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  1. Thanks for your impression on the Nankangs. Since I'm not planning to drive my Esprit on the track, I'm still wondering if these tires are the right ones for me, since they are a kind of semi slick and therefore may be too "extrem" for the road!? Concerning your idle problem - had the same behavior on mine. I put my TPS in isopropanol for an hour or so and reinstalled it - everything fine again and no idle problem any more since then (for over one year now). So may be you can do this with your removed TPS and have a workable spare part again 😃
  2. Hi Tom, how satisfied are you with the Nankang tires? I also need a new set of tires soon and I've shortlisted the Nankangs too, but I don't know if they really go with the Esprit!? Best regards Stephan
  3. Hello Jacques, many thanks for your answer. So the Castrol Transmax Manual Transaxle 75W-90 is the one to go. Just to be curious - did you ever get an answer from Castrol to your mail in June 2020 regarding this topic (two oils with the same name but different specs)? Kind regards Stephan
  4. Hello, since I'm planning to change my gearbox oil this season for the first time since I own my Esprit S4s, I'm keen if there are any news on this topic? Is the Castrol Transmax Manual Transaxle 75W-90 the one to choose or is there still a second oil with the same name and other spec as stated above? Kind regards Stephan
  5. Hi Jacques, very, very nice seat 🙂 I'm looking for a pair of them for my S4s, but they are very hard to find! Are these original ones or remade from a mould? Regards Stephan
  6. Hello, I just bought four new spark plugs (NGK BPR6EKN) for my S4s. The manual says that they need a gap between 0.9 and 1 mm. The NGK site states a gap of 0.8 mm from new for the BPR6EKN. So, should I widen the gap from 0.8 to 0.9 and if so, how could this be done? With a standard spark plug with only one side electrode it's pretty easy, but this one has two of them and I didn't find any advice in the net how to do this without breaking the electrode. Any comments would be highly appreciated. Regards Stephan
  7. My new Lotus badges for the centre caps on my OZ Futuras
  8. Hi Bibs, I've ordered my indoor cover for an Esprit S4 on 08.08. - order is still in preparation (#MZHYXMWPN). Is this still in the "normal period" or is there something wrong or may be missing from my side? Regards Stephan
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