't speak english). He drive's a Elise CUP 220 and often gets a check engine light with error code P1628. The car behaves normal as usual and the dealer can't find the cause. Does anyone had the error code before and knows what it could be? Cheers, Ben
  2. I only drive on twisty roads and love the soundtrack of the Evora 400 and Exige 350/380. Therefore no db restriction
  3. With that exhaust you can't. One option to consider may be to find a stock Exige V6 exhaust (before the 350/380 models came out). If that fits, I'm sure a V6 owner would swap with you. I would if I had an Exige V6
  4. This reminds me of a comparison test of the German mag "Sport Auto". They tested a Exige 380 Sport and they measured 0-200 kph in 16.9 sec. The Exige S with 350 PS they had before went from 0-200 kph in 14.2 sec. In the mag they really love Lotus cars so they concluded that something must not be right with the car. Since Lotus offers very few press cars you have to be happy with what you get.
  5. Hello! My name is Ben, I come from Germany and I drive a 2014 Lotus Elise S Club Racer. I've been reading the forum for 3-4 years now and noooow it's time to say adieu to just reading the forums. Since I found some very helpful solutions to diverse problems (e.g. how to setup shift gear cables) it's time to give something back. Mods so far: Changed to standard seats because I wanted a 4 point harness. I also changed the exhaust at day one to a Larini Track. Suspension is stock but I changed the camber to max at the front. Brake Pads are Blue Pagids but other than that she is unchanged. Cheers, Ben
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