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  1. Thanks for the reply's guys. 😁 Thruxton ticket all booked. 👍 See you 0830 on Sunday. 🙂
  2. Hi, it too late for me to join you at the TLF stand on Sunday 24th? Do you have the space for another car? I've only just managed to get the day off, but can't purchase a ticket from Thruxton as they have sold out. 🙁 Thanks, Stefan.
  3. No problem. 😊 Had a good time, about 10 of us turned up. Chris at Hofmann’s was great, organised a fun afternoon & was very welcoming. 🤩 @Hofmanns
  4. @Nathan Pitman around for this? 🤩
  5. No problem, we can arrange it another day. 👍🏻😊
  6. Sounds good, I’ll be around Sunday. 👍🏻😊
  7. We have to meet up for some ‘Berkshire’ driving. 😊
  8. Yellow 220 roof, black wheels? Every Monday, taking the little one swimming. 😎
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