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  1. I'm now getting 14v at the alternator and the battery now after cleaning it all up a bit (12.6v battery disconnected). it seems I was thinking it would take more revs to get the alternator power up, but with a lower battery voltage I can see that I've got decent voltage even at idle, and it doesn't rise much with engine speed. The extra brown wire is in tandem to the original, so attempting to boost conductivity for some reason. Sorted Sort-of. Thanks everyone
  2. Thanks so much for the help. Such easy access to friendly advice helps firm up the best solution. I remember trying to fix ancient cars as a teenager with just "common sense" - out on the street with a few spanners working things out from first principles. I learned that a carburettor is a complex thing. And a gearbox is very heavy.
  3. My crankcase breather is just a short blocked pipe. the cam cover breather has a short house and a chrome filtered vent cap. Should I fit a similar thing down at the crankcase, and if so where to finish with the filter vent , or maybe run both breather pipes in to an oil catch can mounted where the air con can was? Thanks
  4. BTW the ignition light comes on when the key is turned and then goes out when the engine's running
  5. Here's the wire colours: Brown x2 to bottom screw terminal of alternator. Brown-yellow spade to bottom of 3 spades in back of alternator. Grey and yellow-green zip tied back. It's a replacement item, only mark I can see is double y on the brush box. Thanks for the advice i will check the voltages tomorrow
  6. The voltage across the battery doesn't seem to rise with the engine running. When I look at the alternator, it's only got 2 wires attached - the other 2 in the bundle are zip-tied back. See pic. I can't think why the previous owner would have done this. Although that applies to most of the wiring. Any suggestions? Can I test the alternator itself when it's running?
  7. Four cylinders firing! All jets in no 2 carb blasted through with solvent and compressed air, nasty looking black stuff coming out of the bell mouth, then vroom vroom a whole lot better. Managed to take the car for a quick spin next I'll get the alternator working. Cam belt on the to do list. I'm hoping that running the engine a little with carb cleaner in the fuel will sort the rest out, as it sounds and pulls OK. Thanks for the advice everyone
  8. Thanks - so to replace the cable I need to take off the outer sill cover? How's that done? it looks like the cable ends at the solenoid, it's just the middle bit I can't see...
  9. I would love a description of the route of the main live cable from the battery (79 elite) where it goes and how to replace it - mine is split and crudely taped together. Thanks Tom
  10. I wonder whether the elite might just set fire to itself and seeing as the owner has lost his shirt already with lotusbits there's not much left to get to that point - just the pants and the dancing.
  11. Engine says 911, power steering I believe, judging by how small the steering wheel is. aircon parts removed. Is the 5 speed box getrag?
  12. Any explanation welcome. Can you date an engine like the body? Here is the advert for the car for sale in October 1998. £2750. Probably in better condition. It was red then. Ps there are better pictures on the first ebay listing, and a more optimistic description.
  13. As for the cambelt - it was done 5000 miles ago, although that was a decade of driving and someone could have got it wrong since.
  14. OK next week I will check cam timing and float height, but it's just a single cylinder not firing. Could a valve (inlet? - Exhaust valve stuck would probably blow the carb apart) be stuck closed? That way you'd get good compression but no airflow? I will remove the cam cover and see what's happening there too. I have hooned it up and down the road to run in the fresh fuel, but it was pretty low when I got it so I wondered if tank scrapings had been sucked in. I've already cleaned out the three jets easily accessible from the top of the Carb, but the"no change" on ether implies it's not fuel flow. Thanks for the ideas. More welcome.
  15. My recently acquired elite - get it going first...So the idle (and running) is lumpy, and pulling the ignition lead on cylinder 2 has no effect. (All the others do) Lovely spark with a spark tester. Lovely compression. I removed the air filter and squirted easy start into the Delorto carb mouth, no change. What next? Thanks
  16. Yes indeed now with dull plate. I'll play my mystery misfire issue out in the technical corner.
  17. I have joined the forum and now found myself a 79 elite - my favorite car from the 70s. The body is a bit bubbly, the chassis could be less crispy, the wiring looks like insanity, and the engine has some kind of issue. Or maybe several. The interior is great though. Apart from the smell and don't touch anything. What a cool car. Tom
  18. Do you still have this elite for sale? sounds like what I'm after for a long term project. Thanks Tom
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