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  1. Hi Andyj007,, I am probably in a good position to answer this one for you... At the time I had. Z4M Coupe, Mrs P had a Z4 3.0Si Coupe, and before that she had the Z4 3.0 Roadster. Mrs P liked the roadster but much preferred the Coupe due to the stiffer chassis and thus better handling, she also much preferred the look of the Coupe. The 3.0 engine is a peach, really smooth with a good spread of torque and is keen to rev. It could also return really good mpg for a 3.0 straight 6 when required. In combination with the manual gearbox, which we found a joy to use, the car was easy to
  2. One of many single track roads somewhere in the highlands of Scotland... Some sections had good sight lines ? Other sections really tested the Evora’s suspension ? Some blind crests were a bit ?
  3. Following a very well driven Elan on way to Braemar in Scotland...
  4. Plenty, Hi, those drive outs became very popular, eh! Z4M days seem such a long time ago now (I've had 2 other cars since then before the Evora!). You'll have a great time in your Evora in the Scottish Highlands. Bibs, Most cars I buy I wish I had bought sooner ? So many nice cars I want to drive/own but like most of us available £'s dicatate what and when... The Evora is without question the absolute best for available £'s right now ? - I reckon only a McLaren can top it for me, and budget wise that's a few years away, but am sure when that happens I'll wish I had bought
  5. I just had to share how truly impressed I am with the genius of Lotus.... Mrs P and I are currently enjoying a driving holiday in our Evora 400. We have been enjoying some great roads in the highlands of Scotland. Blessed with mostly dry empty roads we are getting a chance to enjoy the full performance of the car. Many of you will no doubt know the challenging nature of some of those roads (NC500 amongst others). I have to say having driven a wide range of different performance cars on challenging roads before, the ride, balance, composure and adjustability of the Evora surpasses all
  6. Bibs, many thanks, my tickets arrived this morning - See you there...
  7. Thanks Tom, 3rd Sunday, noted... I am more about the driving than standing around chatting, but will pop along when I can to meet more Lotus folk...
  8. Thanks James, your stereo upgrade influenced my choice - Good work...
  9. Good news - Just ordered 2 tickets for the Lotus Festival at Brands.... Looking forward to meeting some of you there.
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It had to be a bright colour, afterall the exhaust is far from discreet so why not go the whole hog! I've had the Evora about 6 months now and loving it. I have upgraded the speakers, sub and amp, now the car is complete and ready for a bit of touring next month. Not yet certain we will be available next weekend... Will be there if we can. I presume there are plenty of Lotus owners on here in the Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire borders area - Does anyone organise local drive-outs?
  11. Hi All, Happy to say I am the proud owner of an Evora 400. Been doing my research on here for several months prior to purchase, thought it's about time I joined. Looking forward to some drive outs and meets. Peppermint
  12. Peppermint


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