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  1. I just run the inertia belt around the back of the seat and clip it in "backwards" ( so the buckle is pointing to the centre console ) when I'm on track - easier than taking the seat out
  2. SSC also has manifold, CAT and back box options ...
  3. @geartox I would be ok to develop that, basically software upgrades should no issue if AIM take it serious and commit to getting it to work. If yes then I will order one, hopefully in two parts so I can get it leather covered correctly as I really want to keep an OEM look and feel.
  4. @geartox Many thanks for this, let’s see if they can add the TCU telltale. For the ATF temperature it seems the Toyota sensor is rated to 130 degree C and max temperature is 110 C before telltale might be lit.
  5. @geartox maybe we are not supposed to see the real temperatures 😉 Seriously I can do without the buzzer but I have experienced the TCU lamp coming on a couple of times due to some communication error with the ECU .. easy reset the codes but obviously having no warning would have taken longer to find it.
  6. There is no TCU warning light on the AIM dash is there ? Also no warning buzzer for any IPS errors. That is one of the main reasons I have not changed, how would you know you have a TCU issue ? For supposed plug and play it’s still not OEM standard.
  7. What I meant is I used to start the engine and immediately turn the DPM to sport and a few times that caused the issue you have seen. Now I wait a few seconds after I have started before I move the DPM switch and have never had that issue again. I have also had to change the brake switch twice but typically that just brings up the traction control lamp and puts limp mode on. When that has happened for me I’ve turned engine off and back on again and system is back to normal for a while and is always triggered by pressing the brake pedal. With the DPM switch issue the warning lamps come back on when you switch off and re start and can only be cleared thorough the OBD reader. Could be worth checking the brake switch as well though if the problem comes back.
  8. Thanks for that, good to know I’m not the only one 🙂 I will move switches to the lower column/use an Omega Wiper column stalk and fill in the holes in the cover. I have a second original binnacle and hope to cut the “dimples” curved sections off and thin them out to cover the Aim version. The leather cover remains the concern and knowing its in two parts helps, I hope I can get them supplied “unglued”
  9. I really want to go for this dash but the binnicle is the main stumbling block, it would stick out something horrible with the rest of the leather pack, I want to keep an OEM look as much as possible. The Lotus leather on the binnicle cover is applied before the two halves of it are glued together - is the AIM version also designed/manufactured in same way ? If yes, possible to get the two parts from AIM before its assembled ?
  10. I had that exact same happen a couple of times in my Exige Auto .. it happened when switching DPM modes as soon as engine was fired up a couple of times - I was told its because the ECU and TCU didnt communicate correctly. Cleared the codes and it was fine and now I wait a couple of secnds before turning the DPM switch - no issues since ( except the usual brake switch one 🙂 )
  11. - Remote button option ( makes covering binnacle easier and more OEM ) This is not clear to me. Where would you install remote buttons? Please, don’t forget the installation is supposed to be very easy and fast. In the lower column shroud - I guess more the point is can the usual momentry type buttons be used - if yes then I can sort it myself Specific for Auto - "Gear" alarm ( for TCU ) This is not clear to me There is a TCU alarm on Automatics ( its a gear shaped Icon on the Lotus display ) - needs to be duplicated on Aim in case of a TCU fault - otherwise how do you know ? - Beep or alarm for "you cant do that stupid" Is it a joke J NO there is a warning if you try and select a gear or make an action that is not allowed - it results in "!" on the display and a beep Fix that and you sell one one display 😉
  12. I understand the idea of a "plug and play" solution but it would be good to offer the option of remote buttons. They could be located in the lower column shroud.
  13. Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K (or to 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) - Tell tale light for Cruise Control (use space from second "dipped lights on") - Real time view of sensor information on dash - Airbag delete light setting option (Ok on Cup cars) - Option for Carbon Binnacle - Option for Alcantara Binnacle (with same Alcantara as 410/430 vent surrounds which are just next to the binnacle, without stitch, or with option to choose stitch color to mimic each car's configuration) - Why two lights for "dipped lights on" only one needed - All warning lights are visible in grey - would be better blacked out until illuminated - Screen seen flickering at times. (Race button flickering, RPM display flickering and showing false information, letters flickering) - Remove numeric rpm from analogue display - it is distracting - Exhaust flap status - although not essential, the additional noise is a bit of a give away! - A red theme - possibly instead of the purple/pink, I haven't seen many cars where that combo would be an obvious choice. -A Green Theme for the displays. The white and pink schemes are a bit “meh” Even better a user selectable colour scheme. -Too much black and wasted space on the displays. - On the digital RPM page the actual bars relating to RPMs should be thicker or continuous as per AIM’s other models. (GARW has a better RPM scale) - Engine Oil Pressure should be “selectable” I’d displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Engine Oil Temperature should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Gearbox Oil Temperature should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Lambda value should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Prefer a larger “Indicated Speed Value” than “current gear” on non race screens. - Remote button option ( makes covering binnacle easier and more OEM ) Specific for Auto - "Gear" alarm ( for TCU ) - Beep or alarm for "you cant do that stupid"
  14. Thanks that makes sense having now read the manual, as you can select sequential transmission in the gear menu.
  15. Yup to avoid any damage to the SC shrouds and dash leather I had to remove the steering wheel on my IPS version when changing to a CarPlay unit in my SSC double din install. It’s real easy though:- - disconnect battery, wait 10 mins - undo the two cap screw holding the airbag module, pull it out and disconnect wiring ( keep it away from your face just in case 🙂) - undo 4 cap heads holding wheel to hub and wheel is off. The questions for me with the dash are - will it show gears and warnings for IPS Version ? Beeps etc - can the standard cowl be used (maybe need modification, that’s ok) and relocate the buttons ? ( say to the steering column shroud lower ) pI wouldn’t want to lose the OEM dash look of the “dimples” surround and leather cowl top
  16. Yes, fitted a full set and no problem at all and solved my slight judder I was getting with worn standard discs ( especially the rears ) , figured better value than replacing with a new set of standard discs - man maths at work .. Using PF08 pads - good combination for track but a bit grabby and noisey for road use ..
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