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  1. Looks good on this Elite. No idea who the owner is/was.
  2. I bought my Elite in 2002, drove it very carefully 4 miles to a shipping company in Arizona for a return trip to the UK (now in France). It hasn't been driven since. Covered a hell of a lot of miles, but not under its own power. Somebody recently said I was mad and that work on 'Lottie' must be a labour of love. I think he is right on both counts.
  3. No, mine was originally a California car and had the repeaters as standard from the factory along with huge ugly 'safety' bumpers, long since gone. IMO, they spoil the lines, but in my case, it may be easier to stick them back on rather than trying to glass and fill the holes. There are bigger issues to worry about. 🙂
  4. Funny that, mine came with them as standard and I was considering taking them off.
  5. Might be a bit far for an Elite fest in France. :-) Did your cable break near the pedal, if so the roller/pulley over which the cable runs may have seized resulting in the heavier than normal pedal?
  6. Nice looking Elite, whereabouts in France are you? Chris (Normandy)
  7. Dave, thanks for the feedback. Does your Eclat have a four or five speed box? The thread states that it works with a 5 speed, but want to be sure before ordering.
  8. I know, when I pulled on it, I didn't expect it to lift out. It's safely in third gear now while I figure out how best to fix it.
  9. I know this is an old post, but I had a rather nasty surprise this afternoon as I prepare for my Elite's first engine start in 15 years. Got in to check that the clutch, etc. was still working, waggled the gear lever around and noticed that it seemed to have a lot of upward slack. After removing all the usual bits to get access to the gearbox cover to check everything was tight and the locking tab in place, I discovered that I could lift the gear lever from the box. It was quickly replaced and gears can still be selected although the last time I drove the car the gear change was horrendous. It appears that the ball under the collar has disappeared and probably now resides in the bottom of my box. Anyway, searching for solutions, I came across this thread and wondered if anybody had any updates on the functionality, etc. also does the Escort quick shift gear lever look out of place as the ones I have seen look longer that the Elite stick?
  10. As the title states, looking for a 3 belt crank pulley for a 907/912 engine if anybody has a spare. Thanks, Chris
  11. Maybe it was test. Well spotted by the way.
  12. When I first acquired my Elite in 2001, the clutch cable and fork were like yours, loose even with the adjustment nut fully wound on to the cable. Consequently, it couldn’t be driven (hadn’t been since 1988), but I can’t remember if it still engaged gear with the engine off. Turned out to be the pin/ball that the fork pivots on inside the bell housing had broken off (needed a new housing to rectify). Might be worth checking that the fork is actually on the pivot pin and that the pin hasn’t broken off .
  13. Thanks Buddsy for the recommendation, I'll phone PMN today. Chris
  14. Thanks Mike, I may end up going with a Kemp replacement, but wanted to see what other options were available.
  15. Hello All, I'm in the process of restoring my garage queen (1974 Elite that started off in the US, but now resides in France) and needs a replacement water pump amongst other things. Looking for sugestions regarding price and quality of re-build. There seems to be quite a variation regarding prices. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello Jono, Mine from a 74 Elite has the top half broken off from the 'T' handle, but you can see how it should look. Not sure about a replacement other than the usual spares/parts suppliers.
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