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  1. Thanks ramjet, she's no good at replacing rubbers and all of them needed changing
  2. Brilliant place, I went a few times but not in the last 7 or 8 years. The thing that marks them out from the rest is that they properly tutor you, encourage you to go faster and beyond what you think are your limits. Very expensive but very worth it. If you want to book as an individual they will knock some money off for short notice bookings to fill up a day.
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you for your welcomes! The car is totally original as far as the chassis and bodywork, it is even still on it's original gelcoat. The original owner had the car for 32 years and commissioned the original restoration and engine rebuild/upgrade to the "sprint" spec (Kent stage 1 cam, big valve, lightweight flywheel, gas porting etc). The second owner ran the car for hardly any miles, so although I've had my precious Lotus only a few thousand miles beyond the rebuild, the head failed and it's been standing for far too long. One insertion of decent valve guides, head recon
  4. Hi all, New member from Kent. Just about to get my +2s back from a minor tidy-up and tune next week. Will be keeping my car in the Maidstone area for a bit before finding permanent lodgings for next year. Look forward to seeing some of you on the road.
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