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  1. Thanks Steve and Pete My garage is at the back of my garden, the path and the tight angle to enter would make it too difficult, I managed to get a beach buggy in there once, but I didn't really care if that got scratched, so I wont use my garage. I have found a place to store it, there's already a restored S1 in there with a breathable cover, good enough for an s1 then good enough for an s2. I will keep the dehumidifier bags in the cabin.
  2. Thank Nello yes it's a reasonably wide car. So now that i'm going to store it I wont use it for the next three months :-( but anyway it's not the best car in gloomy weather.
  3. Cheers peteyg, will do pretty much that. I found a classic car storage place, so I will store it there for Jan, feb and March then keep it on the drive until December next year when I'l put it away again.
  4. Thanks Buddsy, I couldn't do it, it would just look too wrong, I guess I'll just have to garage it. There's a car storage place, but then that;s another £130+ VAt per month. PLus as I say I like driving it, I just drove it now to the gym, it's always great fun.
  5. TAR, Buddsy and Steve V8, thanks for the advice. I think I might just garage it then for winter hibernation, the covers don't sound like they help the condensation problem. A car port would be a good idea, but it would look too weird on the drive way.
  6. Dear Esprionati The car is on my drive open to the elements, no cover, would the weather start to affect the car in any way? we know the body wont rust, but do spider cracks appear etc? I get a lot of condensation as it is in the cockpit mainly on the windscreen (then it drips down), I have one of those dehumidifier bags in there which helps to some degree. I have garage, but to get my car into it would be tricky, and would mean I wont use it as much, and I use it for small trips about 4 times per week, so I'd rather keep it on my drive. If it is the considered opinion however to garage it then I will, as much as i like to use it I don't want it to degrade under my ownership. My preferred route for the moment is an outdoor cover, good idea ? bad? can anyone recommend any good ones?
  7. Yes a D40 (haha just realised I said Nokia), I added a zoom lens sigma 55-200mm as per the guys suggestions. I took a few photos I think they came out pretty good. A bit dark but the ass of the car hasn't disappeared and that was the main objective.
  8. I bought from Boss, the chin spoiler was great but the sills were no good. I got the sills from SJS.
  9. Hi Geert, Oh dear, so my new drive way is doomed. I guess I will ask him to replace the O rings and tighten replace all seals and hope for the best.
  10. Is that part valid also for a 78 S2?
  11. I spoke to the mechanic he put new seals everywhere, but he said there's leaking from the 'selector shaft' but he says there's no seal on there, should there be a seal on the selector shaft?
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