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  1. Hi Andyj007,, I am probably in a good position to answer this one for you... At the time I had. Z4M Coupe, Mrs P had a Z4 3.0Si Coupe, and before that she had the Z4 3.0 Roadster. Mrs P liked the roadster but much preferred the Coupe due to the stiffer chassis and thus better handling, she also much preferred the look of the Coupe. The 3.0 engine is a peach, really smooth with a good spread of torque and is keen to rev. It could also return really good mpg for a 3.0 straight 6 when required. In combination with the manual gearbox, which we found a joy to use, the car was easy to use in traffic (better than the Z4 M). I just asked Mrs P what she didn’t like about it and she said the SatNav wasn’t great and there were a few rattles from the dash. The Z4’s are also known for having rear springs that can crack (that happened on Mrs P’s Roadster and my Z4M). It’s not an expensive fix with OE parts but some take the opportunity to switch to aftermarket springs - I fitted Eibach springs to my Z4M, they improved the handling but not the ride! We both rate the car for what it is and at that price point, and as an every day car we would say the Z4 Coupe Si is the pick of the bunch (if I remember correctly the Si is sportier than the SE but not as highly strung/manic as the M). Test drive for as long as you can on a variety of roads, and of course carry out the usual “has it been cared for over it’s life?” checks... Find a nice cared for one and in our opinion they’re good cars. When we see one now we reminisce fondly of our ownership experience ?
  2. One of many single track roads somewhere in the highlands of Scotland... Some sections had good sight lines ? Other sections really tested the Evora’s suspension ? Some blind crests were a bit ?
  3. Following a very well driven Elan on way to Braemar in Scotland...
  4. Plenty, Hi, those drive outs became very popular, eh! Z4M days seem such a long time ago now (I've had 2 other cars since then before the Evora!). You'll have a great time in your Evora in the Scottish Highlands. Bibs, Most cars I buy I wish I had bought sooner ? So many nice cars I want to drive/own but like most of us available £'s dicatate what and when... The Evora is without question the absolute best for available £'s right now ? - I reckon only a McLaren can top it for me, and budget wise that's a few years away, but am sure when that happens I'll wish I had bought one sooner! ?
  5. I just had to share how truly impressed I am with the genius of Lotus.... Mrs P and I are currently enjoying a driving holiday in our Evora 400. We have been enjoying some great roads in the highlands of Scotland. Blessed with mostly dry empty roads we are getting a chance to enjoy the full performance of the car. Many of you will no doubt know the challenging nature of some of those roads (NC500 amongst others). I have to say having driven a wide range of different performance cars on challenging roads before, the ride, balance, composure and adjustability of the Evora surpasses all expectations, and by far exceeds the capability of any other car I have driven on such demanding roads! I always drive with traction and stability control off (I learned to drive high performance cars long before such things existed so prefer to 'feel' the car and drive accordingly), I find once the tyres are warm the turn-in is precise and steering feel exceptional making it really easy to place the car and define your line, the rear faithfully following, the balance and feedback is insanely good giving loads of information and thus providing options on the way in, mid corner and at corner exit to adjust the line in a non dramatic and reassuring way. The way the car changes direction on the throttle is ridiculous and trail braking into a tight corner offers so many options from calm and controlled to exuberant needing a touch of oppo' - Choose your style and the car can accommodate! The car never felt short of pace and never broke traction without being provoked (even on damp roads), just how early you can get back on the throttle out of a corner without breaking traction or moving off line is fantastic. Most impressive though is the cars composure on bumpy roads: With the car loaded in a very fast sweeping bend, on the throttle, hit a bump or even a series of bumps mid-corner and the Evora just rides them, no drama, no deflection off line, there is amazing capacity and control in the suspension to just absorb bumps and undulations and carry on with its business of maintaining balance and body control to maintain and maximise the grip of the tyres - Lotus engineers, you're genius! And to add the icing to the cake.... Oh that soundtrack from the exhaust! Mrs P has never driven with so much pace and confidence on the road as she is now in our Evora 400 - What an amazing car! (Of course you will all know this already!) ?
  6. Thanks Tom, 3rd Sunday, noted... I am more about the driving than standing around chatting, but will pop along when I can to meet more Lotus folk...
  7. Thanks James, your stereo upgrade influenced my choice - Good work...
  8. Good news - Just ordered 2 tickets for the Lotus Festival at Brands.... Looking forward to meeting some of you there.
  9. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It had to be a bright colour, afterall the exhaust is far from discreet so why not go the whole hog! I've had the Evora about 6 months now and loving it. I have upgraded the speakers, sub and amp, now the car is complete and ready for a bit of touring next month. Not yet certain we will be available next weekend... Will be there if we can. I presume there are plenty of Lotus owners on here in the Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire borders area - Does anyone organise local drive-outs?
  10. Hi All, Happy to say I am the proud owner of an Evora 400. Been doing my research on here for several months prior to purchase, thought it's about time I joined. Looking forward to some drive outs and meets. Peppermint
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