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  1. Yep, that was pretty much what I was getting Choppa @JeanVM - Think you are right. Although I don't understand why this would start happening all of a sudden when the carbs were rebuilt by Eurocarb, I think that having done it twice and there still being a slight leak there would be enough to suggest putting in a regulator for safety's sake. I think the S1 may even run lower than 2 psi? Shame about the fact it will look non standard at shows but better having a car to show than a burnt out shell! Shame about the gauge being 0 - 15 psi, 0 - 5 would have been better. I guess removing the gauge and replacing it with the blanking plug would be a good compromise. Thanks for your input
  2. To be honest, I don't remember hearing my pump click at all with the engine off, ignition on and after the carbs were filled but it may be different on an S1 compared to later cars?
  3. I agree that the needle valves must be passing fuel that's not required but my point was that if they have been replaced twice and set up by Eurocarb twice then I doubt I could set them up better. I agree, it could be that the fuel pump is over pressurizing the system but I would have thought that if the diaphragm was leaking that would lead to fuel starvation rather than the other way around....but I did take your point in my response on Saturday "Could be right about the fuel pump". Thanks for your input. Will look into a pressure regulator...... I think its about 4psi for an S1 ?
  4. Typo - Pending = opening. Yep, understand its an "easy" job but the point I am making is that if Eurocarb have rebuilt the carbs and then had them back a second time when they were leaking, replaced the needle valves for a second new set and rechecked all the settings and levels, do you really think that having never been inside a Dellorto before, I would do a better job than Eurocarb. I would certainly hope not since that's why I paid for a carb specialist to do them in the first place.
  5. May be right about the pump. Eurocarb have had the carbs twice, doing a full overhaul the first time and because of the problems, replacing the needle valves and checking everything else again the second time. I would hope that Eurocarb are way more able to set the carbs up than I am so I am not keen on pending them up again.
  6. It’s really the other way round I think. I assume the pump is over pressuring the system hence the fuel leak at the carbs. if it was a leak in the diaphragm I would have thought that would lead to fuel starvation?
  7. My car was running ‘lumpy’ and i was advised by Lotus Bits that the carbs couldn’t be balanced properly and needed to be rebuilt. I sent them to Eurocarb for a full rebuild and when they came back and put on the car, I had the usual click of the fuel pump as they filled up but rather that the clicking stopping, you would hear a click from the fuel pump every 5 seconds or so and a slight smell of fuel. i haven't run the car on the road for obvious reasons but at one point I did the same check and the fuel pump kept running and the carbs flooded. I sent the carbs back too eurocarb and got them to replace the needle valves but I am still getting the same issue. Nothing else has changed on the car bar the fuel hose. Same pump as on the car from new. ‘If you put your ear to the top of the carb ... rear carb in particular, with the engine off and the ignition on you hear the clicks from the pump followed by a. sort of ‘snoring’ noise which I assume is fuel going past the needle valve and into the float chamber. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input guys. To be honest I don't have the time to do this myself and I want to be sure they are 100% right when they go on the car hence putting them to a Forum recommended "specialist". I will give Eurocarb a shout and see what they have to say Thanks
  9. I really want them to be done "professionally". Mind you I have been bitten by a few "Lotus Specialists" in the past!!
  10. Despite various attempts to adjust and resets the carbs on my S1 it looks like they need a rebuild. Any suggestions on a reputable specialist who would do a good job and any idea of costs? Thanks
  11. About a month after I got the car some lout kicked the mirror off. Those mirrors were standard after market parts in 1983...... and because they are on stalks you can actually see what you have just overtaken on BOTH sides. Still after an original S1 mirror though.
  12. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Lotus 70th Anniversary gathering at Hethel today but as it turns out I have an anniversary of my own that falls on the same day. I had always promised myself that one day I would own a Lotus after seeing a Europa pass my house. On the 29th September 1983, 35 years ago today, I became the very proud owner of 0100G. It’s been a rollercoaster ride in more ways than one but I love the car just as much today as when I drove it home for the first time. There couldn’t be many of us who have owned an Esprit for 30+ years …. Perhaps Lotus should set up an Esprit Veterans Club for loyalty to the brand ? A massive thanks to everyone at Lotus for building such an incredible car. Pictures: 1976 Black and white press photographs taken at Louth Golf Club and back on the same location for the Esprit 40th Anniversary in 2016. Group photo: Great to gather everyone together for this picture! From left to right..... Me, Carlene, Angela Bradbury who’s father owned Highcliff Motors who sold the car to its first private owner, Barry Collen. Back where it all began. Outside the original front door of the Lotus Factory at Hethel. ..... and a very proud young Lotus owner.
  13. Thanks Bibs... that might just be why I cant find it then.... doh!
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