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  1. Great pictures, keep them coming. looked,like a great day, I WILL be there next year
  2. Yep, that sounds like a good event, I'm interested, I'll pm my number What's the cost ?
  3. Thanks everybody, look forward to meeting some of you soon Thanks Matt, that sounds great !, happy to help organise
  4. Cheers !, taken on my iPhone. it's 1972, I went to look at 1982 when I was undecided between a Caterham CSR or Exige, owned by a South African guy just outside Milton Keynes, I went to view a CSR and he'd sold it by the time I'd made my mind up small world Nice V6 Sprint btw
  5. Looks lightly different to these, I've changed the badges to black and Silver
  6. Hmmm, every time I put S E L O C, it changes to " the playground", very good !, I wonder why ........
  7. Evening all, I'm Paul from just outside Bedford, I have an Exige Sprint, I've owned it for just over a year, signed in with the playground and and now here, thanks to Matt (compositeguru). Was hoping to get to the Lotus Festival but I have work commitments, hopefully meet some of you at another time soon.
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