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  1. So this is how eclat owners see themselves!!
  2. My dad fell off the roof cos he couldn't find a tractor to tie the rope to. Those "argyl" wellies don't offer much traction.
  3. Maybe the scaremongerers could have a pitched battle with the anti-vaxxers? Bets anyone?
  4. My kids back at school today, that's the next risk.. remember the media stories when you were allowed back in the pub? Looks like we just scraped through that one, a bit of a rise in infections and admissions, but still manageable. Throw in cold weather for indoor socialising, and that is maybe the final hurdle. 🤞 As long as you're not waiting for an artificial knee🤔
  5. This is a new aftermarket item? There's also a specific elite model on the flea for 195, I imagine that would fit directly so save some time there. I imagine the cost difference is mostly about production numbers, although maybe there is a quality difference at almost twice the price? I think I'll go with the elite specific one🤔
  6. To be fair the UK government is managing a far higher daily case rate and death rate (using similar figures) than almost every other country - we are hoping to see rates falling before hospitals' busy winter season. They've done away with most legal restrictions, so they've just got "scaremongering" and "a call to the anxious" in the toolbox. It's a lot better than it was, and a lot better than it could be.
  7. Plenty of them left behind their disposable Amazon camping kit, but will have taken home a surprise for the family... given boardmasters produced 5000 known infections out of 75000 attendees... let's hope the reading festival organisers went even more "above and beyond national guidelines"
  8. He will have emailed it to the insurance company so there's a copy in his outbox. I frequently locate old quotes and valuations by looking there, cos I can never remember which folder I saved then in 🤯
  9. Elbow grease and primitive tools make few claims about how good they are, but often outperform fancy modern products.👍 However - a decent face mask significantly outperforms nostril hair for dust extraction. I wish I'd realised this 30 years ago.
  10. Also they are still bargains and the parts are cheap and easily available. 😀 Until you find out how many you need🤣 My 2 year house build only took 10. (Ignoring the running repairs list)- maybe the "bargain" building project is the third piece of the personality puzzle. Does this all necessarily involve a long- suffering wife or partner? Black is the best colour, and of your stand far enough away the paint can look quite good.
  11. My foil hats haven't turned up yet☹ It's a conspiracy.
  12. Well since I got my second vaccine dose my mobile reception has been a lot better, and windows 10 is so much faster on the pc. just a coincidence eh?😉
  13. Am I wrong in l liking the black wheels? Imagine the anodised roof and door trim finished in black too.👍
  14. Beyond the call of duty? I can't see any ppe at all in that one.
  15. Small companies also have no idea of when it ends and what business is like then. At lockdown I spent the whole weekend texting my guys to see who was prepared to do what and what they thought would happen in the coming weeks. Companies that furloughed their staff will be hoping they can make things work out when it's easing off, but I don't think even the hospitality sector thought the long term implications would be so catastrophic.
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