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  1. Hiya - yes, that’s me, flying the lonely flag for methanol-power against oncoming hordes of super-expensive electric expressions of “the future”. Lotus Engineering got a lot right. And after nearly five years of ownership it is still the car I smile at whenever I see it.
  2. Hi all - just spotted this thread - I’m the owner of the trifuel exige. The 270e part of its name refers to its power output on methanol fuel! Wasted on the Blackwall tunnel approach road!
  3. Best to google "exige 270e" - lots of pics and reviews there - but here is a taster...
  4. My exige was built by lotus engineering in 2008, with a fuel system that runs on petrol, ethanol, methanol or any combination of them. On methanol, the power output is 270hp, which makes it the most powerful exige s2 that lotus produced... But of course, the main story is that recovered CO2 could be turned into methanol fairly easily, making the car carbon-neutral... In theory. In practice, it's just a terrific drive with a party piece that will really come into its own if the uk bans petrol and diesel in 2040! If you google "exige 270e" you'll see some of it's history, as well as more technical info on how it works. I'll try to park it somewhere obvious at the Lotus Festival on Saturday... If people want to see or hear more, I'll be happy to oblige!
  5. I have a ticket but would be happy to exhibit my Exige 270e Tri Fuel if there is still space on the TLF stand?
  6. Hi Bibs - yes, I remember! I have missed every monthly since then due to various factors but got lots of good advice, and am looking forward to re establishing contact at some stage soon. My round, I think Thanks for the welcome, Pits - I'll try to park at the exhibition area on the way from the entrance to the Pitlane grandstand, and I'll be there over lunch just chatting with whomsoever turns up.
  7. I just joined this forum - greetings to all of you, especially those in the South East. I'll be at Brands with my Exige 270e Tri-Fuel on Saturday, hoping to share a great day with other Lotus fans - and to say Hi to the guys at Maidstone Sports Cars and Lotus Silverstone, who have been so helpful to me on my ownership journey. all the best! Andrew
  8. That was me - sorry I didn't reply earlier... Ive just joined TLF! Best wishes to all Kent forum members - see you at Brands on Saturday!
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