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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a good performance parts supplier. In particular I'm looking for a stainless steel exhaust manifold for an S2 Esprit. I know SJ Sportscars stock one but just wandered if there's any alternative? What would the guys who race an esprit use and where do they buy parts from? Cheers, Hank
  2. I use Toyo R888R's for hillclimbing and would highly recommend them. Great from cold and surprisingly not too bad in the wet either.
  3. Thanks Dave, the original cloth material is in surprisingly good condition so I was planning to keep that and replace everything else. The dash leather has lifted and the glove compartment is distorted so needs looking at. The usual old Lotus stuff I guess.
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  5. The pictures on their web site look great. I've called and left my details. Steve is on holiday at the moment but going to get back to me next week when he's back Thanks guys.
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good trimmer to do the complete interior of my Esprit S2 JPS? Cheers, Hank
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