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  1. Ok here is one to make all you Footman James people happy I talked to Alan Morgan at Club Lotus who referred me to Trevor Keefe at FJ. I couldn
  2. Hi Im strugling to get insurance here for the track Just talked to Footman James again ... supervisior called Heather Bottom line is that they do not cover you for any private road use .... "if the public can not gain access to the road then it is not covered" The people who have the
  3. I think you may be reading that incorrectly ???
  4. 185 - 188 Hi 1 - Gordon Masson From Aberdeen 2 - Yes 1976 S1 Chassis No 0100G (First Production car) 3 - Guest - Yes ..Minimum Wife and son, possibly daughter 4 - Hotel booked, No not yet but if will do if space is available at factory 5 - Will you be playing golf? No 6 - Yes 7 - Yes 8 - Aberdeen Scotland (510 miles !!!) Cheers Gordon
  5. 132,133,134 1) Gordon 2) 1976 S1 Chassis No. 0100g (First Production Car) 3) +2 4) B&B 5) Abeerdeen, Scotland
  6. Hi folks.... This is my S1, its the first production Esprit, Chassis No. 0100G. I have had the car now for 22 years. YOu can see more about the car here: Cheers Gordon
  7. Taking the instrument binacle off is quite an involved job but if the problem is anything like the one i had the all thats wrong is that the needles on the gauges have curled up and are resting on the glass. Once you have exposed the instrument panel, leave the needles in place and play a heat gun on them at low teperature and then bend the needles back and hold them in place while they cool. Bolts to hold on the binicle are under the dash and behind the two side panels on the binacle. Cheers Gordon
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