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  1. I'm contemplating one of these for my new garage: (portable mid rise) I understood that the undertray always has to be removed before jacking on points B&C. Are you guys lifting the car at these points without the removing the undertray? @MartynB what scissor lift are you using?
  2. Had the same issue for a while and happened again this morning as I pulled in for fuel. Every time I switch off and on it resets, I too would be interested to know why and how to resolve.
  3. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    Shame that Dave at open track wouldn't reserve a couple of garages for all us, I think both I and @550superfast emailed him more than once. I'm hoping to stay at a hotel the night before so hopefully Arun and I can try and park the cars long ways in a couple of the garages! @Arun_D - will drop you a PM
  4. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    A very bad quality video of my 2nd trip to Spa, me attempting to chase @550superfast in his TVS 1900 towards the end of the video:
  5. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    I'm up for this as well, I'll speak to Dave @ Opentrack to see if he's happy to reserve a specific Lotus garage for us. Am I right in thinking that the following have booked?: @GFWilliams @Arun_D @550superfast @Dunc1 To confirm: @Trevsked @vd9 @mcx @alias23
  6. Gearbox temperature

    I'm popping it within one of the air vents for gearbox oil temp
  7. I've removed the rear clam, albeit with the help of a VW specialist mechanic. It took us approx 7 hours, I'm sure I sent you the service notes? Dealing with the battery and the loom was the most difficult issue from memory, the rest is just unscrewing the correct bolts. We had the gearbox oil cooler to deal with as well. Would be very interested to see if anyone has come up with a hinge solution??
  8. Gearbox temperature

    Sorry, wrong link:
  9. Gearbox temperature

    I'm fitting one of these which will be in the car for our Spa trip @550superfast, will be interesting to compare temps:
  10. I don't want to steer to far away from Lotus specs and following the advice here (thanks all) I've decided to go for 10J 32 offset rear (same as CUP 380) and 8J up front, just haven't decided on the offset for the front wheel. Both front and rear centre drop. This should allow me to run 285 on the rear as per the CUP 380, a bit risky running 225 45 17 up front but I'll give it a go, hence needing to make the right call on the front offset.
  11. Found this: data .pdf
  12. Thanks Imran, you have PM. Anyone know the offset/width on the Cup 380 rear wheels?
  13. Looks like 225/45/17 and 285/30/18 could work then - I'm yet to read any comparison between the Cup 2s, ZZR and Trofeo R. Paint!
  14. After a quick look, I can't find a decent sticky tyre in 285 35 18 and the choices on the front for 225s are ZZR or Cup 2 (can't find Trofeo R in this size. On the rear I can only find the Cup 2 in 275 35 18, so that narrows tyre choice down to Cup 2s or slicks. Matt bronze, diamond cut or brushed silver, am thinking of a colour change on the car to Arianco Borealis Orange over the winter - gulp!
  15. Just about to push the button on a set of the BC Forged wheels: I know that @Seriouslylotus is doing an incredible deal on his forged wheels but I want a different finish. The sizes that have been recommended are: Front: 17"x7,5 ET+25 Rear: 18"x9,5 ET+35 Is anyone running wider sizes and if so with what size tyres? I wonder if 225 up front would be better (currently running ZZR 215). Obviously wider rims will be marginally heavier but it would be nice to have some more rubber on the track as I'm running an EX460.