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  1. Is not about the pedals being too close to each other, it is much worse in a Pantera. It is about them being too close to the seat, and hitting the steering wheel with my knees when operating them
  2. I'm 6.2. I do have more than enough headroom, the problem in the G car are the pedals. I have to put my legs in an awkward position to operate them nicely. i found this page for possible modifications another crazy idea would be to throw some big cash on some ultra thin racing buckets
  3. Yes it was a nice car... he got some electric problems with the engine, though. i think is definitely going to be a G Esprit, and Turbo. Unless someone tells me that there is more legroom in a Stevens version. I am quite tall and my legs are a bit on the edge for the G version, but I saw in a forum that there are some modifications that can be done to get a bit more legroom
  4. That would be a good one! I don't know how I missed it... i will be away for a month, maybe I contact them if it's still available once I'm back
  5. Hi all! I'm looking to buy a Esprit S3 Turbo, either Giugiaro or Stevens, either metallic blue or ice blue. Maybe preferably Giugiaro, I'm more into the sharp lines. I want to have it for very long time, so chassis, body and powertrain have to be in very good condition and medium mileage, preferably below 60k miles, but I could consider below 80k miles if it's worth I don't mind if the paint or interior has some aging as long as the price reflects it. To not make you waste your time, I could pay around £15k for one which needs either body spray or interior re-trim (but not both), £20k for one that either interior or paint has some aging but are good enough to keep running, or up to £30k if it's all in astonishing conditions thabks! Alfonso
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