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  1. Hi Marge You are not on any of the lists at the moment? can you add your name if you are still attending and send a picture of your car for the information card if possible. Any more information you can give on the car would be good too.
  2. Hi folks, Quick update on the Plans for Sunday. Access to the track area will be available between 11:00 and 12:00 with the cars rides taking place from 14:00. Entry to the paddock is via the East gate opposite the Vale Hotel. The cars will be parked in the area to the rear of the grand stand. We have to get the cars set up in the static display area and there will be the usual safety briefings to take place before the public are allowed into the paddock area. Tea and coffee will be available at the track and the café in the museum will be open from about 10:30. After the safety briefings we will have the opportunity to “check the track” before taking the public out. PLEASE NOTE: This is a “fun day” not a “track day”. The track is small and there is not much in the way of a run off area. When it comes to taking the members of the public out, we are responsible for their safety. GTM will be putting out a press release this week in the local press along the lines of ….. On Sunday 2nd August the Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland will be hosting “The Lotus Day” at the Grampian Transport Museum. Now in its 4th year, this has become a very popular event, with Lotus cars from all over Scotland attending. 50 years of Lotus cars will be on show at the event; cars from the early 1960’s up to the very latest production cars which are capable of 0 – 60 mph times in less than 4 seconds and top speeds in excess of 170 mph. The event is very popular with club members and it gives them a unique opportunity, not only display their cars but also to take members of the public out for laps on the track. In addition to the track rides, there will also be a static display of some very rare cars including the first production Lotus Esprit and a Lotus Exige LF1, built to commemorate the 1st of 81 Formula 1 victories which was achieved by Sir Stirling Moss at Monaco in 1960. Lotus is synonymous with motor racing and their race pedigree can be seen clearly in the road cars they produce. The members of the Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland look forward to sharing “The Lotus Experience” with you on Sunday.
  3. Really just looking for a few lines Kieran as per the other guys. Can you compress that down to about 8 - 10 lines max please... bear in mind that I have occasionally talked to people at shows who have been surprised that the engine is in the boot of an Esprit!
  4. No all cars David We will only have 4 or 5 cars out on track at a time so we will put the info cards out when they are in the padock
  5. Thanks Duncan Anyone who hasn't included a picture of their car on the forum can mail it to me at Thanks
  6. Hi folks, Thanks for your support so far on this event. It would be great to make it a "50 years of Lotus" event. We've got 2015 cars, can anyone help out with a 1965 or earlier?
  7. Loving the pic of the GT3 Arch.... that old house that the Elan is parked in front of looks like a bit of a "fixer upper" though
  8. Just a thought folks. If you have a favourite picture of the car you would like to add to the info sheet, please send it through
  9.     Duncan, It would be great to have some of the earlier cars out on track if possible and we will split up the sessions on track based on the number of drivers who want to take part so all welcome track or static!
  10. Hi folks Just a quick update on the Lotus Day at GTM event on 2nd August. Can you confirm your attendance please so that I can pass on minimum numbers to GTM. Please note, this is not like SpeedFest where you have to be registered and accepted. This is a LEGS event which we are running for GTM and the more Lotus cars we can provide the better. There is not a problem with late entries but its important that we don’t have cars dropping out late on. We will run the event as per previous years with either 4 or 5 cars out on track at any one time. It must be stressed that these are fun rides and NOT a demonstration of what the car is capable of. We are responsible for the safety of the people we are taking out in our cars. The track rides be available for about two hours and the track will be set up with 4 or 5 queues for people who want track rides. We will try to swap out cars every 20 mins or so to give drivers and brakes chance to relax. Each queue will have similar types of cars swapping out so if someone is in a queue waiting for a ride in an Esprit, it is not changed out for an Elise. Can you please also provide some details about your car so that I can have information cards made up for them: Make Model Owner Year Reg Engine Config Engine cc Weight Power Top Speed 0-60 mph Details and History of the Car Thanks
  11. Ross & others..... There is no limit on numbers for this event and no problem with duplicating cars. This is our "Breakfast Club" event for August and we have plenty of space to accommodate everyone. We have two hours where the track is open to us to take members of the public out for a few laps. We normally have about 5 cars on track at any time and then change them out for other cars every 20 minutes or so to make sure we have a good selection on the track at all times. Please feel free to add your name to the list for either Static or Track.... the more the merrier!
  12. Thanks Travis "If the pedal is extra firm and the brakes feel like suddenly there is no friction".... describes what's happening perfectly so now its a case of tracking the fault down... I'm guessing its not going to be cheap!
  13. I have had a long term very intermittent problem with my ABS light coming on and flashing after I have been driving for a few mins. It can then go for weeks without coming on. You can hear a pump running when I turn the ignition on and then running again every 3 or 4 pushes of the pedal which I think is ok? Today I was driving the car and the ABS light came on solid and the red handbrake light came on solid as well. I was just heading into a car park and when I pressed the brake there was virtually nothing there. It wasn’t that the pedal had gone soft. It was just as if there was instantly no friction between the brake and pad. I turned it off for 5 mins and then ran the engine again and everything was fine so I went to drive it 1 mile away to my garage. Brakes were fine but just before I reached the garage it happened again. I did manage to get Espritmon running on the car a few weeks back and I seem to remember it came back with a code 62….. I think but I could be wrong on that. Any ideas?
  14. Was thinking the same myself Dominic. My one is broken now. Is this a non starter Gareth?
  15. 1: bingoking +0 2&3: ian2144 + 1 4&5: Gordon + 1 6: DuncanA +0 7: Jim S 8&9: Innes W +1 10: van cleef 11&12 : Mike C +1 13&14 DewarCraig +1 15. Brandon 16&17. Andy +1? (will confirm with SWMBO shortly as she's still in bed!) 18 : Ian C 19&20: Hedgerley + 1 21 : Tony Y 22: Ken London
  16. Think this should be right now? 1: bingoking +0 2&3: ian2144 + 1 4&5: Gordon + 1 6: DuncanA +0 7: Jim S 8&9: Innes W +1
  17. wow... that's impressive! So here is a thought, my windscreen motor struggles to get the blade across the screen when its dry. I am guessing that adding a relay on the power to the windscreen motor would have the same effect.... hopefully?
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