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  1. Just an idle Q arising from this thread - I've not been yet to C&M, nor Classic Motor Hub - both of which opened (I think) after I moved down south, but is there nothing equivalent/similar in the SE...🤔
  2. That's '009' my partner's M100, which needed two visits to Rapid Mechanical Services on Friday before it was fit to make the journey (thanks Dave, Andy and Trevor for the help at such short notice). A beautiful shot taken of the two of them parked together on the track, made more so in that it doesnt show the masking tape holding the fuel filler flap in place (1 of the 2 problems which arose arose)! A day which vastly exceeded our expectations and so our big thanks too to Bibs, Lotus/Geely and everyone else who had a part to play in it. Special mention goes to the '70' gear sellers who battled through any tech issues to ensure we got what we the extent they had stock left to flog anyway!
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