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    Colin Rafferty
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    2007 Lotus Exige S
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    stage 2 exhaust, CAI, some TRD goodies
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    Edmonton, Alberta
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  1. shadowhawk172

    why no lights

    hello everyone, i was wondering if someone might be able to answer a question i have about my 2007 exige S?? why does it not have the inside lights on the front nose when pictures of other exige's i see do?? the lights that are next to the headlights??
  2. shadowhawk172


    thank you "the pits" they r amazing cars, and the fact that they have toyota power plants is a plus for me, as i've owned 22 toyota's over the years so i can work on the motor myself. thank you "Buddsy" yes i am in canada, Alberta Canada to be exact. My dad is from Tyree tho.
  3. shadowhawk172


    nah that pic was the day i took possesion of the car, the city i live in doesn't have a lotus dealership, so i had to go to a different city to buy the car.
  4. shadowhawk172


  5. shadowhawk172


    thank you bibs much appreciated. i looooooove my lotus. i literally have a line up of friends who want a ride (which i am happy to oblige them) and everywhere i go i get people looking at or asking me about the car. from what i've been told there are only 2 other exige's in the city where i live so they are very much a rarity here, and the other 2 owners very rarely bring them out. mine is my daily driver.
  6. shadowhawk172


    hello everyone my name is Colin and i just recently purchased my very first Lotus (2007 Lotus Exige S) and i am new to the lotus forum as well, i am looking forward to meeting and chatting with fellow Lotus owners, and getting to know more about my car.
  7. shadowhawk172

    Vehicle: Lotus Exige S

    Name: Lotus Exige S Click to view: Lotus Exige S
  8. shadowhawk172

    Lotus Exige S

    Lotus Exige S