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  1. I think I've got that out ok - I'm going to bundle it all together and go up to LB next week and see how much I have to give them before they'll let me go home. I imagine they can measure the crankshaft bearings and recommend suitable main shells... i won't tell them about the vauxhall big ends because they won't like it.
  2. I see it now - looks well worthwhile
  3. can't see it there either -You guys must have a better internet than me.😢
  4. This elite up for auction but taken down within a few hours, so I assume someone did a deal. Looks like a great car!
  5. The dawn of a new age? ... I can't see how there are many more problems hiding in here. 😜 I mean it can't be that hard can it?πŸ˜€
  6. In my dreams my elite has a yellow zinc passivated chassis
  7. Yes it's the low point on the cylinder wall, - a bit historic as it's polished up? I don't think my car ever lived in a hedge though, and although the engine block was swapped in the 90s, there's no sign of disuse in the mot mileage since then, or of a head gasket swap - the gasket was holding fine when I took it apart. Could this damage even be 20k miles old? I imagine I'll need one new piston and liner, but still to measure the others up to check if they're useable.
  8. Looks a bit like a p.o. hasn't been using enough anchovy oil for top end lubrication: and the corresponding milk bottle top: The other liners and pistons look ok. This one's number 4. Surprising one's so scuffed, or is this normal?
  9. Unfinished project πŸ˜† Makes mine look nearly done. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. I found a few "fixed gear" sprockets might do the job, - mostly 20 tooth to fit onto a BSA 1.37" x 24 tpi rear hub - a bicycle non- drive side bottom bracket cup is the same thread, so I could chop one down and press in a suitable machine bearing I've been wondering about the best cable to chain connector - what's a rough guess at the pull force involved - should be newtons I think but let's say in kilos? I mean that attachment point needs to be more reliable than the cable running over the roller. - i assume the chain will run from the pedal lever round the sprocket, then attach to the cable - using a pigtail hook perhaps?
  11. Pete there's a 16 tooth jockey wheel in the post to get you started. There are bolt- on cable ends available to connect the chain to the cable, if they are strong enough - I'm thinking just run through the last chain link? Tom
  12. Looks like a bicycle chain running over a jockey wheel. this is a part of the rear derailleur gear of a bicycle, much narrower than a freewheel and available inexpensively from your local bicycle shop. We throw them in the scrap all the time when the derailleur body is twisted. The chain to cable connectors I'm not so sure about.
  13. How much is a custom one? The 907/912 manifold looks small and simple - someone must offer something? Given demand for manifolds due to the casting cracking, if have thought there was good demand.
  14. I think you should get an undamaged shelf and put your repair time into fixing the fixable!
  15. If you go two steps forward, one step back, and I take one step forward and two steps back, I wonder if I'm just facing the wrong direction? πŸ€” And I just thought I had the wrong crankcase and a rusty chassis. Life could be so much easier the Straker way πŸ˜€. Bring on the knocking big ends!!
  16. you've got to assume that the rolling road guys know what they're listening to.πŸ™ I think l it's easy to get a poor match, or the wrong oil channels. Maybe your PO was better than mine though? Can you tell by looking?πŸ˜‰ I'm also looking for main bearing/ crank reassembly in se. Wales too (see 5 minutes a day in the projects forum) I know some people in bristol have done good work for me on motorbike engines. Maybe if we find a promising engineer they could do both our engines? I haven't got the big end knock yet, but I will do soon if I put it back together with the worn out shells!
  17. Can you imagine the exhaust smell though? I thought olive oil and anchovy tins might do the job nicely. And an engine rebuild every 100 yards isn't totally off the scale for normal lotus forum member behaviour. I wish they'd made the engine easier to get out though.
  18. I thought maybe I could use tin cans and milk bottle tops - the price is rightπŸ˜‰
  19. "one step forward two steps back" is what's happening for me. how do I get up to your level?πŸ€”
  20. I'm trying to reuse as much as possible, so the studs live on - the main and big end bearings shells however...I imagine I will need the crank measured/ maybe reground and shells orderered to match?
  21. The closer I look the more complex everything becomes But big thanks to excel v8 for the liner puller - i thought it would save me a job but it looks like it facilitated my needing to do a dozen other jobsπŸ€” Next I've got to get those studs out-i mean how hard can that be?
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