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  1. As well as cool intake air, the air box offers an element of safety if fuel drips out of the carb. I don't think the direct venting lost much oil or affected the pressure - normally the vapour would have been burned in the cylinders anyway. It did turn the entire engine bay into an oily mess though - a catch can should have stopped it.
  2. Mine was connected with a jubilee clip to a length of what looked like bicycle inner tube down to an oily mess on the chassis. 🙄
  3. As I remember my body back end was bonded to the chassis with rust. Some rubber mallet action helped.
  4. I made it 16: 2 - front sway bar mounts 2 - bolts on front shock towers 2 - seat belt mounts 4 - interior floor bolts 2 - weird hidden bolts from the inside of the frame to the body (not through bolts)?? 2 - rear shock tower bolts 2 - rear suspension mounts through boot floorb
  5. I put this image in my "five minutes a day fixing a lotus". In the projects section. Page 2 for my removing the body. Good luck!
  6. Looks like they're getting something out of the engine bay to fix something in the audi's boot - my guess is the fuel cut off valve. A well known weak point on those audi 80 b2s 😉
  7. Not many brown cars survived the 90s, when the colour was out of favour - what a survivor! 👍
  8. I'm a bit worried I will have to do this too 😟 You made the clocks look so good so easy, I just know how hard it will actually be for a lazy person like me😀
  9. I know what you mean, but it might get mistaken for some other designs🤔 😆I always think it's the back end that makes the elite stand out 😀
  10. I thought that was an eclat - Their prices could be depressed by the similar looking excel having easier mechanics and galvanised chassis. the elite was the original shape and rarer, so value might hold up a little better?
  11. If it's tidy, sorted and low mileage with mot I'd have thought you could get near 10k, but it's a case of finding a buyer. - they don't seem to sell for over that, but that's not to say it can't be done, so you could try asking for more. EBay and car and classic are the obvious places to find interest - maybe lotusforsale, I'm sure other forum members can suggest other sites. You could put a few photos up here too! You've just got to find the buyer, but at least you're not in a hurry. Good luck
  12. My galvanised chassis had its number stamped before the galvanizing, so it's not very clear. This is in addition to the plate in the engine bay: The date of manufacture is coded into the numbers - the engine is letter-yy-mm- serial no. I think, and the chassis number about the same? There's info on the forum, and people who know this right
  13. there's not much separating elite and elise on paper😀 but quite a lot when it comes to nuts and bolts and driveshaft bearings😁 Hope the Elise members have the solution though. My favourite unseize trick is zapping the piece you're replacing with a mig welder - the sudden heat stress seems to break most bonds. No idea if that's suitable though.
  14. 😂if you buy another elite your confusion will be at least doubled. If you looked at my elite you'd find all the wiring should go in the bin.
  15. I think the poor availability of the original tyre size could be a good reason for adjustable suspension geometry👍
  16. Is that a galvanised chassis peeking out from under there?
  17. But Pete are you saying you can improve on the rear geometry as designed? Tom
  18. Another trip to the Midlands... Lb's prices are very reasonable, It's just there are a lot of them🙁
  19. Well Pete I thought someone might know the real answer! My 79 elite has 8mm of closed cell foam there and I assume the body makes light contact.
  20. Check the chassis above the rear suspension where it runs across under the body. My chassis elsewhere looked fine, but at this the most common rot spot it was actually coming apart! (See early on in my :5 minutes a day fixing a lotus" project post) Fibreglass and paint can be repaired. Of course if the car was recently imported, someone should have checked these common weaknesses already. 😆
  21. Have you read the number on the actual engine? That's the one that can't be a mistake😉
  22. Looks like a great deal I wonder what you offered🤔
  23. How about zap it with a mig - I'm amazed how the sudden heat breaks the bond between different metals. the steel wire won't stick of course, but the shock will still happen. Might pit the plug, but you will have a machine that could clean it up I'm sure😀
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