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  1. Hi I my understand this .. I asked you if you could help. Y knowing anyone that has a 'James bond' esprit so I can arrange a drive in one at all sun 17 th would be amazing!! I wish I had a lotus to have problems with locking lol!
  2. De de

    Help ?

    Found him!! And sent a message. Thank you for your help !
  3. De de

    Hi.  I've been advised to ask you.  I hope you can help.  I'd love to arrange a drive or ride in a 'bond' white lotus for my bf.  We've had a tough year and it's something I know he'd love.  We are in Bridgwater Somerset and in Exeter on the 23 rd sept so I'd love to arrange it for the 24th.  But if you can help point me in the right direction?   Thank you so much.  Deb :) 

  4. De de

    Help ?

    Thank you. I'm not sure where to post. Could you ask him for me?
  5. De de

    Help ?

    Anyone see my post about a drive in the bond lotus?
  6. Hi. Can anyone help. My bf is a huge bond fan and for a surprise I'd love To arrange a drive of the classic white lotus. I know it's a big ask but we've had such a rough year I'd love to make this happen. We live in Somerset but would be happy to travel to make this happen. Hopefully someone can help x Deb
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