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  1. Yep, that was pretty much what I was getting Choppa


    @JeanVM - Think you are right. Although I don't understand why this would start happening all of a sudden when the carbs were rebuilt by Eurocarb, I think that having done it twice and there still being a slight leak there would be enough to suggest putting in a regulator for safety's sake. I think the  S1 may  even run lower than 2 psi?

    Shame about the fact it will look non standard at shows but better having a car to show than a burnt out shell!


    Shame about the gauge being 0 - 15 psi, 0 - 5 would have been better. I guess removing the gauge and replacing it with the blanking plug would be a good compromise.

    Thanks for your input


  2. 16 hours ago, jonwat said:

    OK, so you think the new needle valve(s) are leaking but you don't know where the leaking fuel is going & don't want to take the float chamber tops off to test them & disagree that your 40 year old pump could have a leaking diaphragm. 

    I can't remember how often the pump ticks to maintain pressure on a stationary engine but think it was less than every 5 seconds on an idling engine.

    I think that's me done.

    Good luck finding a solution.

    I agree that the needle valves must be passing fuel that's not required but my point was that if they have been replaced twice and set up by Eurocarb twice then I doubt I could set them up better.

    I agree, it could be that the fuel pump is over pressurizing the system but I would have thought that if the diaphragm was leaking that would lead to fuel starvation rather than the other way around....but I did take your point in my response on Saturday "Could be right about the fuel pump".

    Thanks for your input.

    On ‎28‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 01:16, gtookey said:

    You could plum a PSI gauge in the line from the pump to the carb and get a true reading on the fuel pressure.  Low pressure electric fuel pumps are cheap but I would install a pressure regulator just to be certain the pump doesn’t over pressurize the carbs.

    Will look into a pressure regulator...... I think its about 4psi for an S1 ?

  3. 46 minutes ago, jonwat said:

    Not sure what "pending" is but you meant opening then it's only 4 screws per carb & lifting off the float chamber covers, use some elastic to hold the floats up & the valves closed while you turn the ignition on. :thumbup:

    Typo - Pending = opening.

    Yep, understand its an "easy" job but the point I am making is that if Eurocarb have rebuilt the carbs and then had them back a second time when they were leaking, replaced the needle valves for a second new set and rechecked all the settings and levels, do you really think that having never been inside a Dellorto before,  I would do a better job than Eurocarb. I would certainly hope not since that's why I paid for a carb specialist to do them in the first place.

  4. My car was running ‘lumpy’ and i was advised by Lotus Bits that the carbs couldn’t be balanced properly and needed to be rebuilt. 

    I sent them to Eurocarb for a full rebuild and when they came back and put on the car, I had the usual click of the fuel pump as they filled up but rather that the clicking stopping, you would hear a click from the fuel pump every 5 seconds or so and a slight smell of fuel. 

    i haven't run the car on the road for obvious reasons but at one point I did the same check and the fuel pump kept running and the carbs flooded.

    I sent the carbs back too eurocarb and got them to replace the needle valves but I am still getting the same issue.

    Nothing else has changed on the car bar the fuel hose. Same pump as on the car from new. 

    ‘If you put your ear to the top of the carb ... rear carb in particular, with the engine off and the ignition on you hear the clicks from the pump followed by a. sort of ‘snoring’ noise which I assume is fuel going past the needle valve and into the float chamber. 

    Any ideas?



    Carbs leaking fuel pump


  5. 51 minutes ago, Jeanvm said:

    Those mirrors are the same age?

    About a month after I got the car some lout kicked the mirror off. Those mirrors were standard after market parts in 1983...... and because they are on stalks you can actually see what you have just overtaken on BOTH sides. Still after an original S1 mirror though.




  6. Thanks guys.

    The car has been sitting for the best part of a year without running.... stuck piston ring perhaps?

    Having said that, Lotus Bits did a full rebuild on the engine about 1000 miles and its always been noisy ... sounded tappity to me but they said although it "sounded horrendous" it was possibly due to one a combination of the carbs needing to be rebuilt and the tubular rather than cast exhaust manifold?? 

    Smells a bit humy when running too.... not sure why that would be on a rebuilt engine?


  7. Hi Folks,

    Despite having my S1 engine rebuilt a couple of years back and having only covered a few hundred miles in it sounds really rough.

    Can someone confirm the exact way of doing a compression test on the engine.... is it throttle open or closed etc etc.

    Also, I am sure there used to be a workshop manual for Full Forum Members on here.... Can never find it though, anyone got a link to it?


  8. Hi all,

    I need to get my S1 MOT'd and it has failed on a rear light fault.

    The bulb holders in the unit are corroded and one has been melted slightly. All lamp holders in the unit look to be the same.

    They are marked 98.0002.775.  any ideas where I could get them or has anyone fitted an alternative?2018-06-12_17-20-47_164.thumb.jpeg.35bc3e55cb5cc6b36ca127d097849911.jpeg

    The complete lighting cluster ... (which is ok although the silver paint is a bit worn) is Fiat X1/9 and has the part number Carello 12.217.748 (Made in Italy)






  9. Hi folks,

    Only one response back for this so far. I will leave it open for a couple of weeks (Friday 19 May) and then return anything we have in to GTM as the LEGS entry for this year.

    If you want to apply for entry, the application form is on the post above and you can return it to me and I will put them in together, after that, please send your entries directly to GTM.





  10. Entries for this years SpeedFest are now being collected.

    I have let the museum know we will be providing a range of cars again via LEGS

    That usually gets us a bigger bite of the cherry than entering one by one for some reason (and they do like LEGS based on the events we have put on for them in the past). They have limited places available and they make a selection out of the entry forms they receive.

    If you have already entered, can you let me know ... if possible with a copy of your entry form and I will let them know they are all LEGS cars.

    If you haven't entered so far and would like to, please fill out the attached form and send it back to me. There are limited places and there is no guarantee your car will be selected but its a good day out whether you are showing your car or just attending.

    For anyone who hasn't been, this gives an idea of the kind of thing that goes on...... with a bias on the LEGS input:



    SpeedFest_Entry Form_2017 (2).pdf

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